There are many leading theories that have oriented and contributed for the leaders in direction. One of them is the “Situational Approach” theory. which was found by Paul Hersey and Kenneth Blanchard ( 1979 ) . In this undertaking. we will measure the utility of the leading manners mentioned in the theory. so comparison and contrast with some of the other manners. 1. Measure Four leading manners include: Directing. Coaching. Supporting and Delegating.

Harmonizing to Seth Godin ( 2012. Situational Leadership by Kenneth Blanchard and Paul Hersey ) . when Style 1 ( Directing ) said that leaders closely supervise followings and give the recommendation and determinations themselves ; Style 2 ( Coaching ) showed that the leaders still take duty in back uping and doing determination but there is more bipartisan communicating between them and the employees.

Supporting Style ( S3 ) indicated that the followings now do non necessitate excessively much motives and support and they can every bit do determinations with the leaders. whereas for Delegating Style. the followings control and to the full take duties of their work without the leaders’ aid. From our position. these leading manners are really helpful for the directors. They are easy to follow and assist the director to calculate out which one is largely appropriate to use for their employees in every specific state of affairs.

For illustration. Directing Style is applied for “people who lack competency but are enthusiastic and committed” ( Godin. 2012 ) while Delegating Style is suited for employees who are highly-skilled and besides. can independently make their occupations without others’ support. By choosing right leading manners for each worker. the directors may easy split them into every working development degree and give them their best suited occupations. Once the employees are able to make their appropriate work. they can give their best public presentation and better their ain abilities more.

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2. Compare and contrast with some of the other manner The theory of Hersey and Blanchard ( 1969 ) dressed ore on leading in state of affairs and followings. It is said that the director evaluates the competency and committedness of his subsidiaries to take the best direction manner. For illustration. in a handcraft company. a superior normally focus on his employees to rate them by two standards: capacity and committedness. Then. he finds the suited manner to direct and back up them in work. He doesn’t wage attending to the desired result when he applies this theory in his leading.

Therefore. the theory has a drawback when it does non concern to the task/production. Meanwhile. Blake and Mouton’s managerial Grid ( 1964 ) negotiations about the relationship between undertaking and people. This theory said that when a director has a high rate in both “concern for people” and “concern for production” . the organisation will accomplish a high public presentation ( BPP. p. 177 ) . Apparently. it is utile to measure the manager’s public presentation but did non indicate out how the director direct or back up his workers.

On the other manus. the leading manners of Goleman ( 2000 ) seems to hold the most comprehensive overview and covers most of factors which have influence on leading: leaders. contingent. followings and desired result. It has 6 typical manners applied in each specific state of affairs with specific types of employees and item desired outcomes. The newest manner can be the best pick to set into the world and aid leader better non merely the organization’s public presentation but his public presentation every bit good.

When the organisation creates a alteration. there are some people who agree or disagree with the alteration. In the regard of people differing. six solutions were made by Kotter and Schlesinger in 1979 in order to assist the leaders to carry the staffs differing. In the range of the assignment. we will advert three techniques: instruction and committedness. facilitation and support. engagement and engagement. To get down with instruction and committedness. the leader will denote the alteration to the staffs before operation and explicate the employees to understand the benefit of the alteration. The solution is used when the workers misunderstand information or their information is imprecise.

For illustration. if the company has a program traveling worker Angstrom from Marketing section to Administration section. they will give the advantage of the traveling such as an easier work or higher fillip and convert the staff A before giving the proclamation. This will convey the pleasance to assist the staffs accept the alteration but the leader will lose clip to explicate with the workers Furthermore. facilitation and support is known that the director will help the people enduring the hardship of alteration about the feeling and affair. The technique is referred when there are excessively many ailments from the workers about the alteration.

For case. when the company moves the topographic point from the centre of the metropolis to the suburb. the workers will kick about the long route they must travel to work and they will pass excessively much clip to travel to work. In the state of affairs. the director will back up the transit or increase wages for the workers. Although the company lose the outgo. they will maintain the satisfied of staffs and make the comfort for the employees in order that the workers will accept the alteration and dressed ore on working better. On the other manus. “participation and involvement” gives people opportunity to assist design and put to death the alterations.

The advantages are that it can add information to alter planning and physiques committedness to alter. However. if a company do non do right program to get the better ofing opposition. they will take hazard with their employees. If person has of import information and/or power to defy. the organisation have to do a clearly scheme so that they can choose the right individual who they need. If they got mistake in their program. the incorrect individual will acquire the incorrect engagement and it will give nil to the company and do that individual experience uncomfortable. They will be disappointed and depressed ; lead to it is their public presentation will down.


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