Today, under the economic development every bit good as scientific discipline, engineering, cognition becomes really of import that human want to hold it. Knowledge is the information and paperss, the theoretical footing, the different accomplishments that people get from other organisations or persons through the experience of world, instruction or preparation, cognition of theory or fact about an issue, and audience can explicate it. Knowledge is what was understood, had said in a specific country or overall. Data comprises facts, observation, or constructs. Data represents natural Numberss or averment, and may hence be devoid of context, significance, or purpose. Information is a subset of informations, merely including those informations that possess context, relevancy, and purpose. Information typically involves the use of natural informations to obtain a more meaningful indicant of tendencies or forms in the information. Knowledge is a really of import function in making all the accomplishments and advancement of society. Knowledge is a cherished plus of homo ; it is cultivate, to larn in the long clip. In life and in work, everyone demands to win as cognition. As we know, all affair in this universe that is unnatural ; it is the merchandise of labour of human cognition. Knowledge is intangible, we can non see, keep but knowledge exists everyplace and do people ‘s lives better. Today, human resources have knowledge is valuable belongings and of import determinations of the being and development of any organisation or concern. However, we need to cognize how to pull off and utilize their cognition at the right clip, right topographic point, to advance the strength and success. KM rhythm would be utile for concern operation.


1: The function of cognition and cognition direction, how KM brings competitory advantage in the company and how KM helps the directors in the company:

Today, the function of cognition is of import ; it becomes a impulsive force for economic development. Knowledge is a cherished hoarded wealth that adult male can non understand it all. To derive cognition, each adult male has gone through many procedures, perceptual experiences, screening, choosing and proving their cognition but any cognition we get can non be applied. Much cognition to assist us a batch of work but other cognition merely contribute to better the cognition is at that place. Therefore the acquisition of cognition every bit good as selected subdivisions is complex and requires flexibleness in how to continue. Individual or organisation owns cognition means they have more talent and success. Where there is more cognition, there will be a developed society, civilisation and advancement. So the states focus to the development and execution of national schemes on cognition. However, as the choice and receives of cognition, pull offing cognition is non easy and holding many disadvantages. Because cognition direction is how to bring forth cognition, how can the cognition airing, cognition usage, maintain and develop cognition and reassign information and cognition that people can utilize to invention, competition, and perfect. Which can be satisfied the current demands and holding new chances. So why do we necessitate knowledge direction? Management expected to convey benefits to the endeavor? As we all know, cognition is divided into two types: tacit cognition and expressed cognition. Tacit cognition, from the Latin tacitare, which refers to something that is really hard to joint, to set into words or images, typically extremely internalized cognition such as cognizing how to make something or acknowledging correspondent state of affairs. Explicit cognition is render seeable, normally through written text into a papers or an audio/ ocular recording, typically, captured and codified cognition. In organisations every bit good as in general society, every person has the ability, acumen and flexibleness in having and choosing information, create cognition otherwise. Knowledge inside a individual ‘s caput, merely that individual can utilize, no one exterior can be operated. When the individual who receives cognition shows to the outside cognition by composing books or instructions straight… the new people receive, understand and do it into their cognition. What will go on if an single veteran, served as of import accumulated a big sum of cognition leave the company or organisation? If the organisation does non cognize and maintain the advantage of cognition of persons, the organisations will put on the line a loss of cognition or cognition of their donated to other organisations. Therefore, two of import types of cognition should be managed and stored in a scientific and effectual. The leaders, directors have ability to pull off the cognition ; they will hold better scheme, better program, and work out jobs and troubles rapidly, resolutely and accurately. A leader has the cognition and ability to pull off cognition will convey many benefits to the company. With the accrued cognition, they will measure the effectivity and competences of employees, and receive clear communicating quality of the work of the organisation, making a new environment, with the work demands good, but avoid the force per unit area, heavy. This is one of the most of import things to make a good environment for employees to develop the ability to work every bit good as exciting, high duty occupations. It was successful leaders have ability to pull off cognition.

2: Introduction KM life rhythm and illustration

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The cognition direction rhythm have four major. Four major attacks to knowledge direction rhythms are presented from Meyer and Zack ( 1996 ) , Bukowitz and Williams ( 2000 ) , McElroy ( 2003 ) , and Wiig ( 1993 ) . A synthesis of these attacks is so developed as a model for following the way information takes to go a valuable cognition plus for a given organisation. Now I will analyse the Wiig cognition direction rhythm.

Wiig focuses on the three conditions that need to be present for an organisation to carry on its concern successfully: it must hold a concern ( products/services ) and clients ; it must be have resources ( people, capital, and installations ) ; and it must hold the ability to move. Wiig identifies the major intent of cognition direction as an attempt & A ; acirc ; ˆA? to do the endeavor intelligent-acting by easing the creative activity, pile, deployment and usage of quality cognition & A ; acirc ; ˆA? . There are four major stairss in this rhythm:

Constructing cognition: refers to activities runing from research to concentrate groups, studies, completive intelligence, and informations excavation applications.

Keeping cognition: consists of memory, roll uping cognition in depositories, implanting cognition in depositories, and file awaying cognition.

Pooling cognition: consists of coordinating, piecing, and accessing and recovering cognition.

Using cognition: usage established cognition to execute everyday undertakings, make standard merchandises, and supply criterion services & A ; acirc ; ˆ¦ We need to understand and follow measure by measure how to pull off, develop and host the best cognition. Each measure has its ain mission and function to act upon straight the formation, development and cognition direction that non lone organisations and concerns but besides persons who own and accumulate cognition besides needs to understand and follow the stairss above. These stairss help us to larn and construct cognition, the beginning of cognition we can frequently have from where, selectively, to keep, every bit good as combined usage and application of them to life and work in a scientific and effectual. For illustration I am internship in the Star_ stock trading services company, company administer the celebrated vinos of the universe. Through their debut and the life history of the company, I know the manager is a company who are passionate about vino, although company has merely established but the accretion of her cognition about vino is non short. For those knowing about vino cognition every bit good as activities and corporate development, she has had a long clip to work in really big vino companies in the HCM metropolis, through which she has received really more cognition about vino. Through the researching procedure, she was screening a assortment of cognition, personal cognition of an expert, the simple cognition to present the vino to her clients or her ain accomplishments in concern. This cognition has been stored in her two signifiers: tacit and explicit. Tacit cognition is the natural cognition and the cognition she has selected in the researching procedure for cognition as she entered the concern. This cognition is priceless because no 1 can cognize and understand precisely and wholly. Explicit cognition is stored as she studies and paperss to leave to employees as a manner of showing this cognition. Expressing cognition is knowledge direction, we have to pull off a scientific cognition, logic, to be clear when communication, tight, precisely and delivers the best public presentation. In the procedure of edifice cognition, the most of import thing is to cognize how to sort, to separate between old and new cognition. Knowledge which can complement and back up each other and the cognition is good for the occupation. We ever need to supplement and update their cognition on a regular and suitably, avoiding confounding, non clear in the procedure of having cognition. As the vino concern, is a service industry is complex and there is much new information, so updating and forming information, the full statistical cognition in a scientific and complete are really of import. The cognition of vino she received from people who are knowing about vino, on the cyberspace, and from the client. Her tacit will be transfer to the employee ; the individual is besides passionate about vino. But this cognition will besides be stored by: papers, informations, study, web site of company. In this manner, the company & A ; acirc ; ˆ™ retentions of valuable cognition are documented in the depositories or in people and are hence available for future mention and usage. But non all cognition can be applied as purely in all instances. There will be errors every bit good. As the staff meets clients, advisers and merchandising merchandises, they have the cognition and information they read from the cognition of the company shop and seek their ain cognition and experience on the occupation. Director, every bit good as cognition direction in the company will be sharing every bit good as uniting this cognition into a system may be utile for companies every bit good as her ain cognition. As cognition of vino is ever new information for tendencies of client ever alteration, the information on intoxicant, the age of the vino is complex and is the top concern of clients. We need to manage a flexible and confident to do the peace of head for clients and employees. When combined every bit good as cognition sharing, cognition systems closely, we need to cognize how to utilize a sensible cognition of long-run endurance and a good reflect. Such as through the cognition gained about the vino, we will choose the best quality merchandises, good service to clients. Analysis of the current market for those goods, to fulfill what client demands…


Through the analysis every bit good as specific illustrations in the company, we see clear cognition is of import in life and work. Good cognition will make a solid success and contribute to sustainable economic development. Knowledge is an of import plus that people ever want to have. Accumulation of cognition and cognition acquisition is the fastest manner to win. Each adult male has their ain manner to gaining control, selective cognition. In add-on, we need to cognize how to pull off cognition in a scientific and sensible. Where there is cognition there will be a civilised society and economic development. Therefore, larning, cognition accretion will give people a better life.


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