Merely as there are differences in the personality of people. there are besides differences in the ways that we learn and use information in authorship. Some people tend to be brooding while others show non-intellectual mode in the manner they process information. As we have different penchants in larning. we tend to alter and set our larning schemes based on our ain development and in which we find ourselves. By understanding ourselves. we become more cognizant of these differences and more capable of seting to new state of affairss throughout our lives as either scholars or authors.

Through the rating of the Learning Style Inventory. the consequences confirmed some of the personalities that I already knew about myself and some of which I was surprised to cognize approximately. both as a scholar and a author. The consequences showed that I am an independent. matter-of-fact. verbal. emotional. and both a concrete and an abstract scholar. As an independent scholar. I agree that in such state of affairss. like composing a contemplation essay for illustration. I would largely prefer to work entirely than working with a group of people while sharing ideas and thoughts because cognizing myself. I know that my head procedure best when I work entirely. It is when I am entirely and in a quiet topographic point that Elizes 2

I can concentrate and concentrate best on what I am supposed to compose. It is where I can visualize things in my caput and where I can merely allow my head roam freely until the thoughts comes to me. I besides agree that I am more of a matter-of-fact scholar than a originative 1 because I largely learn through taking down information measure by measure. In other words. I use a “structured” sort of survey environment where I generate a list of either stairss. regulations. procedures. or processs on how to analyze a certain stuff.

I am besides an emotional scholar because I focus more on composing about personal response or certain stuff that evokes both feelings and values instead than an impersonal feedback that requires logical thought. I was a small spot surprised to cognize that I am verbal scholar because normally. verbal scholars loves to read and compose and largely know the significance of a batch of words. which I am non specifically that type of individual who is into reading. composing. or talking that much. Although I can state that I am. somehow. a verbal scholar because I largely learn through written texts instead than ocular artworks. A concrete and an abstract scholar both applies to me because there are times that I learn through a procedure where I can utilize my physical senses and observation. and times where I focus more on certain things in general without looking at an existent position of it.

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Throughout my life-time. both as a scholar and a author. I expect these learning manner features to assist me understand myself more and measure my strengths and failings in every class. I expect to develop a more balanced attack to acquisition and better my acquisition effectivity. In that manner. it will be easier for me to show myself in every state of affairs that I am in and will besides give me the capableness to make an environment in which everyone can larn from me. In footings of authorship. I expect these consequences to assist me bring forth and analyse thoughts easy and be able to compose logically developed. and well-organized essays.


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