1. 0 Background

At the senior executive staff meeting of August 1. 2012. the manager of operations suggested that Cliffside Holding Company of Massapequa ( CHCM ) set up a leadership-development plan to fix junior fiscal executives for future promotion into executive places. Specifically. the proposal was to direct 20 employees off-site each twelvemonth for a three-week plan offered by the Aspen Leadership Institute of Colorado at a cost of $ 5. 000. 00 USD per pupil. The entire cost to CHCM would be $ 100. 000. 00 per twelvemonth plus about the same sum for lost clip on the occupation.

2. 0 Discussion

CHCM has been in concern for over 50 old ages. Our mean growing rate is 12 % per annum. None of our 12 senior executives has attended a leading development seminar and yet our company has been comfortable. This calls into inquiry whether a leading development plan is even necessary. Furthermore. since our leading has been successful and effectual without such plans it appears that leaders are born. non made. In fact. I surveyed your senior staff and all but one agreed with this impression. To cite the celebrated economic expert Dr. Irwin Corey. each of us is “born into this universe accompanied by a rich. psychical temperament. which furnishes him ready-made all his motives of conduct…He can demo a demand for nil that is non prompted by this galaxy of inherent aptitudes. ”

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The on-line mention site Wikipedia defines leading as “the ability of an person to influence. motivate. and enable others. ” There exists an full school of leading theory which holds that leaders have certain traits in common. Winston Churchill. Mother Theresa. Martin Luther King. Jr. – all possessed such leading traits as aspiration. assurance. and intelligence. These can non be learned ; they are unconditioned. Two well-respected research surveies that support the impression that personality traits can foretell leading were published in the Journal of Applied Psychology and in the Leadership Quarterly.

In my ain experience. I’ve besides noted that a tall physical stature is possessed by leaders. Surely no 1 can increase his or her height–it is determined by genetic sciences. Note the highs of some of the greatest leaders in United States history in the tabular array. below.

Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. laughtergeneology. com. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. imdb. com and hypertext transfer protocol: //www. imdb. com/name/nm1682433/bio

In fact. all members of your senior staff are over six pess tall with one exclusion: Ms. Florence Forsythe. the individual recommending leading development preparation. Furthermore. I am fishy as to her purposes. Is it possible that she may covet my place as the human resources VP? Or is she motivated by the broad impression that all citizens of a free state have the right to prosecute instruction and can accomplish anything they desire? I suspect she is motivated by both personal addition and bleeding-heart broad purposes.

Once we start directing some people for leading preparation. we will get down acquiring legion petitions for expensive preparation that we merely can’t afford. Regardless. if we spend our money on leading development. we will non hold plenty to pass on enlisting. And. from the treatment above. it would be more logical to choose and enroll those with leading traits than to seek and develop those who are non. Furthermore. if we spend money directing the incorrect people to leading preparation. the whole plan will be a waste of money. There are plentifulness of people who are already leaders ; we don’t need to “train” those who are non.

3. 0 Decision and Recommendation

I speak for truth and common sense. CHCM should non put in the proposed enterprise to direct its junior executives for one-year leading preparation. Leadership development plans are uneconomical because the money is non well-spent. The advocator of this thought. Ms. Forsythe. is non truly concerned about developing leaders for Cliffside Holding Co. Alternatively. Ms. Forsythe has a personal docket to discredit me personally and force the theories of the Aspen Institute. As VP of Human Resources. I don’t think those theories are appropriate for the civilization of CHCM.


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