Question 1


As defined by Mr. Achua ; leading is the act uponing procedure of leaders and followings to accomplish organisational aims through alteration. He defined effectual leader to be person who have the five elements of leading as mentioned in the above figure. Mr. Steve Jobs has been a good illustration of being an effectual leader for Apple. The five elements in his personality are discussed as follows ;


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Influencing is the procedure of a leader pass oning thoughts. deriving credence of them. and actuating followings to back up and implement the thoughts through alteration. Mr. Jobs has been a perfect illustration for this component. He has influence non merely his employees every bit good as his clients by conveying advanced merchandises that his clients want. Harmonizing to the instance the people who left Apple says though Jobs hogs the recognition but they’ve ne’er done better work. This is how influenced his people from him. They were loyal and gave Mr. Jobs great regard.


Effective leaders influence followings to believe non merely of their ain involvements but besides of the involvement of the organisation through a shared vision. Mr. Jobs didn’t think about his ain involvements while working in Apple. the illustration of him engaging John Scuelly to convey professional direction into power in topographic point of himself is a prove. that he wanted his company to turn. It was his vision that made the companies he worked for a success.


There is no uncertainty if it is said that alteration was the most of import component that Mr. Steve had for being an effectual leader. Apple has been a perfect illustration of alteration and it was merely possible because of Mr. Jobs. Discoursing the company’s “think different” advertisement run. Isaacson writes. “They debated the grammatical issue: If ‘different’ was supposed to modify the verb ‘think. ’ it should be an adverb. as in ‘think otherwise. ’ But Jobs insisted that he wanted ‘different’ to be used as a noun. as in ‘think victory’ or ‘think beauty. ’ ” This shows that he ever wanted to be different and alone. Bill Gates besides said that Jobs did things otherwise and it’s magical. Harmonizing to the instance ; Jobs wanted to convey about alteration. took advanced hazard. [ 1: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. newyorker. com/online/blogs/comment/2012/10/apple-after-steve-jobs. hypertext markup language ]


Leadership is about taking people. As per the instance Jobs had been a controversial figure in concern. Peoples who have worked for Jobs over the old ages have mixed reactions to his prima people. Some call him temperamental. aggressive. tough. intimidating. and really demanding. He has been known to verbally attack people who make errors and are non run intoing ends and outlooks. Yet. employees who perform up to outlook are good rewarded. Even many who feared him besides had great regard for him as he did animate trueness. enthusiasm. and high degrees of public presentation through uninterrupted invention. Even people who left Apple say it’s frequently barbarous and Jobs hogs the recognition. but they’ve ne’er done better work. Hence they intend to follow him.


An effectual leader demands to portion his thoughts and listen to others and implement their thoughts to be effectual. It is due to Mr. Jobs good preparation that Apple is still working good. When Mr. Job was ill back in 2004 and 2009. Mr. Tim Cook ( present CEO of Apple ) was given his place and through Mr. Jobs counsel he ran the company. He made his follower the following leader and trained him good for the occupation. Harmonizing to the instance while working with the design squad. he used to take input from the followings into what is designed and how. Mr. Jobs ever inspired trueness. enthusiasm and high degrees of public presentation through uninterrupted invention from his followings.

Question 2:


Figure 1: Leadership Managerial Roles by Henry Mintzberg

The traits of all managerial functions defined by Mintzberg can been seen in Mr. Jobs being the leader of Apple. But the most of import function that he played was being an enterpriser that comes under decisional function. Following are the functions that he played while taking Apple ;


Mr. Jobs performed the figurehead function for Apple when he used to stand for the organisation. He used to do proclamation for the launch of merchandises. interacted with the clients. Signing official paperss. entertaining clients or clients as official representatives. He used to give unrecorded interviews. He besides used to informally speak to people and go to outside meetings as an organisational representative.


Mr. Jobs played the leader function that is of executing the direction maps to efficaciously run the managers’ organisation unit. Harmonizing to the instance he made determination for engaging professional direction. He used to make training and give instructions to plan section specifically. He used to face people if the public presentation of employees falls but besides used to honor them if they performed good.


Mr. Jobs performed the proctor function when he used to garner information for advanced merchandises. to detect jobs and chances. and to understand events outside the organisational unit. He was a perfectionist. He used to supervise everything really closely. Harmonizing to the instance he was obsessional CEO who wanted his merchandise to be practically perfect in every manner. He was the 1 who stop the launch of one of Apple right before the launch day of the month to be certain it’s perfect.


Steve besides played a propagator function when he used to work with the design squad. When some information needed to be transferred to the employees. When Mr. Cook become active CEO in 2009. Steve used to do determinations and convey them to him to convey it into action.


Mr. Steve was a great interpreter for Apple. He used to interact with people outside organisation through seminars. meetings and interviews. The ground why people know him truly good is. he used to talk to the populace on behalf of Apple.


Steve Jobs is one of the best enterpriser. Through self-assessment he realized that his strengths was in developing new merchandises. He believed the hereafter of Apple depends on the frequent merchandise debut and passage. His vision for Apple made him a great enterpriser. Bill Gates besides called him to be airy with intuitive gustatory sensation. He does thing otherwise and it was charming in the oculus of Bill Gates.


Steve performed the disturbance-handler function of leading when he took disciplinary action when the company was approximately to acquire belly-up. Harmonizing to the instance Jobs saved the company in a manner that is non seen in the history of Silicon Valley. Hence it proves him being a perturbation animal trainer.


Steve was besides a resource distributor when he used to name people in squads and to work they were good at. He allocated Sculley to be the CEO is an e. g of resource distributor.


He was a great negotiant. He used to do people convert about his thoughts. Peoples were so influenced by him that they said none of them has done better work than him. One of the ground was he was a good negotiant.

Question 3:


The primary focal point of the instance is to hold an analysis of oneself i. e self-assessment. Detecting what a individual is good at can do him make high marks of life. As Steve Jobs did his self-assessment and did it right he knew he was good at doing new and advanced merchandises. so he focused all his attending in making this occupation which made him win. Making the occupation you enjoy and are good at is the key for calling development and making the top of success ladder. He had a clear vision in his head for himself and Apple which made him a great leader. So making self-assessment and holding a clear vision is the primary focal point of this instance.

Question 4:


A leading theory is an account of some facet of leading ; theories have practical value because they are used to better understand. predict. and command successful leading. Leadership theory categorizations include trait. behavioural. eventuality. and integrative. Following is the account how all these use to the instance ;

_LEADERSHIP TRAIT_ theories attempt to explicate typical features accounting for leading effectivity. Researchers analyzed physical and psychological traits. or qualities. such as high energy degree. visual aspect. aggressiveness. autonomy. strength. and laterality in an attempt to place a set of traits that all successful leaders possessed. Harmonizing to the instance Steve Jobs was besides a individual he was aggressive. really demanding. tough and intimidating. He ever showed high degree of energy.

_BEHAVIORAL LEADERSHIP_ theories attempt to explicate typical manners used by effectual leaders. or to specify the nature of their work. Mintzberg’s 10 managerial functions are an illustration of behavioural leading theory. This theory applies in the instance by discoursing different illustrations that showed Steve Jobs to be an effectual leader. As discussed in the inquiry # 2. Steve had showed about all the managerial functions of being an effectual leader when required. He had been an enterpriser by presenting advanced merchandises. He has been a interpreter and a figure caput for Apple. A resource distributor when he gave the CEO place to Sculley. A leader when he had to establish new merchandises in a perfect manner. A perturbation animal trainer when he retrieve Apple back to the topographic point that it deserved and so on.

_CONTINGENCY LEADERSHIP_ theories attempt to explicate the appropriate leading manner based on the leader. followings. and state of affairs. In other words. which traits and/or behaviours will ensue in leading success given the situational variables. Again Steve Jobs illustration has been used in this instance to explicate the eventuality leading. When he changed the civilization back to entrepreneurial atmosphere. He was the adult male who had clear vision and understood the demand of clip and worked consequently. Another illustration that the instance discuss is when he launch Pixar when working with NeXt.

_INTEGRATIVE LEADERSHIP_ theories attempt to unite the trait. behavioural. and eventuality theories to explicate successful. act uponing leader-follower relationships. Research workers try to explicate why the followings of some leaders are willing to work so difficult and do personal forfeits to accomplish the group and organisational aims. or how effectual leaders influence the behaviour of their followings. In this instance it is seen when people though were non given recognition of work yet followed Steve and trust him blindly. He made his followings grow and they were loyal to him.

After discoursing all the theories. I believe that the most relevant theories to this instance and Steve Jobs is _Integrative leadership_ . The ground being that it contains all the remainder of theories including leader – follower relationship that can be seen in Steve Jobs. The instance chiefly highlight _Trait and Behavioral leading theories_ facet in Steve Jobs personality nevertheless if he is studied in item the Integrative leading theories can be best applied to him.

Question 5:


As everyone knows that Steve Jobs expired in Oct 2011. it has been 2 old ages that Apple is executing under Mr. Tim Cook leading. Harmonizing to the present place of Apple in the universe being the best company. it can be said that Apple public presentation has reminded the same. One of the ground could be Steve being a great leader trained his followings so good that it help the present direction to prolong Apple place in market. Mr. Tim had been the CEO for Apple when Steve was ill and on leave. He made determination on behalf of Steve under Steve observation.

So he has been trained to be the CEO and therefore replaced Steve in a good manner. However it won’t be incorrect to state that the clout of invention and convey new merchandises in the market is losing be the company has introduced improved versions of the merchandises that Steve Jobs introduced. As people are so aquiline up with Apple merchandises it helps the company to prolong its place. But if the company doesn’t introduce something new shortly its public presentation can be effected. As Apple is known for its invention.

The company late launch Apple Map App but it was a failure. The flawlessness component that Steve merchandises used to hold was losing in it and Google maps were much better. But if we talk about fiscal public presentation so yes it has improved after Steve Jobs every bit good.


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