There are more and more people learning English as a second language in this global village today. For example, if people want to make American friends, people might need to write letters in English. If people want to work at an American company, they might need to be able to write in English. Having an ability of writing in English is helpful for people in their work and life. Therefore, it is important to learn how to write correctly in English. There are three steps to improve writing in English. First of all, people who want to improve their writing ability in English need to learn grammar and increase their vocabulary.

Learning English is like building a house: vocabulary and grammar are the foundations. People should learn as much vocabulary and grammar as possible because no one can write without them. For example, every day they can read a brief article that they are interested in from newspapers or magazines and get into the habit of writing down at least ten words which they do not know and then memorize them. Over a period of time, they can learn much vocabulary and then try to use it whenever they are talking or writing. People also can learn grammar from grammar reference books or dictionaries.

They can write down their weaker parts of grammar and then read them every day until they are understood. This is the first step to learn how to improve writing in English. Second, people should read as many books and articles as possible in order to learn more writing skills, because different writers have different ideas, writing styles and sentence structures in their prose. By reading, people can get many valuable experiences from those good writers, for example, people can know how to use words and structure sentences in order to make the article more readable.

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It can help people learn how to improve their writing skills. At first, they should choose some books which they are interested in, and after a period of time they can read other kinds of books to improve their reading skills. This is the second step to learn how to improve writing in English. Third, people must practice their writing very often because practice is the one best way to learn languages. For instance, people could write everything down in an English journal every day or write letters to American friends, because learning English requires a lot of practice to make it perfect.

Therefore, practice is the third step to learn how to improve writing in English. All in all, it is not very difficult for people to learn to be good writers in English. They just should have perseverance in learning how to write in English. And they can follow these three steps to achieve the goal: learn grammar and improve their vocabulary, read many kinds of books and articles to get ideas and learn different styles, and practice their writing skills. If people can do these things very often, they can be expected to become good writers in English in a short period of time.

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