Learning a foreign language, gradually, has become popular among people, especially students, yet whether students should start a foreign language learning as soon as they begin school is still under discussion. As I see it, I prefer to agree with the statement that students, who just come into school, are supposed to be taught another language except for mother tongue.

The world, in nowadays, is like a melting pot. Different languages, and cultures is mixing together, people in various races and religions have more communications with each other than ever before owing to the development of transportation, telecommunicating technology and so on. The ability to speak another language seems to play a significant role in bridging one country or one kind of culture to another.

For instance, Americans and Chinese will find a easier trade or culture exchange or issue discussion between them if both of side the language of the other. As for students, a great number of statistics and reports reveal that there is no better way to learn a foreign language at young age than growing up. Students will be provided with better language surroundings if they start learning earlier, as a result of which, they are probably to have a good grasp of the foreign language.

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Let’s see the example of children whose parents are from different countries, most of them can speak more than two kinds of languages. It is the bilingual environment since they were born that contributes to the phenomenon. Moreover, studying another language paves a way to have a better understanding of the variety of the world especially at people’s young age. Language is the basic, essential foundation of a culture.

In other words, people differ on ways of thinking, expressing, on their worldviews, on moral opinions and etc. , which can all be shown, even slightly, in language. Therefore, the earlier a student start learning it, the more possible to establish a comprehension of culture around the world. Overall, I am quite for the idea to offer students a earlier foreign language education for the sake of students’ versatility, the society and the world’s further communication.


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