Review the team’s overall effectiveness, together with your contribution to achieving the goals, receiving and providing feedback to other team members a) Review the team’s overall performance b) Explain your contribution to achieving the goals c) Explain the leader’s management and leadership style.

Comment on how effective this style was in achieving the goal and completing the tasks (UP) Our team was very effective because we had good listeners, people within the group would listen to small ideas and elaborate on it as a group, for example Fuzzy said e should try finish before the allocated time so we get enough time to prepare the egg for the challenge, we did do that and Shaver added to It by saying we should dropped It from estimated 3 feet to know whether the egg will deviate In the alarm and land on the right side.

This made our group more successful as it helped us In the challenge because we had a rough Idea about how the egg will land on the ground. This enabled us to prepare the egg better and make the landing side of the egg much stronger in order to prevent the egg from cracking. As a result of good listeners e were successful because the egg failed to crack when it hit the ground from 8 feet. We also had people that constantly asked questions to the group leader. For example I wasn’t sure about how long we should have for the plan so I asked Shaver for suggestion and he positively told me to allocate as much time as you think will be enough.

This made the group more effective because we were all aware of each other’s ability and asking questions only made our time more knowledgeable about the challenge. We also asked questions on who the team leader should be rather Han choosing a group leader Just because he looks Like a leader or acts Like a leader, we actually done a vote to decide the group leader. This resulted in an effective team because we all felt that the person leading deserved to lead as he was the right person. We were also able to deal with conflict as a group and that made our group very effective and more cohesive and reliable.

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Squibb and Fuzzy had the same idea about the structure and we as a group decided to go with Squibb and acknowledged Fascia’s one too. Both of the ideas were valued however we felt Squib’s idea was otter. This made our group more cohesive because we TLD Just say use Syllabub’s one but actually looked at the positives and negatives of both ideas and came to a conclusion. Our team was very effective because people in our group were valuing each other as the plan for how long we should have for each set of task and I asked everyone before I finalized my decision.

This made everyone feel wanted by the group and everyone felt like they were recognized rather than ignored. This motivated everyone to give their full best in achieving the set target on time. If I didn’t ask everyone in the roof about the length of time then some individuals would’ve felt left out. This would’ve made our group ineffective which would’ve resulted in unsuccessful challenge. Our team was also very effective because each individual was assertive about any problems or any rising conflict.

Squibb was putting the ideas down but wasn’t sure which one’s should be used however Shaver took the full responsibility and took charge of the situation by eliminating each idea and leaving the last few for us to decide us a group. This saved time and if we all were involved in deciding the idea it loudly wasted our precious because we had other responsibilities to fulfill. People within our group were open to criticisms and people were taking responsibilities of their tasks e. G. I criticizes Squibb on his structure but his response was very mature and professional as he listened and learnt from the criticism.

This made our group more effective because it meant that we worked cohesively and in a strong bond. Explain your contribution to achieving the goals I was responsible for taking notes in the group discussion and taking notes of the good ideas so we can elaborate on them later on. My contribution played a huge role to the success of the challenge because I was also responsible for keeping track of time. This was important because it enabled us to finish on time. I was able to let the team members know when to finish the set tasks; I was encouraging them and motivating them to finish the work on time.

For example we were taking too long to come up with the ideas at the start so I had to let everyone know that time is running out. I actually gave 6 minutes for the ideas but told the group members that we have minutes; this allowed them to work faster and leave some time for us at the end. This enabled us to catch up with anything that took longer than estimated. I took notes of the ideas, this helped the group because we had good ideas therefore it was important to keep them down. If we failed to record the ideas it would’ve resulted in a waste of time and ideas and therefore would have affected our overall performance.

Explain the leader’s management and leadership style. Comment on how effective this style was in achieving the goal and completing the task Affective leader can play vital role in motivating the group/ workers. There are three types of leadership styles and all are very affective in their own way. Autocratic, laissez fairer and democratic leadership, these are very different from each other however the effectiveness holds the same value because it has to be adapted depending on situations and circumstance.

Also a good leader will use mixture of those styles in order to be effective leader. Autocratic method is adapted by a leader anyone’s input. They make decisions and expect the workers or people beneath him or her to follow the orders and instructions. Their decisions are final and no discussion will take place after they’ve made the decisions or at times very little discussion will take place afterwards. Autocratic leaders make their choices based on their ideas and Judgment and hardly accept in any put from followers. They dictate the group method of work and the process.

They rarely trust group members with decisions and important tasks. Benefits- Autocratic leadership will be beneficial in some cases, such as when decisions need to be made quickly and there isn’t enough time to discuss with a large group of people. Also sometime the time might not be on your side so the leader has to give strict order in order to complete it on time. Sometime the group of people within the group might be too lazy or are slacking to et the deadlines; in this situation a strong leader will be needed to show authority and power so the individual work better.

Autocratic is beneficial as it will allow other group members to improve their skills and concentrate on their part because they won’t have to worry about making complex decisions. This will allow the group members to improve their skills and perform their roles at the highest level. Draw backs- autocratic leadership style can also be problematic in some cases, people that are autocratic are often viewed as bossy, controlling and dictatorial, and this can result in the group members being angry. Angry individual within the group will not give their 100% therefore the outcome of the work will not be as effective as it could’ve have been.

Showing authority can cause arguments, discouragements and denomination because some workers do not like being bossed and they will feel devalued as the leader won’t be taking their input into consideration. Laissez-fairer leadership is a type of leadership in which leaders are hands-off and allow the team members to make the decisions. This method can be affective in certain circumstance but research shows that this type of leadership leads to lest productivity. In this style there is very little guide from the leader and complete freedom for the group members to make decisions.

In this style group members are expected to solve problems by themselves. Benefits- This type of method can be successful if the members are highly skilled, motivated and capable of working on their own on tasks. The leader will still be around to give feedbacks and consultation. The group members will feel wanted, valued and respected and therefore motivate them to work hard and try achieving the set target and goals. The draw backs- this type of leadership will not be successful if the group members lack knowledge or experience. They won’t be able to complete tasks and make decisions by their own.

Some people struggle to set their own deadlines and therefore needs a leader to assist them, encourage and direct them. Also if there are any problems they will struggle to come up with a solution therefore will need a good leader to help them out. With this type of leadership the deadlines could be missed, team members could be off track because they won’t be getting guidance and feedback from the leader. Democratic leader- in this type of leadership method the followers take more roles and are more participative in the decision making. This type of leader allows the followers to have a say in every decision.

In Democratic leadership the team retain final say over the decision. Also creativity is encouraged, valued and rewarded. Benefits of democratic- group member are encouraged to share their thoughts therefore they will feel as if they are playing an important role in the team/ group. This will motivate them to work harder to achieve the ultimate target. If they are involved with the decisions then they will feel motivated and committed to the work. The team member will try gave their 100% to help the team because they will feel wanted and important.

This type of leadership improves the relationship between the leader and each other within the team which leads more motivation and better outcome. Draw backs- democratic leadership is probably the most effective style out of the three however there are some draw backs in it. In some situation where roles and not clear and time is less it will be difficult to agree with everybody else and clarify the roles. Some people might not have the ability to make contribution to the team because of lack of knowledge or expertise therefore will feel denominated because they see everybody else make good contribution.

They will feel unwanted and isolated because they won’t be making any suggestions to the leader. Our team leader was democratic because he was very keen to get suggestions from other group members. Our group was lead by democratic leader therefore they felt motivated and encouraged to make all the efforts in surpassing the challenge. For example when we were coming up with the ideas he was very keen to do that as a group. He valued everyone and he felt that everyone has to take part in decisions. This made our group very effective because people within the group were motivated o achieve the ultimate target.

We also used democratic when we were choosing the leader we used voting strategy so everyone feels valued and satisfied. Shaver (leader) was also autocratic at times because the time was not on our side all the time therefore he had to show his authority to keep everybody working hard and fast. For example the structure of the straws was taking longer than expected therefore he had to tell Squibb to hurry up in order to complete on time. This enabled us to finish on time and successfully pass the challenge by attempting the egg challenge and preventing the egg from breaking.

It was important to adapt autocratic style because we had to finish on time. I think democratic is more effective than the other styles because it is more of a team style. The team has full contribution to the decisions and it makes everyone in the team feel valued and encouraged to make more decisions. This type of style also makes the individuals more inventive as they will try coming up with the best idea to impress the leader. Democratic leadership is good because every decisions made will take the group members in to consideration and therefore tighten the bond between the group members and leader.


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