1. It will take 26 proceedingss to make full one haste order ( 6+2+10+5+2+1= 26 proceedingss ) . Gantt chart is besides attached.

2. The rhythm clip is 10 proceedingss because the constriction is the clip they have to wait for the cookies to bake in the oven. They can non go on the cooky procedure without baking and the deficiency of room in the oven or extra ovens are the restraints that are restricting the entire operation. The capacity of the operation would be 6 orders per hr ( 60 minutes/ 10 minutes= six orders ) . so that means you could make full 24 orders in one dark ( 6 orders an hr * 4 hours ) . This reply does presume that every order merely asks for one twelve each. for illustration. if one client orders two twelve. you would merely be able to make full 23 orders because that order would necessitate utilizing the oven twice.

3. The sum of labour per twelve for 1 order is 8 proceedingss per twelve ( blending and lift outing takes 8 proceedingss ) for Kristen and 4 proceedingss for Kristen’s roomie per twelve ( the existent work she does. the clip she spends waiting is negligible so the 1 minute to lade. 2 proceedingss to box and 1 minute to accept the payment ) . Kristen’s roomie merely does somewhat less work per twelve when they are all similar because she’ll merely accept the payment one time. so for two twelve she would make 3. 5 proceedingss. and three twelve she would make 3. 33 proceedingss per twelve. Kristen does the same sum of work per twelve when they are all different. When the cookies have similar ingredients. Kristen does less work because she doesn’t have to go on blending for each twelve. If it’s two similar tonss of cookies. Kristen does 5 proceedingss of work per twelve ( 6 proceedingss of blending. 2 proceedingss of lift outing * 2 times/2 ) . When it’s three similar tonss of cookies. Kristen does 4 proceedingss of work per twelve ( 6 proceedingss of blending. 2 proceedingss of lift outing * 3 times/3 ) . If it’s two similar twelve and one different. she will make 6 proceedingss of work per twelve ( 6 proceedingss of mixing* 2 times. 2 proceedingss of lift outing * 3 times/3 ) . Kristen still does 3. 5 and 3. 33 proceedingss of work per twelve because her procedure doesn’t alteration based on the assortment of cookies.

4. I personally wouldn’t because the operation is slow plenty and it would incentivize clients to purchase more which isn’t needfully a good thing for the repute of Kristen’s cookies in footings of its velocity of service. Peoples will likely order different tonss of cookies and as we saw. it didn’t rush up Kristen’s operations which in footings of labour is the most timely. I think this would acquire more money in the short tally. but in the long tally people wouldn’t be excessively happy with Kristen’s velocity if everyone ordered three tonss of cookies at a clip ( some orders wouldn’t be received within hours. )

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5. Without any more oven infinite. purchasing more electric sociables would non be excessively good because the constriction is the oven. At the minute. Kristen is really continually waiting on oven infinite to be available which is what is decelerating operations down. so I would remain with one since it would merely increase your fixed costs. As for the trays. I would hold four. because you could hold one tray in the oven and still be able to lift out out the contents of the processor for three twelve cookies which would maximise Kristen’s efficiency and she wouldn’t be waiting.

6. The oven is the bottle cervix because it takes the most clip and the operations can non go on without adust cookies. Kristen can non do more cookies without infinite in the oven. and her roomie can non go on to complete the order without the adust cookies either. Adding another oven ( presuming it merely took one twelve still ) . would increase the capacity to 10 orders an hr because the bottle cervix would go washing and blending the ingredients which would be 1 minute more per twelve in the procedure. The new restraint for baking would be 5 proceedingss because there are two ovens now that it decreases the several rhythm clip for baking by half. The maximal sum I would pay for an extra oven would be the increased gross it generates per month for Kristen’s cookies. because past that the oven wouldn’t be seeing a return on the investing.


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