“Under normal circumstances, Grant’s next move would be to surround the city, outing off those rail lines. He could then effect a proper siege, his encircled troops denying Lee’s army and the inhabitants of Petersburg all access to food, ammunition, and other supplies vital to life itself?or, in more graphic terms, Grant’s men would be the hangman’s noose choking the life out of Petersburg. Winning the siege would be as simple as cinching the noose tighter and tighter with each passing day, until the rebels died or starvation or surrendered, whichever came first. This text shows me that and makes me feel the want that the Yankees had for the war, how much they wanted to win. Grant and his men were deliberately planning on killing the lives of these men to get what they wanted, cruel, yes, but it ensured what teen name. I en autumn makes you see exactly want ten plan was Ana makes you imagine what these men were feeling. Pa 40 “It could be said that General Grant deserved the honor more than President Lincoln, for it was his strategy and concentrated movements of manpower that brought down the Confederate government. This passage, to me, states more of an opinion.

The sight of so many black faces beaming up at Lincoln off his “throne” becomes more intense” This passage shows part of the hatred that Booth has for Lincoln. It shows that Booths hatred comes from deep down and his rage ignites from inside. He is crazed with the idea of bringing down the President and you can tell by the wording in the passage! Page 30 “Booth is actually relieved. He has made his choice. Now no one stands in his way’ This statement shows that Booth will give up anything to follow through with the plan to kidnap the president. He has given up love and a free life.

He has decided to dedicate his life to being a die-hard Confederate and bringing down the Union. Characterization – Name of character you have selected: President Abraham Lincoln Page- 1 1 “He is so eager to see America healed that he has instructed Grant to offer Lee the cost lenient surrender terms possible. There will be no punishment of Confederate soldiers. No confiscation of their horses or personal effects. Just the promised of a hasty return to their families, farms, and stores, where they can once again work in peace. ” This passage opened up your eyes to how badly Lincoln wanted to reunify the country.

He was willing to not punish the Rebels with war crimes and start with a clean slate. It also shows how much hope he had for the future America. He put so much on the line, politically, that he really could only hope for. Page- 25 “Thank God that I have lived to see this,’ Lincoln cries. It seems to me that I have been dreaming a horrid dream for four years, and now the nightmare is gone. ” Lincoln had so much hope for the future America. He also thought that he had achieved it, that he was finally getting where he wanted. He felt accomplished with what he did!

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Characterization – Name of character you have selected: Robert E. Lee page 10 “Lee plans to escape and sprint for the North Carolina border to link up with another large rebel force. Lee boasts that his Army of Northern Virginia can hold out forever in the Blue Ridge Mountains, where his men will conceal themselves among the ridges and thickets. There are even bold whispers among the hardcore Confederates about shedding their gray uniforms for plain civilian clothing as they sink cover to fight guerrilla-style. ” This shows how desperate Lee wants to win.

They are trying, yet again, to escape and make a run out of a bad situation. Men have even stooped as low as wanting to change uniforms. Lee obviously needs the help of others if he is having to escape to get help rather than facing the problem as is. 43 “Lee’s optimism has been replaced by the heavy pall of defeat. ‘His face was still calm, as it always was,’ wrote one enlisted man. ‘But his Cambridge was no longer erect, s his soldiers had been used to seeing it. The troubles of these last days had already plowed great furrows in his forehead.

His eyes were red as if with weeping, Nils scenes sunken Ana Niagara, Nils race colorless. No one won looked upon NV then, as he stood there in full view of the disastrous end, can ever forget the intense agony written on his features. ” This passage showed me that Lee was truly struggling and even his men had noticed it. He knew that it was coming to an end and not the one he had hoped for. Killing Lincoln – Part Two page- 88 “The Capitol was an obvious artillery target during war, so the gas lamps atop the mom remained unlit for the duration.

Now they blaze” This passage shows that the war had truly ended no need to hide, celebrate! They had kept the most precious things protected for so long it was time now that they be recognized and not stand in fear. 96 “From this moment forward he will live and breathe and scheme in accordance with his brand-new identity, and his new mission. The time has come for black flag warfare. ” This passage gives insight to how crazy and possessed J. W. Booth was. He has now dedicated his whole life to murder a man. Age 105 “He is everything an effective assassin should be: methodical, passionate, determined, and an excellent strategist and planner. He is prone to depression, as many assassins are, but his ability to turn angst into rage makes him even more dangerous. He expects no reward for killing Lincoln, though infamy would be nice. ” Mr.. Reilly was trying to get you to understand the mind of an assassin. How you must act and think, or at least how Booth acted and thought. It gives you a better understanding of Booth and how he is able to live with such detestation. Age 107 “l nose men Ana women AT ten Norton, won nave unreal ten loss AT tenet sons, brothers, and husbands, want vengeance. They want the Confederate leaders and minerals hanged, they want the South to pay war reparations, and they want Lincoln speech to be full of the same self-righteous indignation they feel so powerfully in their hearts” Here you are able to understand where the Yankees were coming from, why they wanted vengeance. It also lets you see how badly they want it and how badly they are going to be disappointed. Page 108 “Lincoln is one of the best speakers in America, if not the world.

He can read the mood of a crowd and adjust the cadence and rhythm of his voice for maximum effect, coaxing whatever emotion or response is needed to hold the audience in the palm of is hand. Lincoln voice is clear for his pronunciation is distinct. He understands the power of his words and emphasizes certain phrases to make a lasting impression. The Gettysburg address is perhaps the best example of Lincoln oratorical genius. ” Here you are able to understand how people never lashed out towards Lincoln. He was a puppeteer. He was able to manipulate the audience and charm them.

He could persuade them and make them aware that what he was doing was for the best. Page 109 “Booth seethes at the outrageous notion that slaves be considered equal citizens of he United States, able to own property, vote, run for elected office, and maybe even marry a white woman. Suffrage, as preposterous as it sounds, nears a black man might someday become president of the United States. ” I personally feel Mr.. Reilly placed this in here for effect of what has actually become America today. We currently have an African- American president and this is what was trying to be prevented then.

I feel he was trying to make the point that Lincoln still succeeded with what he wanted. Whether his time in office was limited the plans he wanted were still carried out and made America what we are today. People now have equal rights and it Just a slap in the face for Booth. Page 118 “Doctorate, however, still thinks the plan is to kidnap Lincoln. ” This is where the Booth failed to keep the plan fail proof. He should have clearly distinguished the plan and kept everyone on board. Page 126 “He warns of the laws that might be passed, limiting the freedom of former slaves.

He notes that the legislature has proven itself to be untrustworthy men are surely capable of ignoring those limits once they convene. ” Personally this shows how corrupt law and politics is and was. People in politics cannot trust others in politics. They are devious and devilish. Page 139 “Harold, Doctorate, and Powell were all unable to conquer their fears long enough to cross the line from fanatic to assassin. ” The plan failed Just as expected by a reader. I think most people didn’t even know of the other murders planned for the evening. Booth made poor acquaintances. Age 92 “There is a darkness to Booth’s personality, born of entitlement that comes with celebrity. He is a boaster and a lair, fond of embellishing stories to make himself sound daring and adventurous. He is cruel and mercurial. He is a bully, eager to punish those who don’t agree with his points of view. Outside of his love for his mother, Booth is capable of doing anything to satisfy his own urges. ” Booth made enamels sound like some Log snot, en Ana to up Nils sell esteem to Tell netter tout himself. He filled himself with lies to make others believed it. He in my eyes is a snake.

He couldn’t be honest with anyone, including himself. He is a psycho. Page 96 Obsessed, this is what Booth is. He is completely obsessed with killing a man. He has changed his plan and acquaintances many times and I feel he is paranoid but Just doesn’t know it. “Shoot him now,’ Booth commands Powell. ‘Put a bullet in his head right this instant. Here Booth lets his rage get the best of him. He is fixing to make a reckless mistake and ruin all of his precious planning. “Booth sizes up the situation. It would be easy enough to grab Bowel’s gun and squeeze off a shot or two before the crowd overpowers him.

But now is not the time to be impulsive. ” This passage shows you that no matter what Booths plans, he was still rational. He was able to keep his impulse to himself. Page 99 “The truth is that Lincoln, despite what he says, secretly believes he will die in office. He is by far the most despised and reviled president in American history. His closest Eternal Ana securely valor, ten Darrel-scantest w a Hill Alamo, preaches regularly to Lincoln about the need for improved security measures. More tangibly, there is a packet nestled in a small cubby of Lincoln upright desk.

It is marked quite simply, “Assassination. ” Here I believe that Lincoln had accepted the fact that he would die in office. He has been around death for so long and cannot seem to escape it. Now with the majority of southern conspirators probably putting a price on his head he had accepted the fact that his life may be timed. Page 100 “The first one or two made me a little uncomfortable,’ Lincoln has admitted to an artist who came to paint his portrait, ‘but they have ceased to give me any apprehension. ” He knew people were out to get him, he had accepted it.

However, he still embraced each day and making it whatever he wanted. He trucked forward with his plan of rebuilding America and didn’t let foolish letters determine his day. “While the war still raged he told the writer Harriet Beechen Stows, Whichever way the war ends, I have the impression that I shall not last long after it is over” Again, he was humble about the fact and went on to embrace each day but he undoubtedly knew that he was doomed for death. The president is wearing the same black garb he usually wears but no hat. He is somber. His speech is now written and he is ready to give it. This showed how Lincoln is completely rational and how he acts when it is time and not on direct instinct. He waits and chooses his words wisely. Page 111 “He adopted a veneer of unshakable courage from that day forward. Now he would never dream of traveling in disguise. ” This passage shows how Lincoln was no longer afraid of death.


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