The movie “The Pursuit of Hapyness” is in many ways really relatable to the short narrative “The Lamp at Noon” . The two are closely related as they before portion similar overall subjects. “The Pursuit of Hapyness” greatly demonstrates the subjects of committedness to personal ends and the effects of hardship on the human spirit. This movie follows the life of a adult male and his household as they struggle through mundane struggles. These struggles vary from seeking to pay rent to acquiring nutrient on the tabular array for dinner. Chris Gardener. the supporter in the movie is finally forced on the streets with his boy Christopher while the female parent. Linda. leaves to New York. Chris is faced with great struggle as he is prosecuting a occupation as a stockbroker but must finish a non-paying internship foremost while seeking to take attention of Christopher. However. Chris is committed to his personal ends and pushes through the inordinate sum of hardship he is faced with. The movie is connected to the “The Lamp at Noon” for assorted grounds. “The Lamp at Noon” briefly follows the life of Paul. Ellen and their really immature babe as they are faced with terrible hardship. Their adversities come from a storm that has destroyed there harvests that leads to a hapless relationship between the two. The subject of the effects of hardship on the human spirit is shown in “The Lamp at Noon” through several ways. First. it leads to Paul and Ellen to go suffering and unable to come to common determinations. Additionally. Ellen is non able to manage the hardship and efforts to run off from the farm. which leads to the decease of her babe. Given these points. one can see how both the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness” and the short narrative “The Lamp at Noon” are related through the common subject of the effects of hardship on the human spirit.


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