Key-Rank Services ( KRS ) is considered a new cleansing service specialising in office cleansing. Categorised as one of Malayan SME, established in 1994, the concern offers office cleansing, floor intervention, rug cleansing, and window cleansing for concerns in Klang Valley prior to variegation of concern from fire contending industry. The concern was founded by Mohd Ali, who managed to pool related resources to develop a new scheme for making and functioning concern clients. The concern operates out of a cardinal office and storage installation and utilize the labor of trained cleaning crews to function clients.

Servicess offered will be based around basic office cleansing scheduled on a day-to-day footing, which will be offered with utmost attention for the client ‘s privateness, security, and assets. KRS offers services that are environmentally friendly, both in the merchandises used and in their methods of disposal. KRS practises recycling dumping and wastage by screening out the dumping aggregation daily into appropriate bins provided. Harmonizing to its General Manager, this is one of the ways for a little and average size company to lend to the general environmental issue.


KRS seeks to set up itself as a leader in office cleansing in Klang Valley country. Specific objectives over the following two old ages include:

To construct a significant client list encompass Malayan Government bureau and private client

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To construct a suited operations substructure, including a cardinal central office, cleaning chemical warehouse, 4 bringing new waves, professional direction, and documented procedures for operations and cleansing patterns.

To construct healthy gross borders by set uping itself as a important purchaser and cut downing seller pricing on cleansing supplies

Training low-priced labor to be more productive.

To make a civilization of productiveness and resourcefulness for all staff by promoting the best thoughts and cleansing processs

Honoring cleansing crew for their parts by advancing monthly best cleansing crew


KRS seeks to guarantee that they ever have an ability to vouch client satisfaction. The company values its employees to set up a comfort working environment, listens to the demands of its client, carry through the clients required occupation, and seek to react to the environment demands.

Company Summary

KRS is an office cleansing concern located in Klang Valley, Malaysia. Established in 1994, the concern presently offers office cleansing, floor intervention, rug cleansing, and window cleansing for concerns with office infinite in the Kajang. The concern was ab initio founded by Mohd Ali and 15 old ages after the constitution an extra investing has been contributed by Nassir Ahmad who injected some other capital and owns 35 % of the concern. Ever since the extra investing, KRS wholly navigated their nucleus concern into cleansing.

Start-up Summary

The start-up disbursals for the concern reflect the legal permitting required from the Finance Ministry and Malaysian Registrar of Company the legal understandings with extra investors and Bankss for funding, two month ‘s security sedimentation at an estimated Ringgit Malaysia ( RM ) 1500 per month and one month ‘s rent for betterments to the office and storage installation. Assetss which must be purchased include office furniture and computing machines for the office, cleaning equipment including buffing machines, vacuities, and basic tools ( swabs, brooms, pails, etc ) , and one bringing new wave. Some of the larger pieces equipment is purchased via seller leased strategy and hire purchase, such as the buffing machines and bringing new wave. Other necessary cleansing tools are paid by hard currency.

Start up disbursals

RM ( Ringgit Malaysia )



Stationery and Office supplies






Computer and IT


Leasehold Equipment




Entire Expenses


Start Up Asset

Cash Required


Other Current Assetss


Long-run Assetss


Entire Assetss



Servicess offered by KRS focal point specifically on office infinites and include:

Office cleansing ( including refuse remotion, dusting and cleansing of all surfaces, brushing and swabbing of floors, and cleansing of doors and walls as needed )

Furniture cleansing

Floor waxing

Rug cleansing

Window cleansing

Market Analysis Summary

A strategic market analysis allows SME ( little medium endeavors ) companies to aline their scheme to the disruptive external environment in market place. The mark market for office cleansing in Klang Valley country includes little offices ( 1-5 employees ) , medium offices ( 6-20 employees ) and big offices ( 21 employees and up ) . As the service sector in Klang Valley addition, concerns with offices are besides turning.

In Klang Valley, little offices dominate the office edifice population by dual the figure of medium and big offices. Large offices merely comprise of one fifth out of the whole population. Hence, KRS is sagely be aftering their concern scheme by concentrating more on little offie.

Target Market Segment Strategy

KRS historically construct its expertness from the land, by constructing a successful base of small-office cabin in Shah Alam to function the building sites uncluttering and cleaning demands. By working with smaller clients foremost, the concern established a foothold faster as they will non be viing straight with established cleansing companies, and therefore enable KRS to execute through economic systems of graduated table and tight operations. KRS limit their service for single belongings or residential proprietor. By concentrating to function and specialising in commercial office cleansing, KRS will increase its ability to market to the many 1000s of country concerns straight. There are many offices cleaning industry which includes local companies every bit good as some transnational franchises. KRS selling scheme begins with its initial mark market of little offices Customers usually seek out cleansing services based on a combination of repute, monetary value, locations and services offered. While big offices value public presentation of services, smaller firmsAA put a greater value on monetary value. Particular and extremely targeted clients are authorities bureaus but these chances need to travel through authoritiess offering contracts. In order to gaining control with the staying war, KRS fulfilled the necessity of major Malayan authorities staying demand. Among the demand are, company has to hold a bumiputera[ 1 ]position, registered with Ministry of Finance under certain particular heading peculiarly for cleansing services, registered with Contractor Service Centre and etc. Promotional activities include administering company booklets and newssheet into offices station box, prospecting by phone to aim possible clients, followed by directing company profiles, cleaving for concern networking and utilizing free societal webs advertizement.

Forces Plan

Cleaning services involved immense work force as the ultimate resources. Therefore forces program is important to avoid any unneeded cleansing crew and to keep sufficient resources capacity at any point of clip. Cleaning crew rewards comprise about two 3rd of operating disbursals. Crewsaa‚¬a„? wages includes SOCSO ( societal security administration charge for moving for staff insurance ) and employee provident fund ( Malayan societal security strategy for future salvaging ) .The concern will get down with minimum salaried staff, with most work performed by the two laminitiss. The figure of cleaning crew hired would depend on the undertaking capacity and Numberss. Hence rewards crew cost is varies with the cleansing undertaking. The laminitiss will be compensated through sensible base wages and will have compensation through net income sharing and the growing of the concern. A finance executive will function the function of Chief Financial Officer ( CFO ) in charge all hard currency flow and concern support operation. Another finance helper will be a basic helper concentrating on the concern dealing maintaining necessity. An administrative staff responsible for fulfillment of cleansing services, scheduling, quality confidence processs, and human resources demands. Cleaning crew will be headed by a supervisor for every big capacity undertaking usually for bigger administration ( 10 cleansing crews and above ) . For any little and medium undertaking ( less than 10 cleaning crews needed ) , the undertaking will ne monitored remotely by the administrative staff.

Cleaning crews consists of entire full-time crews and portion timers who work on an hourly footing and have their paysheet assigned as costs of gross revenues. All of these hourly staff will be hired at a higher hourly charge ( compared to fulltime crew if their rewards is being pro rated ) but their overtime will be limited. The concern prefers hire extra employees instead than utilize important overtime. Crew caputs will have public presentation evaluations from the company directors and clients to find their annual fillips. It is the companyaa‚¬a„?s program once it reaches a sustainable degree of profitableness, the proprietors want to offer a wellness benefits plan for their employees, but this is non included within the program ‘s estimated disbursals at this clip.

Start-up Support

Start-up support will come in portion from the funding of the initial purchases ( bringing new wave, computing machine and cleansing equipment ) , and from recognition card debt. Beyond this debt funding, most start-up support will be provided by exclusive laminitis Mohd Ali and Nassir Ahmad as extra investors plus a particular extra investors whom did non claim any equity rights.

Start up Expenses to fund RM29,500

Start up Asset to fund RM95,000

Entire Funding Required RM124,500

In future KRS plans to present residential cleansing services, where a mark residential country will be offered a house cleansing agent. The charge will be based on hourly footing and the cleansing modus operandis will be discussed by KRS with the clients in inside informations. KRS believe this kind of program will non merely hike their operating gross but this besides implies how their concern attentions about todayaa‚¬a„?s societal and community demands. With a batch of amah and house helper issues originate in Malaysia such as condemnable instances, amah ran off, unjust wage to house assistant, kid maltreatments and a batch more, KRS program will decidedly settle house proprietors nightmare by offering twenty-four hours house cleaning with a close supervising by the company.

Appendix 1: Cleaning Chemical consumed for cleansing undertakings

Cleaning Product Description

Super Mosaic Cleaner ( SMC )

Efficaciously removes obstinate discolorations in both industrial and institutional cleansing applications

Liquid Germicidal Air Freshener

Deodoriser to counter smell and refreshes with pleasant aroma. Reduces air-borne bacteriums which causes smell. Serves besides as a germicide for floors while leaves a bracing aroma.

Solvent Cleaner

Solvent is a heavy responsibility self-emulsifiable dissolver. It will efficaciously emulsify and fade out all oily oily esidues easy remotion with H2O from all difficult surfaces.

Tile & A ; Concrete Sealer

Tile & A ; Concrete Sealer, is based on a modified thermoplastic acrylic emulsion polymer with first-class adhesion, first-class chemical opposition and protective when applied on concrete substrate or on resilient tile. CTS first-class adhesion belongings even extend to old concrete floors which have been cleaned, but still retain some embedded soil or oil. When usage as resilient tile sealant, CTS shows good wear, rubric and grading belongingss, along with first-class H2O and detergent opposition. It besides gives first-class compatibility with floor gloss

Multipurpose cleansing agent

Known as MP, a H2O based concentrated powerful impersonal multipurpose cleansing agent formulated utilizing mild biodegradable natural stuff.

Pearly Handy Soap ( PHS )

Hand soap is a concentrated, pearlized with lotion and scented manus shampoo. Thus it cleans good but protect soft tegument. Contain no harmful or rough chemicals.

Acidic Toilet Bowl Cleaner ( ATBC )

An effectual easy to utilize Cleaner for urinal and lavatory bowl in family and industrial environment. Exceeding cleansing ability – easy remotion of rust, organic and inorganic deposits go forthing surfaces clambering and clean. Disinfecting – disinfection in the presence of organic affair. Deodoriser – eliminates unpleasant smells.

Alkaline Coil Cleaner

This is specially formulated for cleaning air conditioner spiral. It easy remover rust, graduated table and carbonate built up in air conditioning units. Able to cleans spirals to scintillating finish clean like new and harmless.

Glass Cleaner ( GC )

Glass cleansing agent cleans glass wall and window surfaces, mirrors, show windows, glass shelves with easiness without any streaking or descrying Markss. It is fast drying and non rinsing go forthing the glass surfaces scintillating and spotless

Appendix 2: Example of KRS cleaning undertaking monthly costing ( by fringy costing )

Key Rank Services Sdn Bhd

Cleaning Undertaking for Youth Hostel, Kuala Lumpur.

Contribution Margin Income Statement

For the month of July 2009


Project Price 32,000.00

Less: Cleaning Crew Wagesa 8037.00

Cleaning chemicalsb 678.00

Cleaning Direct Expensesc 1050.50

Variable Overheadd 820.00

Contribution Margin 21,414.50

Less: Fixed Expensese 18,430.00

Net operating Net income 2984.50


9 Cleaning Crews are paid RM800 each month plus RM9 for SOCSO and EPF employer part.


SMC: 1 membranophone @ RM174, PHS: 5 bottles @ RM12/unit, MP: 3 buckets @ RM 88/pail, ATBC: 4 bottles @ RM25/bottle and GC: 10 units @ RM8/unit.

degree Celsiuss

Baseball gloves: 270 personal computers @ RM0.50/pcs ; refuse fictile container: 10 plastic/day @ RM170/2000pcs, mops: 5 @ RM9/mops: brooms: 5 @ RM6/broom, buffing machine tablets: 2 personal computers @ RM150/10pcs ; van fuels RM800

vitamin D

Buffeting machines rental finance RM 470, cleaning equipments engage purchase 350

vitamin E

Office rental @ RM1550 ; Office staffs salary RM5400 ; Supervisors ( 3 x RM1600=4800 ) and Mohd Ali and Nassir Ahmad monthly wage RM3000 each ) , van hire purchase RM680


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