Lakme is one of the decorative trade names of the Unilever Bangladesh Ltd offers to the mark market. The study has been conducted to cognize cognitive constituents. affectional constituents and behavioural constituents of the consumers in Dhaka metropolis. Our sample size is 50. These respondents are from different professional such as Student. Housewife. Private Service holder. Public service holder and other professions. Among 50 respondents. 31 or 62 % respondents are from the age of 16 old ages to 25years. 16 respondents from 26 to 35 and 3 respondents from 36 to 45 old ages and 31 respondents from 16 to 25 old ages use lip rouge. 16 respondents from 26 to 35 old ages use lipstick and in conclusion 3 respondents from 36 to 45 respondents use lipstick. Maximal respondents are from lower higher category. Harmonizing to our research 50 % of the entire respondents go to beauty parlour one time a month. about 12 % of the respondents travel twice a month. 18 % of the respondents travel twice a hebdomad. 6 % of the respondents go one time a hebdomad. 7 % of the respondents go non in fix clip interval. 36 % of the entire respondents watch Television or films.

In instance of purchasing wont 54 % of the respondents buy lipstick one time a month. about 18 % of the respondents buy lipstick twice an month. around 12 % of the respondents buy lipstick twice a hebdomad and 16 % of the respondents buy lipstick in different occasions. The respondents are a spot colourful. Organized. Moderate stylish. altering oriented. a spot vernal. somewhat rational. a spot formal. like to rule. small bit unagitated. The conventional memory of the lakme is rather positive. Respondents perceive the lakme lip rouge as Hygienic. Modern Outlook. Long Lasting. Fascinating. Bright. Color. Elegance. Distinct. High Price. High Class. Prestigious. Assured Quality. Fantastic. Satisfaction. and Best Quality. Harmonizing to perceptual function Lakme has a strong trade name image than Revlon and Loreal.

Since weighted mean of lakme is 0. 326 and the weighed mean of Revlon is 0. 562 Lakme is closer to Ideal trade name than Revlon and therefore attitudes toward Lakme lipstick really favourable than attitudes toward Revlon lip rouges. Lakme has favourable emotion towards its lip rouge. As per our research about 54 % of the mark market usage Lakme and most of them will purchase it following clip. So it reveals the positive behavioural constituents of attitude in the head of the consumers. Finally Lakme can alter the cognitive attitudes by altering belief. adding belief. switching importance and altering ideal and through classical conditioning. mere exposure lakme can alter the affectional constituents of clients. And operant conditioning demands to change behavioural constituents of the consumers.

Background of the Report: Our class teacher Mr. Farhan Faruqui has recommended us to fix a study on Lakme which will be regarded as the term paper for the Spring 2008 semester on the 7th April 2008. The study was supposed to happen linkage among real-life advertizements by Lakme lip rouge and the theories taught in the categories of the class of Consumer Behavior.

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Statement of the job: the study will seek to reply the undermentioned inquiries:

• Is Bangladesh Unilever Ltd. using the theories of Consumer Behavior in their Selling activities?
• Are the methods effectual?
• Do the consumers like their selling activities?
• What is Lakme lipstick’s place compared to other trade names?
• What else Unilever Bangladesh Ltd could make to guarantee future success?

Statement of Purpose: the study will function the undermentioned intents

• Specifying the practical application of theories of consumer behaviour evident in Lakme lipstick’s selling activities.
• Explaining the effectivity of Lakme lipstick’s selling activities.
• Showing a entire image sing consumer feedback and responses.
• Describing lakme lipstick’s place in the market.
• Proposing few suggestions for lakme lip rouges that will guarantee long-run success for Lakme.

Scope of the study: this study has been prepared with in the undermentioned parametric quantities
• The Report covers the selling activities for Lipstick offered by Lakme by Unilever Bangladesh.
• Throughout the study. accent was given to female members of the market.
• The Report is chiefly based on client feedback derived from the study which might non stand for the existent information due to trying mistake.
• The study is conducted in the Dhaka metropolis every bit good as other developed metropoliss.

Methodology: this selling study has been prepared based on primary informations. This is fundamentally a qualitative analysis. We have chosen non-comparative grading technique because we wanted to mensurate the influence of each and every factor. Merely by Non-comparative grading technique we can make that. And among two types non-comparative technique we used enumerate technique and between three itemize techniques we took Likert scaling for Affectional constituents and semantic graduated table for cognitive constituents which range from 1 to 5 point grading.

Then after testing we have eventually set sets of inquiries in our questionnaire. Our mark population has been the female of Dhaka metropolis and other developed metropoliss in Bangladesh. We have chosen chance trying. We are four members in our group. As we have been assigned to roll up informations. we have gone to the mark market and got the questionnaires filled up by the females. And to analyse to data we use SPSS application. We analyze informations by frequence distribution. different types of diagram and multiple variables comparing.


Like every research it has besides some restriction. Among them clip is the most important restraint that affected our research really much. Within this short clip it s was rather impossible to do this kind of research. We had merely about 15 yearss to fix a research which is rather impossible. Among the other restraints next important was mark market who was loath to make full the questionnaires. The merchandise has been a low-involvement one so mark market has been loath to reply them. There has been a deficiency of co-ordination among the group member. May be informations does non stand for the existent population.

Organizational Background:

This section will supply a short description refering the Unilever Bangladesh ltd. The section will include the undermentioned topics- company background. mission statement. company objectives. company location.

Company Background:

The beginning dates back to 1964. when the first Manufacturing Operations were set up as a portion of Lever Brothers Pakistan operations. After independency. it was incorporated as a separate Company under the Torahs of Bangladesh. Subsequently on the Company diversified into different classs. Unilever is a transnational company but for our term paper we are interested in Unilever Bangladesh Ltd. Over the last four decennaries. Unilever Bangladesh has been invariably conveying new and first merchandises for the Bangladeshi people to take the day-to-day plodding of life.

Over 90 % of the country’s families use one or more of Unilever’s merchandises. Unilever Bangladesh conducts their operations with honestness. unity and openness. and with regard for the human rights and involvements of their employees. They will likewise esteem the legitimate involvements of those with whom they have relationships. Unilever companies and their employees are required to follow with the Torahs and ordinances of the states in which they operate.


Unilever is committed to diverseness in a working environment where there is common trust and regard and where everyone feels responsible for the public presentation and repute of their company. They will enroll. employ and advance employees on the exclusive footing of the makings and abilities needed for the work to be performed. They are committed to safe and healthy working conditions for all employees. They will non utilize any signifier of forced. compulsory or child labour. They are committed to working with employees to develop and heighten each individual’s accomplishments and capablenesss. They respect the self-respect of the person and the right of employees to freedom of association.

They will keep good communications with employees through company based information and audience processs. Unilever Operations in Bangladesh provide employment to over 10. 000 people straight and through its dedicated providers. distributers and service suppliers. 99. 5 % of UBL employees are locals and they have equal figure of Bangladeshis working abroad in other Unilever companies as exiles


Unilever is committed to supplying branded merchandises and services which systematically offer value in footings of monetary value and quality. and which are safe for their intended usage. Merchandises and services will be accurately and decently labeled. advertised and communicated.


Unilever will carry on its operations in conformity with internationally recognized rules of good corporate administration. They will supply seasonably. regular and dependable information on their activities. construction. fiscal state of affairs and public presentation to all stockholders.

Business spouses:

Unilever is committed to set uping reciprocally good dealingss with their providers. clients and concern spouses. In their concern traffics they expect their spouses to adhere to concern rules consistent with their ain.

Community engagement:

Unilever strives to be a sure corporate citizen and. as an built-in portion of society. to carry through their duties to the societies and communities in which they operate.

Public activities:

Unilever companies are encouraged to advance and support their legitimate concern involvements. Unilever will co-operate with authoritiess and other organisations. both straight and through organic structures such as trade associations. in the development of proposed statute law and other ordinances which may impact legitimate concern involvements. Unilever neither supports political parties nor contributes to the financess of groups whose activities are calculated to advance party involvements.

The environment:

Unilever is committed to doing uninterrupted betterments in the direction of their environmental impact and to the longer-term end of developing a sustainable concern. Unilever will work in partnership with others to advance environmental attention. increase apprehension of environmental issues and circulate good pattern.


Unilever believes in vigorous yet just competition and supports the development of appropriate competition Torahs. Unilever companies and employees will carry on their operations in conformity with the rules of just competition and all applicable ordinances.

Business unity:

Unilever does non give or have. whether straight or indirectly. payoffs or other improper advantages for concern or fiscal addition. No employee may offer. give or have any gift or payment which is. or may be construed as being. a payoff. Any demand for. or offer of. a payoff must be rejected instantly and reported to direction. Unilever accounting records and back uping paperss must accurately depict and reflect the nature of the implicit in minutess. No unrevealed or live history. fund or plus will be established or maintained.

Mission Statement:

“Our mission is to add Vitality to life. We meet mundane demands for nutrition. hygiene and personal attention with trade names that help people look good. experience good and acquire more out of life. ” This is the mission statement of the Unilever Bangladesh Ltd.

Trade names:
Unilever Bangladesh has several trade names in the market. Those are Wheel. Lux. Lifebuoy. Fair & A ; Lovely. Pond’s. Close Up. Sunsilk. Lipton Taaza. Pepsodent. Clear. Vim. Surf Excel. Rexona. Dove. Vaseline & A ; Lakme.

Type of concern:
Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company with local fabrication installations. describing to regional concern groups for invention and concern consequences.

Fundamental law:
Authority of the carry oning the company is still in manus of Unilever.
Unilever owns 60. 75 % of the entire portion and Bangladesh authorities owns 39. 25 % of the entire portion

Their intent in Unilever is to run into the mundane demands of people everyplace – to expect the aspirations their consumers and clients and to react creatively and competitively with branded merchandises and services which raise the quality of life.

Their deep roots in local civilizations and markets around the universe are their alone heritage and the foundation for their future growing. They will convey their wealth of cognition and international expertness to the service of local consumers – a genuinely multi-local transnational company.

Their long-run success requires a entire committedness to exceeding criterions of public presentation and productiveness. to working together efficaciously and to a willingness to encompass new thoughts and larn continuously.

They believe that to win requires the highest criterions of corporate behaviour towards their employees. consumers and the societies and universe in which they live. This is Unilever’s route to sustainable. profitable growing for their concern and long-run value creative activity for their stockholders and employees. .

Company Location:

The company has a Soap Manufacturing mill and a Personal Products Factory located in Chittagong. Besides these. there is a tea packaging operation in Chittagong and three fabricating units in Dhaka. which are owned and run by 3rd parties entirely dedicated to Unilever Bangladesh

Target Market Parameters:

1. Demographic Factors:

Demography is the scientific survey of features and kineticss refering to the human population. The features encompassed by this survey include size. growing rate. denseness. critical statistics. and distribution of a specified population. Demography is widely used for assorted intents and can embrace little. targeted populations or mass populations. The mark market can be divided based on demographic variables. Demographic variables encompasses assorted facet of an human such as Age. Gender. Family size. Family lifecycle. baby-boomers. Income. Occupation. Education. Ethnicity. Nationality. Religion. Social category etc. To be successful as seller one must understand the demographic factors of the population.

1. 1: Age and Sex: Normally consumers’ demands and wants alteration with age. There are certain types of merchandises which attract different types of elderly people every bit good as different sex. There some merchandise which attract male people and there are some merchandises which get the attending of female people. In the same one there are some merchandises which get attracted by the mature people and there are other types of merchandise which attract the kid. Therefore merchandises like Lipstick pull the female people or section. In instance of Lakme lipstick the mark market is urban female and other developed metropoliss like Dhaka. Shylet. Chittagong e. t. c. although the targeted age is someplace between 16 old ages and 45 old ages. It may be seen that male are purchasing the lip rouge but the ultimate users are female. As a consequence our bulk of targeted respondents are female. The proportion of the male and female respondents in the study is like this.

Figure1. 1: Gender analysis

Harmonizing to Figure 1. 1 the bulk of the respondents are Female. Among 50 answering female is 43 in instance of per centum about 86 % of the entire sample. So from this Figure 1. 1 it can be understood that the study has been got answered by right people.

Figure 1. 2: Age analysis

Figure1. 2 is demoing the age construction which has been used for our study. Among 50 respondents. 31 or 62 % respondents are from the age of 16 old ages to 25years. 16 respondents from26 to 35 and 3 respondents from 36 to 45 old ages. These respondents will give us the information about Lakme lip rouge. They will inform us about Cognitive constituent. affectional constituent every bit good as behavioural constituent of the Lakme lip rouge. They will distinguish the lakme among the assorted lip rouges. Form their responses we will be able to understand the assorted aspect our research subject.

Figure 1. 3: Frequency of Brand

Harmonizing figure 1. 2 among 50 respondents. 31 respondents from 16 to 25 old ages use lip rouge. 16 respondents from 26 to 35 old ages use lipstick and in conclusion 3 respondents from 36 to 45 respondents use lipstick. So here we see the premier client of lip rouge is the people who fall in the scope from 16 to 25. so Unilever Bangladesh Ltd should pay more attending on this section every bit good as the section scope from 26 to 35.

1. 2: Occupation: the buying behavior depends on the business of the person. For our research we are merely interested about public service. private service. pupil. Housewife and for doing our questionnaire non force we have kept an option space.

Figure 1. 4: Occupation analysis

Among 50 respondents. 25 are pupils. 17 are private service holders. 5 are public service holders. 1 is housewife and 2 are others. In instance of per centums about 50 % of the entire respondents are pupils. 2 % are housewife. 34 % are private service holders. 10 % are public service holders and 4 % are from other business. So we have targeted the right people who by and large use or purchase lip rouges. The Unilever Bangladesh Ltd needs to be serious about client like pupil because this is the large part of the lip rouge users. Students fundamentally use or purchase lipstick often. They are the chief client of the lip rouge. The Unilever Bangladesh Ltd has other possible section like Private Service professional and public service professional to pay the attending. Because this 2nd and 3rd highest part of the mark market. These sections would be a profitable 1 for Lakme.

Figure 1. 5: Brand harmonizing to business

Harmonizing to above tabular array 25 pupils use lipstick. 1 housewife utilizations lipstick. 17 Private service holders use lip rouge. 5 public service holder usage lip rouge and 1 respondent from other profession usage lip rouge. So Lakme should earnestly see the section of pupil since it is the chief mark market. the private service professionals as it is a great possible section for Lakme and public service professionals.

1. 3: Social Gathering: the respondents of the mark market are by and large do non like to go to the societal assemblage really frequently.

Figure 1. 6: Social assemblage

Harmonizing to our research about 44 % of respondent are by and large attend the societal gather one time a month. around 34 % of the respondents attend societal assemblage twice a month. 10 % of the respondents are attend different clip. 2 % . 2 % and 8 % of the respondents attend the societal assemblage one time a hebdomad. more than 4 a month and less than one time a month severally. Since they do non go to the societal garnering the Lakme can form a informal confab or route show with its mark market to acquire the feedback and to distribute the positive properties of Lakme lip rouge to others.

1. 4: Income: Purchasing ability depends on the single income. Peoples tend to purchase more who has really high income. It is proven that higher category of the society buys more than another. In our study there are 16 % respondents have the income 40000 and supra. 24 % respondents have the income between 30000 to 40000. 30 % respondents have the income between 20000 to 30000 and 14 % . 14 % and 2 % of the entire respondents have the income someplace between 10000 to 20000. below 10000 and no income severally.

Figure 1. 7: Distribution of the income

Harmonizing to figure 1. 6 among 50 respondents. 8 respondents have the income of 40000 and supra. 12 respondents have income between 30000 to 40000. 15 respondents have the income between 20000 to 30000. 7 respondents have the income between 10000 to 20000. 7 respondents have the income less than 10000 and 1 respondent does non hold any income.

Figure 1. 8: Buying behaviour harmonizing to income

The persons have the income 20000 to 30000 are really much tidal bore to purchase lipstick The mark market who have income 30000 to 40000 and above 40000 are besides interested to purchase the lip rouge. So Lakme should keep the client section of who have income between 20000 and 30000 and besides to act upon the section like who have income between 30000 and 40000 and above 40000.

Leisure: Member of the mark market does hold assortment in their leisure clip. They merely do them busy with legion activities which they do frequently.

Figure 1. 9: Leisure activities

Harmonizing to figure 1. 8 most of our mark markets spend their clip at place during the leisure clip and some of them tend to travel out in the leisure clip. From above frequence distribution it has been found that approximately 36 % of the entire respondent ticker Television or films during the leisure clip. about 16 % of the respondents go to parties or concerts at leisure clip. 2 % drama computing machine games. 10 % of the respondents read narrative books at the leisure clip. 6 % of the respondents play out-of-door games. 12 % of the respondents hangout with their friends. 12 % of the respondents read newspaper at the leisure clip. 2 % of the respondent travel at the leisure clip and 2 % of the entire respondents do other thing during the leisure clip. it is clear that most of the respondents enjoy their leisure clip by watching Television or films. So Television and electronic media has become chief beginning of amusement of the mark markets.

As Television has become the chief beginning of amusement at leisure clip. Marketer can easy make the mark market. Newspaper can be an effectual to make the mark markets. Unilever Bangladesh can print or set their advertizement into those Television and Newspaper to expeditiously pull strings the mark markets.

Traveling beauty parlour: Every one likes to be looked beautiful. In instance of female this statement is the most appropriate 1. The female sections like to travel to Beauty parlour.


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