We did make it to the championship game, but ended up losing. Still, we celebrated our accomplishments as we went much farther in the tournament than we did the previous year. We were a great team, on and off the court, and I attribute much of our success to the fact that we had a team goal, we all signed up for it, and we all truly wanted to be a part of meeting it. To me, leadership starts with a good leader who understands the vision and is able to communicate it well, which identifies how to best use strengths within their team, removes barriers, and is always forward thinking. . How important is it to have a definition of leadership? How does your definition support your perspective on the incept of leadership? I think it is very important to know what your definition of leadership is, otherwise how will you get others to buy into your vision? “A definition provides meaning; meaning reveals purpose; and meaning and purpose combine to inform your identity. Identity enables a vision of the future–the direction in which leadership is oriented” (Evoke).

I think when most people hear the word leader, they think of Martin Luther King, a top executive, someone with great charisma, or a decision maker. But, leadership is a role that anyone can take on; it is not about Job title or how many people you supervise. It is about influence, and building rapport. Leaders do not Just introduce themselves and people automatically follow them. They get people’s support by building trust. Leaders set direction, inspire, provide resources, and remove barriers. 3. What is your approach to understanding leadership?

Does it start with a definition, or do you simply follow your instincts? My approach to understanding leadership starts with my definition. However, I also follow my instincts based on the situation. There is not a “one size fits all” leadership definition or style. So, it’s important to adjust your approach accordingly. 4. What is your definition of management? “Simply speaking, management is what managers do” (Robbins, 2010). Management is a set of processes, like planning, organizing, leading, and controlling, which help an organization to get things done. Management helps you to produce products and services as you have promised, of consistent quality, on budget, day after day, week after week” (Cotter). 5. What do you see as the differences between leadership and management? “To manage meaner to bring about, to accomplish, to have charge of or responsibility for, to conduct. Leading is influencing, guiding in a direction, course, Acton, pollen . Nine Locomotion Is crucial” (Madder). I see managers as tense won focus on tasks, whereas leaders focus on people. Management is coping with complexity, whereas leadership is coping with change.


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