Many products resting on grocery store shelves contain genetically modified organisms from the company Monsanto. Through much research about this company’s products Vive become aware of the problems created for human health and firmly believe the FDA needs to hold companies accountable by creating regulations that any GM products are clearly identified on all manufacturers’ labels.

By having to do so, FDA is giving rights to the public to choose whether or not these types of organisms are consumed on a daily basis. Monsanto is a company that operates by altering seeds with bug killing properties mixed into the species they are growing, meaning there is no washing the pesticide off of the merchandise prior to being ingested. Poison is poison. It kills insects on crops on a daily basis, so what exactly does it do to the human body? Years ago a simple vinegar wash would remove any form of bug-killers from the fruit or veggies and there was little worry about them being mixed into our other groceries.

Now it’s far from effective as the pesticide grows internally in anything grown from this company. There is nothing okay about the fact that my stomach is trying to digest this and internal organs have to work extra hard in attempt to rid it of something that was meant to kill crop-eating pests. With the body working harder, bodies are adapting to the current situation at hand. More and more often reports describe the increasing number of children having allergies more of the foods on supermarket shelves, many more which are gluten.

Even ten years ago, this was a rare topic to hear about unless a child had been born allergic to it. My family members are a large part of this ever growing side of the American population. Gluten, soy, and other base products for foods cause numerous issues for an ever-growing number of people. Fruit allergies are increasing, especially fruits such as watermelon. How many people can you say that are allergic to this fruit? From personal experience alone, I know the number is growing.

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A few of my family members who were able to eat it without reaction in younger years are no longer able to enjoy its sweetness. Unless it’s organic, there is a great possibility that each crop is grown from a Monsanto farm. Other countries have gone as far as banning GM crops entirely from the consumer market in their Mounties due to the effects the modifications have on the consumers. Next question. If other countries are banning these ‘goods’ from shelves, what does this action say about the product? It can’t be healthy for our bodies!

Governments around the world are fighting against this company and their tribute’ to improvements on crops. This tribute to bug resistant crops is killing any and all bugs, not Just the crop destroying ones. By labeling the goods that use this company’s product to manufacture wheat, soy, corn, fruits, vegetables, or even to feed the animals butchered will give the American population the conscious choice of whether or not to eat such garbage. Hopefully this will help our society become better educated about what we are chewing and swallowing.

I know many shoppers Just place things into their carts, but with a giant label stating “GM” might Just open eyes. Eventually, I’m even hoping that it leads to these modifications becoming banned completely in the United States and that crops will go back to natural seeds. Starting with labeling will help to do this and with what Vive seen and researched, I stand in the belief that returning to GM ere products will help with health problems around the states. Of course, others may see it in a different light.

Arguments can be made that these GM products have no effect what-so-ever towards humans. In fact, they make more cost effective crops for growers due to decreased amount of diseased and bug-killed fields. Lower prices meaner prices on goods meaner it’s cheaper to feed families and costs less to buy more, creating the possibility of decreasing hunger. Scientific research hasn’t yet disproved that these are 100% harmful to the human body and is basically in the beginning steps of wowing facts that Monsanto is doing something wrong.

If they can’t prove it 100%, why should most stop eating these products? Although this belief can be seen from both sides, I still firmly back my belief that anything with genetically modified organisms should become an FDA mandate to be labeled. Labels using Monsanto grown crops will help inform people about particular products if not push for them to be taken out of foodstuffs completely. By giving American people the choice to consume modified goods, the FDA will be placing our own health completely back into our hands.


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