The degree of larning a pupil has in faculty members can be determined by the classs a pupils earns for a period of acquisition has been done. It is believed that a class is a primary index of such acquisition. If a pupil earns high classs it is concluded that he or she may besides hold learned a batch while low classs indicate lesser acquisition. However. many experiences and surveies found out there are besides several factors that would account for the classs. No individual factor can be decidedly pointed out as foretelling classs. It has been an interplay of so many factors – gender. IQ. survey wonts. age. twelvemonth degree. parent’s educational attainment. societal position. figure of siblings. birth order. etc. In fact. about all of bing environmental and personal factors are a variable of academic public presentation. However. at this point in clip. we would wish to look into the possible relationship of survey wonts and the factors impacting it to the academic accomplishment of the selected Third Year pupils in Blessed Mary Academy.

Success in any school depends to a great extent on how good they know how to analyze. In this survey. we besides want to assist them develop good survey accomplishments and good wonts in order to do the best usage of their survey clip. Any accomplishment they gain is a wont. Indeed. all acquisition is geting a wont. How is it that some pupils easy pull off their survey clip while others cram hopelessly at the last minute? The reply is simple. Peoples who manage their clip and analyze wonts sagely will be after good in front to do it easier on themselves. The probe on this country therefore becomes a existent compelling motive for us to carry on this survey.


Cagas. April John S.
Alcuaz. Carlos Gabriel G.
Asis. Monica Mikee S.
Pestanas. Andrea Renee A.

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Conceptual Model

Independent VariablesDependent Variable

Study HabitsAcademic Performances

The Independent variables are the factors impacting the dependant variable.

Statement of the job

This survey is intended to happen out the factors impacting the survey wonts of the Third Year

pupils in Blessed Mary Academy.

It besides aimed to reply the undermentioned inquiries:

1. What extent of influence did the independent variables like clip direction have on pupils academic public presentation?

2. Make the independent variables significantly influence pupils academic public presentation?

Significance of the Study

The research workers believe that pupils. peculiarly the Third Year pupils in Blessed

Mary Academy will profit from the findings of this survey since it provides footing for consciousness

and better apprehension of how their current survey wonts affect their academic public presentation.

Likewise it gives them a more focussed and clear position on how the specific behaviours related to their surveies influenced survey wonts. Consequently. this consciousness besides gives a much deeper apprehension of their egos as pupils sing that the college life is typically the point of all developmental accommodation demands.

Scope and Boundary line

The survey focuses on the effects of survey wonts to the academic public presentation of the selected Third Year pupils. Its aim is to demo the relativity of the pupils study wonts with its class. The restriction of this research is that merely those selected pupils in 3rd twelvemonth degree can take part in this research.

Definition of Footings

The research workers defined the following footings based on the study’s position.

1 ) Study Habits- In this survey this word refers to what the pupil does at place or in school to ease the completion of an assignment or a undertaking. to enhance/facilitate acquisition for his personal growing or towards the academic public presentation.

2 ) Skills- This refers to anything an person has learned to make with easiness and preciseness. may be either physically or mentally performed.

3 ) Develop- In this survey. this refers on how the survey wonts of selected Third Year pupils in Blessed Mary Academy grow and spread out an improved mode.

4 ) Academic performance- This word refers to how pupils deal with their surveies and how they cope with or carry through different undertaking spring to them by the instructors.
5 ) Student- In this research survey. it refers to our respondents and was being categorized specifically as the selected Third Year pupils.

Chapter 2
Review of Related Literature and Surveies

This chapter presents the wealth of literature and surveies. gathered from books. diaries. and other related literatures that are relevant to this research survey. Harmonizing to Mcknight ( 2006 ) in his survey about wonts. he explained that wonts are formed through repeat. Once formed. wonts are hard to interrupt and it is formed when we are immature and are likely to remain with us in all our lives. It requires experiences whether they may bad or may be good. Sometimes. it may mention besides as a modus operandi of a individual as he or she lives his or her life. Habits are being chosen and non something that happens without a ground. As for the survey wont specifically. it has to be processed and developed in order to come up with a good 1. It is non easy for pupils particularly those who are non consistent with what they are making to develop their survey wont because it requires consistence and continuity in order to allow one’s analyze wont stay in our lives. Achieving one’s ideal survey wont is along-way procedure. In add-on. there exists another survey that gives up a brief trifle about survey wont.

This is harmonizing to Pogue ( 2000 ) who said that more than thirty old ages ago. pupils fail because they do non cognize how to analyze even until today. This best advice that Pogue can give us is to develop sound survey accomplishments. Students did non acquire the right techniques and schemes in analyzing and their attendings were focused more on other things that pleases them more. Harmonizing to Kizlik ( 2012 ) survey accomplishments depends on one thing. and that is your willingness to better and make good in school. If you truly don’t privation to do the attempt and forfeit. no sum of suggestions. thoughts. or lineations can assist you. You are the 1 who is responsible for your instruction. and effectual survey accomplishments can assist you merely like what Mangrum ( 2009 ) said “Successful pupils have good survey habits” .

They apply these wonts to all their categories. work to develop any survey accomplishments you don’t have in that manner you can better as a better pupil you can be. Harmonizing to Effexis ( 2011 ) clip direction is an of import accomplishment for pupils because they typically need to beguile many different activities in a instead unstructured environment moreover. Grohol ( 2006 ) stated that pupils grapple with many issues in their lives. and because of all these compelling things acquiring their attending. It’s difficult to concentrate on analyzing and yet if you’re in school you have to make atleast a small perusal in order to advancement from twelvemonth to twelvemonth. The key to effectual analyzing isn’t cramming or analyzing longer. but analyzing smarter. In farther account about this statement Rodgers ( 2011 ) explains that when you manage study clip decently you will really happen that you have more clip for the things you would instead make. An organized attack to analyzing makes larning go on faster and helps you retrieve what you need to cognize better.


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