Evaluate the ways in which key management functions may be met more effectively through the use of key interpersonal and communication skills.

* Describe how key management functions-forecasting, planning, organizing, decision making, communicating, motivation and controlling-can be improved by the effective use of interpersonal and communication skills.

At times, interpersonal and key communicational skills of a business can help bring success. A manager has the responsibility to lead as well as have the responsibility for them and the branch of the store. The four key management functions are important for a manager to use as he or she desperately struggles to keep the business on track and to continue operating smoothly. These management functions help the manager to use to his or hers advantage into achieving the aims and the objectives of a business.

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The following key management functions are:

* Forecasting

* Planning

* Organizing

* Decision making

* Communication

* Motivation

* Controlling

Each of these functions would have their advantages, but their disadvantages are those that would need improvement for the use of interpersonal and communication skills.


For a business to forecast something means to look into the future progress and position of the business and looking into successes and failures. This type of management function helps a business identify where it thinks might go or what will become of it. Managers in this way make key predictions or calculate the future events of a business.Management would discuss its bench marketing, suck as its levels of competitiveness with rivals and their current plans and activities. Forecasting would also help a manager with his or hers interpersonal skills, by informing staff on trends and instructing them on new types of methods that would help through to their objectives.


Planning might be achieved through management teams and staff getting together to discuss issues on business performance. In a situation like this, a business would refer back to its planning cycle. In this case, for example, they might forecast on their future aims and objective, and then figure out exactly how they would do this. Here they would discuss future targets through the help of implementing ideas and options by communicating effectively and listening.


Being organized would involve a business ending up forming different elements if something into a structure hole, in this case to coordinate. All this relates to the activities of the business, and how it would also use other interpersonal skills such as controlling people to achieve goals and to be informative and, also being active when prepared to carry out the given tasks.

Decision making

It’s up to the manager to decide what goes on and to make up finial choice of what needs to be done. Decision making involves taking time to think about what action there is, how it will be undertaken, and what the business itself will achieve once undertaken. Decision making would involve a lot of patience for the manager so that more time can be used affectively to contemplate any actions or relevant issues of the business.


Communicating can have a lot of change to the way that it is used because has a great influence. Technology is one fact that has helped people and businesses work. A manager would need to inform staff both orally and over the phone simultaneously. Meaning, there is a link as to how technology and communication work together into helping the way management and staff communicate. Improvements for example, could be that again of deaf staff. To communicate would therefore involve none-verbal communicating such as that of sign language. Businesses would need training in this type of communication method. Also businesses will need to obtain the latest technological equipment in order to communicate effectively from management to staff.


A manager needs to motivate his or hers staff to bring about the best results of their activities that has a direct influence. In a business, the manager could encourage staff to work so that targets are met. In other words, the manager is “steering” staff by controlling them to achieve their specified goals. This would be done by inspiring staff by generating high interests in their tasks and what the outcomes are to performing the job well.


A business would refer back to the control cycle and then look back at where it had gone wrong. Good communication skills would ensure that information between management staff levels is kept open, and control only comes from the manager. Here, open communication keeps everything inside the business under control.


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