In 2002. Norsk Hydro appointed senior director Kjell Sunde to take a consummate squad to manage a looming investor relation crisis. Where did Sunde work? Norsk Hydro ASA is a Norse aluminium and renewable energy company. headquartered in Oslo. Hydro is the 4th largest integrated aluminium company worldwide. It has operations in some 40 states around the universe and is active on all continents. The Norse province holds a 43. 8 percent ownership involvement in the company. which employs about 23. 000 people. The company had a important presence in the oil and gas industry until October 2007. when these operations were merged with rival Statoil to organize StatoilHydro ( in 2009 changed to Statoil ) . Emergency accident calls for ace squad

In 2002. Bloc 34. the possible site for a large oil discovery in Angola. turned out to be dry. Hydro had made a serious investing in the site. Somehow. senior direction would hold to convincingly explicate the company’s failure to the fiscal markets or Hydro’s stock could plump. The senior directors understood that this job was excessively critical to go forth to conventional attacks. but Hydro was surely non a natural environment for a ace squad. Rich in heritage. unmanageable. and traditional. with a strong technology civilization and a unquestionably Nordic consensus-driven attack to determinations. the company ne’er singled out or recognized single performing artists. In fact. most of Hydro’s concern activities were specialized and separated.

Teamwork was satisfactory but run-of-the-mill. and tenseness among employees was steadfastly discouraged. But given the exigency state of affairs. Hydro needed the best professionals to finish the undertakings in clip. Hydro delegated Kjell Sunde to piece a high-power group consisting the really best proficient people across the company. Kjell is straight responsible to the CEO of Hydro. The squad needed to reexamine a monolithic watercourse of informations to happen out what had gone incorrectly in the original analysis of Bloc 34 and guarantee cardinal stakeholders that the company would forestall such result from happening once more. They need to complete this every bit shortly as possible and the senior direction gave them six hebdomads. Team assembled. Conflicts come

Kjell assembled the squad really shortly. He received recommendations from caput of different divisions and sections. All the squad members are over 4 old ages experience in their field and the best among their co-workers. Oliver Bell. 45-year-old Ph.D. . and Johny Undeli. 38-year-old American. are both professionals in oilfield geographic expedition and development. Oliver joint Hydro since he graduated from the best Norse University. University of Oslo. He was the most experient professional in Hydro. Johny Undeli was working for another American oil extraction endeavor Mobil. Johny was elected as head applied scientist in Mexican Bay Area when he was 36 and so joint Hydro one twelvemonth subsequently. Arvid Moss. 29 old ages old. was a professional in informations excavation and information analysis. Arvid got his Ph.D. in MIT when he was merely 24. He was a mastermind in his field. Hilde Aasheim. 32-year-old PR director. was the youngest director in public relationship section. Svein Richard Brandtzag. 35-year-old bed. had experience in this field for more than 12 old ages. Ingrid Agerup. 34-year-old fiscal staff. was experienced in investor relation country for more than 8 old ages.

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She worked for Goldman Sachs before she joint Hydro. All the squad members were among the best Sunde can take in Hydro. The squad was assembled in the 3rd twenty-four hours after the accident broke out. All the squad members flew to Oslo and had the first meeting in the meeting room on the twenty-seventh floor of Hydro’s headquarter. After all the squad members entered the meeting room in turn. a simple debut was conducted among team members. But the ambiance was eldritch. All the squad members sat tightly on their chair and didn’t even take a glimpse on others when presenting them. The first meeting lasted over 4 hours. The CEO. Sir Terje Vareberg. briefly explained the accident and what were chief undertakings they faced.

Sunde so explained the undertakings work outing timeline and of import deadlines. Then Oliver Bell talked about his program to look into the cause of the accident. “We need to direct a squad to Angola! Original informations should be collected and analyzed. ” While Arvid Moss. the data professional. had different sentiment. “We had advanced distant communicating system. We can roll up informations here and analyze here. It’s both efficient and cost economy. ” Johny Undeli. the other oilfield professional. besides had different sentiment over Oliver about the item probe procedure design. The squad fell into ferocious treatment and didn’t come to any consensus or decision in the first meeting. Advancement on. Conflicts up

After the first group meeting. Kjell found that he should no longer put the squad together and held another ferocious treatment meeting without any consensus or decision generated. He divided the undertaking into different parts to different people. All of them were obligated to be responsible for their forte. But this agreement still couldn’t work out all the jobs. Ingrid Agerup. who was from group finance section. kept forcing the squad to run into all the deadlines in progress while Svein Brandtzag needed to look into all the files each clip a study was released.

Oliver and Johny. who had different sentiments on probe procedure design. maintain debating which program was better. Hilde and Arvid could barely come to any consensus on possibility of happening another Bloc 34 Accident. The squad was working in this low efficient position for more than a hebdomad. Progress was slow and Sunde held the 2nd group meeting. Based on the old work. each member had a better apprehension about the accident and had a more elaborate program of work outing the undertakings. But the 2nd meeting merely raised the 2nd fierce debating. Two oilfield experts couldn’t agree on other’s program. Oliver threatened to discontinue the group if his program wasn’t accepted. Hilde and Ingrid were unsatisfied with the slow probe advancement. Arvid were complained the swinging-direction probe which made his work heavier and less efficiency.

Sing the squad debating. what Kjell Sunde should make? He assembled the best squad with best elites from all Fieldss in Hydro. Why the all-star ace squad didn’t work out? To take a consummate squad. how should the leader behave otherwise?

Teaching Notes

Teaching Notes
1. Nature of the instance
1. 1Summary
1. 2Teaching aims
1. 3Suitable plans or classs
1. 4Relationship to the aims of a class or plan
1. 5Sources and methods of roll uping instance stuff
2. In-class treatment
2. 1Questions to fix pupils for in-class treatment
2. 2Questions to open the treatment
2. 3Questions to progress the treatment
2. 4Suggested sequence or timeframe for each point to be covered
3. Attach toing texts. constructs and theories
3. 1Links to attach toing articles
3. 2Links to constructs and theories
3. 3Synthesis and decision

1. Nature of the instance
1. 1Summary
This instance was about a Norse energy giant Norsk Hydro confronting a looming investor dealingss crisis in 2002: Bloc 34. the possible site for a large oil discovery in Angola. was found to be dry. Hydro had made a serious investing in Bloc 34. and now needed to retrieve in the eyes of the investing community. Somehow. top direction would hold to convincingly explicate the company’s failure to detect oil to the fiscal markets. If they could non explicate it. and maintain the fiscal community’s assurance. Hydro’s stock could plump. Norsk Hydro needed to react aptly and fast. and senior direction understood that this job was excessively critical to go forth to conventional attacks. Hydro. nevertheless. was rich in heritage. unmanageable. and traditional. with a strong technology civilization and a unquestionably Nordic consensus-driven attack to determinations. Making the kind of squad that could present aptly and fast would necessitate an wholly new manner of making concern. This instance describes the ace squad that Kjell Sunde led and the jobs he faced. 1. 2Teaching aims

In our hereafter calling life. we may confront the state of affairs where we need to construct. manage or work with a ace squad. which consists of star squad members with specialist accomplishments. particularly in some industries and undertakings which focus on outstanding and advanced consequences. The basic end of this instance survey is to construct up some thoughts on ace squad direction. To be specific. we hope to carry through these undermentioned ends through the instance survey: ( 1 ) Analysis the differences between pull offing a ace squad and a traditional squad. ( 2 ) Learn how to pull off struggles and communicate supportively. so as to do the squad cooperate and inspire invention and flawlessness. ( 3 ) It will profit participants in publicity of leading. accomplishments of squad direction. organisation and communicating. 1. 3Suitable plans or classs

This instance is suited for Inter-company preparation or MBA class. particularly for those who are thirsty for theoretical direction cognition in pattern. Group treatment or research presentation would be suited learning methods. 1. 4Relationship to the aims of a class or plan

Theory of organisation behaviour and PR direction are embedded in the instance. 1. 5Sources and methods of roll uping instance stuff
The subject and the chief frame of the narrative are generated from an article from the Harvard Business Review. We reorganize the narrative and add some assumed information and scenarios to demo some elaborate background. struggles and jobs met by the squad. 2. In-class treatment

2. 1Questions to fix pupils for in-class treatment
1. Supposing that you are in Sunde’s place. would you set up a consummate squad under this challenge? Yes. A ace squad is far more likely to present outstanding and advanced consequences than a traditional 1. when large alteration and high public presentation are required. No. The aces who make up these squads are renowned for being elitist. temperamental. egoistic. and hard to work with. As a consequence. many directors fear that if they force such people to interact on a high-stakes undertaking. the group merely might go off.

2. Since Sunde had already built up such a sort of squad. how should he pull off and take the squad to carry through the emergent mission? ( 1 ) Construct the squad self-importance Since a star member is high on Individualism. Egocentric and non easy to compromise. as a squad leader. Sunde foremost needs to construct the squad self-importance. which make those star members feel they are in a powerful and incorporate squad with a shared individuality. In order to construct a squad self-importance. first of all. Sunde needs to clear up project’s shared values among team members. such as taking ambitious venture. or doing an impact on their company or industry. Second. Sunde needs to do those stars have a clear sense of individuality of a squad. which can be realized by methods bring forthing distinction from other groups and foreigners.

Since Sunde leads a ace squad. it is better for him to construct a privilege and supreme squad individuality. Third. Sunde should swear members’ competencies and construct the independent mechanism. In world. Sunde used several ways to construct the squad self-importance. which can be taken for mention. For illustration. Sunde gave the nickname ‘A team’ to set up team’s star outlook and individuality. He besides celebrated his squad members publically and set them forthrightly in the limelight. Sunde built an ambiance of trust and liberty by protecting members from outside upseting and examination from above. giving them top precedence and limitless entree to resources. and sing their decisions as unequivocal. To command clashs. Sunde besides paired off members in conformity with their expertness and psychological tantrum to work on separate but related job. Members in the brace finally understood that he would non win without the success of the mated individual.

( 2 ) Contact intensively
Large challenges and high criterions of the undertaking require ace squad to work together intensively. so that each person will excite others’ thoughts and endowments and will finally accept on the best consequences through intensive face-to-face communicating and consecutive expressiveness. Sunde needs to put the on the job environment easy for reaching. make opportunities for interacting. and promote an ambiance of speaking ‘rude’ but listening difficult. In world. Sunde established a dedicated infinite for working and common meeting. The room was filled with computing machines and other necessary scientific and communicating equipment. The ambiance at that place was relaxed. Team members spent a batch of clip working or remaining at that place. and communications there were unfastened. honest and passionate.

( 3 ) Merely perfect accepted
Remember the grounds why the ace squad was formed. It was built up to run into the high criterions of clients and even to surprise them. Therefore. Sunde. as a squad leader should put high criterions for members and played a function of perfectionism in the squad. High criterions are ne’er excessively high for a ace squad. because they have the capablenesss to do it.

( 4 ) Manage and Make usage of I’s
Individuality and egocentricism have negative effects on a squad so Sunde needs to pull off them. but he should besides do usage of star members’ individuality to further improved public presentations. Sunde should give equal opportunities for each member. so that each person feels that he/she is non ignored. which requires Sunde to equilibrate between each aggressive person. Sunde can besides utilize public presentation rating and wagess systems to promote competition. In world. Sunde used rigorous clip control. For examole. each member’s presentation was purely limited to 15 proceedingss. so that everyone had a opportunity but no 1 could busy others’ . 2. 2Questions to open the treatment

3. What tasks did Sunde have? Were those undertakings similar to ordinary undertakings? Sunde had to assemble and take a consummate squad to debar an investor-relations crisis. The squad included the best proficient people from across the company. Its end: Analyze reams of informations. pinpoint what went incorrect. and convince stakeholders such an result wouldn’t occur once more. And all of those needed to be finished within 6 hebdomads. Different from such simple and everyday undertakings. this was an pressing and high-stake undertaking. and best solution-driven—“Customers” were equity market analysts. The team’s occupation was to pull off the market’s reaction to intelligence of the dry site. If account was haphazard or uncomplete. the company’s market value would nosedive.

4. What is a ace squad? What are the features of the ace squad? Virtuoso squads comprise the top experts in their peculiar Fieldss. are specially convened for ambitious undertakings. work with frantic beat. and emanate a discernable energy. Not surprisingly. nevertheless. the aces who make up these squads are renowned for being elitist. temperamental. egoistic. and hard to work with. Virtuoso Characteristics:

Star public presentation
Particularly handpicked to play specific functions
High on individuality
Take up challenges. even at the hazard of calling
Mediocrity and via media. happen no topographic point in this squad
They are considered ‘too hazardous. excessively temperamental. excessively egoistic. and excessively hard to control’ .

5. What kinds of jobs was this ace squad confronting from the position of squad edifice and direction? Why were they confronting these jobs? The ace squad had troubles to corporate. to construct consensus and to do certain ace members 100 % dedicate themselves to the undertaking. Those jobs are rather typical for a ace squad. because star members’ excellences are the beginnings of some chief struggles and jobs of a ace squad. Star members tend to rule in a undertaking and sharply stand in the limelight. because usually they have top accomplishments in a squad and are required to take the lead. Some members had reputes for being egoistic and hard. Their competencies. experiences and personalities determine their accustomization to a prima function. In a ace squad. nevertheless. it is really hard to stand out among all endowments.

If those stars can non acquire used to it. they can barely collaborate. For illustration. in this instance. Oliver Bell and Johny Undeli both wanted to progress the undertaking in their ain ways. Star members are supremely confident in their abilities and Fieldss of profession. Particularly those engineers in this instance. they are their ain apprehensions on the job and will ne’er compromise in order to do a consensus. Stars are ever in high demand. They might be already engaged in other undertakings when you call them in the ace squad. or they might go forth the squad when other disputing undertakings need them. Employee turnover sometimes can non be avoided. but a team leader should do certain those busy stars devote themselves to the undertaking when they are in the squad. Sometimes. outside obstructions are jobs confronting by a ace squad. Company’s environment and civilization may non prefer a ace squad. In Hydro’s instance. the company has a traditional technology and consensus-driven civilization. but it does non go a critical subject in this instance survey. 2. 3Questions to progress the treatment

6. What distinguish the direction of a ace squad from traditional squads? Virtuoso squads differ from traditional squads along of all time dimension. right from the origin of the squad to member choice and the manner they enforce work procedure and the outlooks they old to the consequences they produce. Pull offing a traditional squad seems pretty straightforward: Gather up whoever’s available. give them clip and infinite to make their occupations. and do certain they all play nicely together. While to do a ace squad successful. you need to pull off it with counterintuitive schemes. For illustration. alternatively of stressing the collective. observe single self-importances by making chances for solo public presentations. Then construct group self-importance by promoting a resolved focal point on the end. And surrogate impassioned. direct duologue that doesn’t trim feelings. In the resulting hell. your team’s members will hammer their most superb thoughts. TRADITIONAL TEAMSVIRTUOSO TEAMS

Choose Members for AvailabilityChoose Members for Skills
•Assign members harmonizing to the individuals’ handiness and past experience with the job. •Fill in the squad as needed. •Insist on hfring merely those with the best accomplishments. regardless of the individuals’ acquaintance with the job. •Recruit specializers for each place on the squad.

Stress the CollectiveEmphasize the Individual
•Repress single self-importances.
•Encourage members to acquire along.
•Choose a solution based on consensus.
•Assure that efficiency trumps creativeness. •Celebrate single self-importances and arouse the best from each squad member. •Encourage members to vie. and create chances for solo public presentations. •Choose a solution based on virtue.

•Assure that creativeness trumps efficiency.
Focus on TasksFocus on Ideas
•Complete critical undertakings on clip.
•Get the undertaking done on clip.
•Generate a frequent and rich flow of thoughts among team members.
•Find and show the discovery thought on clip.
Work Individually and RemotelyWork Together and Intensively
•Require single members to finish undertakings on their ain.
•Allow communicating via
electronic mail. phone. and hebdomadal meetings.
•Encourage polite conversations.
•Force members into close physical propinquity.
•Force members to work together at a fast gait.

•Force direct duologue without saving feelings.
Address the Average CustomerAddress the Sophisticated Customer
•Attempt to make the broadest possible client base ; entreaty to the norm.
•Base determinations on established market cognition.
•Affirm common stereotypes. •Attempt to surprise clients by stretching their outlooks ; entreaty to the man of the world.
•Defy established market cognition.
•Reject common stereotypes.

7. Can you give any illustration of a ace squad in the existent universe? Was the squad successful or non. and why? Any illustration is welcomed. Pay attending to the features of a consummate squad we discussed earlier. Using the analysis frame work of this instance survey and related constructs and theories is encouraged. Possible illustrations including but non limited to: Beatles. originative squads behind the musical West Side Story. the iPhone R & A ; D squad. etc.

8. What else can you larn from this instance? Or farther remarks. Any feedback from pupils is welcomed. Good contemplations on this instance can be used for farther treatment or used in future instructions. Possible remarks: A ace squad might non vouch success. Sometimes. owing an all-stars squad might accomplish impermanent success. but merely holding stars with complementary accomplishments and matching with team civilization can guarantee sustainable development. 2. 4Suggested sequence or timeframe for each point to be covered Each inquiry is suggested being discussed in the undermentioned sequence: 3-4-1-5-2-6-7-8. Therefore. before we go into the solutions and farther treatments. pupils can hold a clear understand on the state of affairs the ace squad facing and the beginnings of the jobs. 3. Attach toing texts. constructs and theories

3. 1Links to attach toing articles
hypertext transfer protocol: //www. imd. org/research/challenges/upload/turning_top_talent_into_top_results. pdf Virtuoso Teams:
hypertext transfer protocol: //www. cbsnews. com/8301-505125_162-51186744/virtuoso-teams/ Virtuoso squads
hypertext transfer protocol: //wenku. baidu. com/view/cadf5536ee06eff9aef8071f. hypertext markup language
3. 2Links to constructs and theories
1 ) How to choose the right star employees?
Star members non merely have particular endowments. extraordinary public presentation. and refers to the person can acknowledge of squad values. and be able to set themselves into the squad civilization. Therefore. such consummate squads ever judge in two dimensions when piecing the stars. alternatively of individual single public presentation. Owing few stars might accomplish impermanent success ; merely holding stars with complementary accomplishments and matching with team civilization can guarantee sustainable development. The undermentioned graph can be used in piecing the stars.

2 ) Four factors related to team public presentation
Than what factors determine whether squads are successful? The four contextual factors most significantly related to team public presentation are equal resources. effectual leading. a clime of trust. and a public presentation rating and wages system that reflects team parts. Adequate Resources: Teams are portion of a larger organisation system. As such. all work squads rely on resources outside the group to prolong it. And a scarceness of resources straight reduces the ability of the squad to execute its occupation efficaciously. As one set of research workers concluded. after looking at 13 factors potentially related to group public presentation. “perhaps one of the most of import features of an effectual work group is the support the group receives from the organisation. ” This support includes timely information. proper equipment. equal staffing. encouragement. and administrative aid.

Teams must have the necessary support from direction and the larger organisation if they are traveling to win in accomplishing their ends. Leadership and Structure: Team member must hold on who is to make what and guarantee that all members contribute every bit in sharing the work load. In add-on. the squad needs to find how agendas will be set. what skills demand to be developed. how the group will decide struggles. and how the group will do and modify determinations. Agring on the particulars of work and how they fit together to incorporate single accomplishments requires team leading and construction. This can be provided straight by direction or by the squad members themselves. Leadership. of class. is non ever needed. For case. the grounds indicates that self-managed work squads frequently perform better than squads with officially appointed leaders.

And leaders can blockade high public presentation when they interfere with self-managing squads. On self-managed squads. squad members absorb many of the responsibilities typically assumed by directors. On traditionally managed squads. we find that two factors seem to be of import in act uponing squad public presentation the leader’s outlooks and his or her temper. Leader who expect good things from their squad are more likely to acquire them. For case. military platoons under leaders who held high outlooks performed significantly better n developing than control platoons. In add-on. surveies have found that leaders who exhibit a positive temper acquire better squad public presentation and lower turnover. Climate of Trust: Members of effectual squads trust each other. And they besides exhibit trust in their leaders. Interpersonal trust among squad members facilitates cooperation. reduces the demand to supervise each other’s behaviour. and bonds members around the belief that orders on the squad won’t take advantage of them.

Team members. for case. are more likely to take hazards and expose exposures when they believe they can swear others on their squad. Trust in Leadership is of import in that it allows the squad to be willing to accept and perpetrate to their leader’s ends and determinations. Performance Evaluation and Reward Systems: How do you acquire team members to be both separately and jointly accountable? The traditional. separately oriented rating and wages system must be modified to reflect squad public presentation. So in add-on to measuring and honoring employees for their single parts. direction should see group-based assessments. net income sharing. addition sharing. small-group inducements. and other system alterations that will reenforce squad attempt and committedness.

3 ) Management accomplishments for high-performing squads
The leader of a ace squad besides needs some squad direction accomplishments in three facets: squad development. squad rank and taking the ace squad.
Besides. there are some particular rules besides of import in pull offing a ace squad. First. a group of endowments need to pass on straight and listen carefully in order to understand everyone’s thoughts wholly. Second. the squad leader could utilize struggles to further the whole squad perfect. which besides emphasize the importance of public presentation rating and wages systems. Last but non least. a consummate squad should concentrate on individuals’ thoughts alternatively of a via media to group. 3. 3Synthesis and decision

A synthesis of the chief issues presented in the instance:
Subject: Managing Virtuoso Team.

What is consummate squad?
Virtuoso squad is made up of all-star members. Virtuoso squads don’t come together really frequently.

Advantages of ace squad
•Esp. Handpicked to play specific functions
•Star Performance

But aces are ill-famed for being temperamental and egoistic. Will coerce a group of them to work together light a fatal detonation?

Disadvantages of ace squad
•High on individuality
•Not a yes individual
•Egocentric and hard
•Aggressive and ruling
•Arrogant and diamond

How to pull off a squad?
•Adequate resources
•Leadership and construction
•Climate of trust
•Performance rating and wagess systems

How to pull off a successful ace squad?
•Diagnose phase development
•Foster squad development and high public presentation
•Play task-facilitation functions
•Play relationship-building functions
•Provide feedback
•Develop credibleness
•Articulate a vision
•Build the squad self-importance through nicknaming. entree to resources and publically observing
•Performance rating and wagess systems
•Encourage competition
•Only perfect accepted
•Be rude but right and listen difficult
•Use struggles to further perfect


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