Undertaking Statement ( copy/paste all undertaking statements here ) Knowledge ( cognitive accomplishment ) Skill ( learned ) Ability ( competency ) 1 Answer incoming calls utilizing a multi-line patchboard and forward to the right employee. Knowledge of a multi-line phone system One twelvemonth experience of being a Receptionist Able to reply phones professionally 2 File staff records utilizing system database in order to follow with company care demands Knowledge of file care One twelvemonth experience file clerk Able to accurately keep files 3 Prepare assorted paperss utilizing MS applications buttocks needed Knowledge of MS application i. e. Word. excel. mentality. PP and Messenger Two twelvemonth experience with each application

Able to type 30 wpm 4 Greet assorted visitants and staff as they enter reception country to guarantee quality client service Verbal and Attention accomplishments Three old ages experience as receptionist Able to welcome with a gracious personality 5 Maintain visitant log utilizing date-book to rede appropriate party of their reaching and going. Good written accomplishments with attending to detail Three old ages experience as forepart desk clerk Able to pay attending to detail 6 Monitor staff clip and Payroll points including treating HR signifiers to guarantee accurate clip maintaining. HR paysheet procedure Accurate informations entry accomplishments ( numeral and alpha-numeric ) Able to accurately input figures

KSA Statements
1 Must have one twelvemonth of Receptionist experience. cognition of a multi-line phone system and able to reply phones professionally. 2 Must have one twelvemonth of File clerk experience utilizing on-line database to register records 3 Must have two old ages experience utilizing MS word. excel. PP. mentality and Messenger. must be able to type 30 wmp at minimal 4 Must have three old ages of Receptionist experience. with good verbal accomplishments in order to recognize with a gracious personality 5 Must have three old ages front desk experience. good written accomplishment with particular attending to inside informations 6 Must have old HR experience. paysheet section preferred. Data entry accomplishments with ability to accurately input numeral and alpha numeral figures.

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