Leadership In Julius Ceasar Essay, Research Paper

In Shakespeare s calamity Julius Caesar, the usage of diverse leaders plays an of import function in the secret plan, demoing vividly how strong personalities struggle. This is the instance with Brutus and Cassius, the two leaders among the several plotters. The narrative of Julius Caesar is set in ancient Rome during a clip when Julius Caesar is to go male monarch. This, nevertheless, cholers Cassius, a Lord, and he plots with Brutus and others to kill him before he becomes king. They do merely that, warranting their actions by stating Caesar was excessively ambitious and would hold gone insane with power. This backfires with the Roman citizens after an emotional address by Mark Antony, Caesar s right manus adult male. This forces the plotters to fly Rome and travel to war with Antony and finally take their ain lives. Because of their great leading qualities, Brutus and Cassius take the leader roles among the plotters. However, they at times do argue over the class of action. Though Brutus and Cassius are both similar in that they are great leaders, their differences in character are instrumental in finding the decision of the drama.

Despite their differences, Brutus and Cassius have similar traits that give rise to great leaders. Both Brutus and Cassius are baronial, intelligent work forces. They normally have good purposes and understand the state of affairs they are in. This is why they both agree to travel along with the confederacy to kill Caesar. The two besides like to believe out and be after their actions. They do this two important times in the drama. When the two program Caesar s blackwash and during the planning of the concluding move for Brutus and Cassius ground forces. When the blackwash is developing, Cassius thinks to kill Antony every bit good as Caesar stating, Mark Antony, so good beloved of Caesar, Should outlive Caesar. We shall happen of him A shrewd planner ; and you know his agencies, If he better them, may good stretch so far As to rag us all. Which to forestall, Let Antony and Caesar fall together ( 2.1.157-162 ) . Brutus, nevertheless, responds with his ain logical thinking, Our class will seen excessively bloody, Caius Cassius, To cut the caput off and so drudge at the limbs, Like wrath in decease and enviousness afterwards ; For Antony is but a limb of Caesar ( 2.1.163-166 ) . They two are besides self reliant and self-dependent. They can believe and move for themselves as they should any great adult male says Cassius to Brutus, Men at some clip are Masterss of their destinies. The mistake beloved Brutus, is non in our stars, But in ourselves, that we are underlings. ( 1.2.139-141 ) . These similarities of intelligence, ability to ground, and self dependance in the two make them really good leaders for others in the confederacy to follow and obey.

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The characters of Brutus and Cassius are nevertheless really different in their ability to swear others. Brutus is a really swearing individual, about to the point of being na ve. He normally believes everyone is baronial and has good purposes in head. He doesn t think people can be person other than what they seem. This is shown with his strong sentiment of Antony, And for Mark Antony, think non of him ; For he can make no more than Caesar s arm When Caesar s caput is off ( 2.1.181-183 ) . This sentiment is really far from the truth as proven in the emotional address Antony makes following Caesar s decease. Cassius, on the other manus, was really much less swearing. He was normally leery of others and cautious to move. Cassius is the first to declare Antony will convey the ruin of the plotters stating, A shrewd planner ; and you kno

w his agencies, If he better them, may good stretch so far As to rag us all ( 2.1.159-161 ) . He is besides against allowing Antony speak at Caesar s funeral before the citizens of Rome. His misgiving in Antony, but failure to move consequently, turns out to be a cardinal influence to the drama s outcome. He thinks that Mark Antony, every bit good as with Caesar, can non be trusted to move in understanding with his programs. Brutus certitude in others was the ultimate subscriber to the plotters decease. During the planning phase of the confederacy, Brutus is the 1 who makes the determination non to kill Antony. The remainder followed his program because of his award, instead than his logic, and hence non the effects of his over swearing opinion.

Brutus and Cassius differences in motivations are besides a precursor to their motivations throughout the drama. Cassius is a really self-seeking ; he is loyal to himself above all else. As he states in the early portion of the drama, Cassius from bondage will present Cassius ( 1.3.90 ) . In the old scene he convinces Brutus to fall in the confederacy by working his award and aristocracy. This is obvious when he concludes his statement with, I am glad that my weak words Have struck but therefore much show of fire from Brutus ( 1.2.176-177 ) . Cassius motivations for killing Caesar are chiefly jealousy and enviousness, instead than Caesar s aspiration, which he uses to convert Brutus. Brutus, in contrast, is really loyal and loyal to his state and its citizens. Brutus makes his purposes clear right from the start of the confederacy asseverating to Cassius about Caesar, That you do love me, I am nil covetous ( 1.2.162 ) . He candidly murdered his friend out of fright of his aspiration, as he says in the funeral address, Brutus love to Caesar was no less that his. If so that friend demand why Brutus rose against Caesar, this is my reply: non that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more I honor him, but as he was ambitious, I slew him ( 3.2.19-22, 26-27 ) . He goes on to assure the crowd when it suits the state for his decease, he will make the same to himself ( 3.2.46-47 ) . This clearly illustrates his precedences when it comes to allegiance, and this is why, in his head, Caesar had to decease. Even after he is forced to fly Rome, he knows he must contend Antony because he is afraid Antony will go a autocrat. The contrasting motivations of Brutus and Cassius greatly affected their picks and as a consequence so were the events taking to their result.

Despite the many strong leading features Brutus and Cassius portion, their considerable differences in trust and trueness are the ultimate factors that influence the decision of the drama. Both of these characters have great qualities such as intelligence, self-dependence, and concluding ability that make them first-class leaders. It, nevertheless, is their differences that govern the terminal consequence of the confederacy. The individual most outstanding determination of the drama was when the plotters resolved non to kill Antony along with Caesar. Brutus overpowering trust of Antony led him to believe Antony was non traveling to be a job. There are many deductions of leading as seen in Julius Caesar. Those who tend to exhibit strong leading features will hold much more impact on those who tend to stand back and autumn into the crowd, even if the determinations being made are unlogical. When two strong leaders interact, there normally is a dissension on the class of action, which can be harmful for the group. The strong characters of Brutus and Cassius, and the weaker plotters, turn out both these decisions.


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