The name of this well known light house is La Jument. It is located in Brittany. France. The beacon is built on a stone about 300 metres from the seashore of the island of Ushant in the center of the ocean. Construction of this beacon began in 1904 but wasn’t finished until 1911 due to the unsmooth seas and conditions conditions. The west seashore of Northern France has ever been known for its unsmooth seas. This to a great extent trafficked sea line experiences terrible conditions during much of the twelvemonth. This country has experienced many shipwrecks over the centuries. Including one accident. the wreck of the steam ship Drummond Castle in June. 1896. was responsible for the deceases of about 250 people. Between the old ages 1888 and 1904 31 ships were wrecked at that place. The building was paid for in private by a affluent Frenchman who had about lost his life in a shipwreck.

La Jument foremost became celebrated through a series of images taken by Jean Guichard in 1989. To take these images Jean Guichard hired a chopper to wing over the Iroise Sea during a really unsafe storm. The ill-famed images. besides named La Jument. were taken on December 21. 1989 of the beacon keeper Theodore Malgorn. who was trapped in the beacon during a unsafe storm with gale force air currents and rush moving ridges of 20-30 metres.

The moving ridges from this storm smashed through the Windowss of the beacon. tore the front door off. and flooded the interior of tower transporting all the furniture out with it. Theodore Malgorn was taking safety in the lantern room expecting a deliverance chopper when he went outside to see a chopper hired to take images where he about lost his life when a immense moving ridge came crashing all around the beacon merely barley get awaying decease salvaging his life in a affair of seconds.

These series of images taken by Jean Guichard inspired many topographic points to take the safety of beacon keepers more earnestly. The improved engineering and increased mechanisation have now made beacon keepers unneeded. Today in the U. S. all of our beacons are automated except for one in Boston. which was the first one built on our shores. Many beacons are no longer needed because of promotions in engineering doing going the seashore more safe. Some beacons are now being turned over to the authorities or other organisations to maintain them maintained for future coevalss to larn about their topographic point in the history of our state.

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