1. What structures allow water vapor to escape the leaves of a plant?

a) Stomata
b) Leaf veins
c) Cell walls
d) Mesophyll cells

2. According to the current model of fluid flow in xylem, what creates the force that moves water from the roots to the leaves?

a) Differences in water potential between roots and leaves
b) An increase in water tension in leaves
c) Cellular pumps in leaves
d) An increase in root pressure

3. Where does the energy come from that drives water transport in plants?

a) The sun
b) ATP
c) Water
d) Membrane pumps

4. Which would you expect to increase the rate of water transport in a plant?

a) The removal of leaves and a seal of the excision sites
b) An increase in humidity
c) A rise in temperature
d) Blockage of the stomata


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