In today’s rapid growing of Industries. engineering made our lives much easier and make things with precise truth. Computer is perfect illustration of engineering that made a great impact in the society. Since the effectivity of the engineering had been recognized. It has caught the attending of differrent industries. One of which is educational establishments. The engineering has been utilized to assist pupils and modules to execute much better in what they do. One possible map of this engineering is library system where pupils and faculties gather information for their surveies.

When the library and computing machine combined together. it will hold a better and faster map and will decidedly assist the people around it. That’s why as research workers we are taking to develop a system for a library. Library system is a necessity for modules and pupils. It manages all operations in the library including the logging in of the pupils and modules for security and monitoring intents. seeking. reserving. adoption and returning of books. These are some of the grounds why library system is an of import tool for their mundane activities in school.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help School is a private establishment for pre-school. simple and high school pupils. This establishment consist 981 pupils and 52 modules. It has three libraries divided into three different locations ; foremost is the high school library. second is the simple library. and the 3rd is the pre-school library. All in all. the three libraries has a sum of 10. 000 books and other reading stuffs like magazines and newspapers. The OLPHS library is still using a manual system. The users who enter the library are being recorded in a log book.

Students search for the books in the shelves manually. The pupil can merely borrow a sum of three books. They can besides borrow other reading stuffs like magazines. newspapers but merely inside the library. Whenever pupil borrows a book. the borrower fills up the needed information in the library card. Then the librarian marks the library card and holds onto the library card until all the books has been returned. Non-fiction books can be brought place for 1 twenty-four hours and fiction books can be brought for 3 yearss. If the book was non returned within that twenty-four hours. they will hold to pay P1 for the figure of extra yearss per book.

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The module and staff can borrow books and take it for the whole school twelvemonth and does non pay any mulcts. Most jobs identified with respects to the current manual system: ( 1 ) doomed of library cards ; ( 2 ) unity of informations in the library card ; ( 3 ) enrollment incompatibilities of books that are borrowed ; ( 4 ) misallocation of books in the incorrect subdivision or shelf ; ( 5 ) unknowingness if the book is lost or borrowed. These are the most common jobs identified by the librarian. that’s why the research workers decided to develop a system that requires less manual intercession. doing it more efficient.

With the huge and broad usage of engineering. the advocate proposed to the school disposal to hold a LAN-based Library System. It will rush the searching. adoption. reserving and returning of books in the library. The bibliothec has nil to worry about every clip these activities took topographic point. Aims of the Project The system aims of the undertaking will function as a usher in prosecuting and carry throughing the survey. General Objectives The general aim of this undertaking is to develop a LAN-based Library System for Our Lady of Perpetual Help School by utilizing barcode.

Specific Aims In order to understand the general aim and accomplish the consequence. the Researcher’s purposes are as follows: * To develop a system that will let the pupils and modules to easy seek. borrow. modesty and return books. and to supply fast and accurate system in order to better the operation in the school’s library. * To make a system that will decrease the clip and attempt in bring forthing studies for day-to-day. hebdomadal. monthly. quarterly and yearly footing.

* To est and measure the acceptableness of the system in footings of maintainability. monitoring and functionality by holding the feedback from users. Statement of the Work Scope of the Project Our undertaking encompasses the LAN-based Library System for Lady Mediatrix Institute located in Candelaria. Quezon that will pull off the minutess inside the library of the high school and simple section such as the log-ins of the pupils upon come ining the library. adoption. returning. seeking. reserving of books. creative activity of dummy enrollment and accounting/payment system.

It will besides assist the librarian to form the records in the library and to cognize any information about the aggregations of books. The library system is equipped with Online Public Access Catalog ( OPAC ) . OPAC helps pupils and module to easy seek the books they need and informs if the book they searched is already borrowed or in the shelf. The LAN-based Library System will supply summarized studies of the borrowers. returners. books and punishments. The Library System will be handled by the librarian and other individuals assigned by the bibliothec.

All individuals inside the library have the rights to utilize the OPAC while the librarian ( academic coordinator and module president can hold an entree if the bibliothec is absent ) is responsible to utilize the waiter. The proposed system will include the minutess such as adoption. returning. reserving of books. bring forthing drumhead studies and paying the punishment. Cadmium and other optical media and magazines are for stock list intents merely because it can merely be used inside the library.

The system is suited for grade school and high school pupils who are able to read and type good. This survey is for Lady Mediatrix Institute. List of Deliverables The list of all expected end products based on the company’s demand with a corresponding description of the deliverables. * User’s Manual is a user’s usher manual that intends to give aid to people who will utilize the peculiar system. This manual will assist the user to entree the system easy and efficiency. Training Program is for the system operators that will supply cognition and accomplishments in utilizing the system. * Cadmium Installation includes CD installer needed to put up the system into the computing machine. * Deployment Plan includes. the demands needed for the deployment of the system and where the package is to be released. * Maintenance Plan is a agenda. which should be completed at specific times or to better the public presentation or other property to a modified environment.


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