Our planet has experienced many alterations in its clime from twenty-four hours 1 of creative activity up to the present. Today. we are faced with issues refering planetary heating or the mean addition of temperature of Earth’s atmosphere. What causes planetary warming leads research workers to place natural conditions and manmade activities that cause this phenomenon ( U. S. Environmental Protection Agency. 2008 ) . Land debasement is being eyed as one of the lending factors of planetary heating. By definition. it is the loss of the land productiveness that could be for good or temporarily ( Stocking & A ; Murnagham. 2000 ) .

Literature Review Land debasement has been a job for a long clip. Researchs are done in order to happen out the most applicable solution to the affected countries. Michael Stocking and Niamh Murnaghan. in 2000. had published “Land Degradation: Guidelines for Field Assessment. ” This publication consists of 8 chapters. The writers have focus on the undermentioned countries: farmers’ position on land debasement. definition and causes. effects and effects to set down users. dirt loss. effects to production. indexs of land debasement. and the benefits of preservation.

Agencies such as the Canadian International Development Agency or CIDA. the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency. and the United Nations have promoted their consciousness plans sing land debasement and planetary heating. With the aid of these bureaus. people are deriving information about the effects of natural events and some human activities to the environment. Methodology This research is chiefly based on information. researches. and readings from the Internet. I have chosen Web sites from dependable bureaus such as U. S. EPA. CIDA. and the United Nations in order to get information about land debasement and planetary heating.

Since the Internet is besides known as the information expressway. these bureaus are successful in distributing their researches and doing the public aware of the increasing consequence of planetary heating to our environment. Data Analysis California is merely one of the States that promotes rainforest preservation to decrease the consequence of planetary heating by cut downing emanations from deforestation and land debasement or REDD. REDD is an state-to-state sub-national understanding that aims to advance improved forest direction patterns and re-afforestation. The parties involved in this understanding have signed the Memorandum of Understanding on 18 November 2008.

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( Mongabay. com. 2008 ) In Canada. CIDA has led the publicity to change by reversal the effects of land debasement. CIDA works with the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification or UNCCD. CIDA’s attempts to change by reversal the effects include: tree planting. sustainable irrigation. and environmental monitoring among others. ( Land Degradation. CIDA. 2008 ) Results The effects of land debasement to Earth’s clime were non observed instantly. Now. the effects of planetary heating are progressively being noticed. We have experienced El Nino and La Nina and heard intelligence about the thaw of ice in the Arctic.

The procedures done to antagonize the effects could besides take longer clip before we could see the consequences. Discussion When the dirt lost its productiveness due to set down debasement. trees and workss could non boom on it. Add to this phenomenon the uninterrupted illegal logging and deforestation activities could take to reduced Numberss of deep-rooted trees and workss. When the figure of deep-rooted trees and workss continue to decrease. few trees and workss could absorb C dioxide. the gas that contributes to planetary heating due to inordinate production. Carbon dioxide traps heat.

Excessively much C dioxide in the atmosphere leads to an unnatural addition in the temperature of the ambiance. therefore the happening of planetary heating. The common causes of land debasement are overgrazing. deforestation. and pollution. There is a human factor in these causes. We are responsible to what is go oning in our clime now. As we wait for the consequences of the present actions refering planetary heating. It’s best to assist in our ain simple ways on how to forestall land debasement. One is to assist advance the protagonisms of the concerned bureaus. Conclusion Global heating is a world.

The effects of it are enormous and damaging. Should planetary warming continue to decline. Earth and all its renters are in sedate danger. Public consciousness of the effects of planetary heating is deemed necessary. We are the 1s who have triggered the ignition of planetary heating. We should besides be the 1s to trip the solution.

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