Design to store data for desktops and laptops Random magnetic Robust and can be used many years They are not design to be removed and used by itself They have moving parts so they can break more solidified-State (internal) drive Data storage vice – Hard drives that use flash memory Portable computers and mobile devices, notebooks Random Flash memory Not subject to magnetic failures Consume less power, much faster, smaller Cost much more USB flash drive A self-contained unit that connects to a computer or another device via a standard USB port.

For data to be carried anywhere and easily, lock a computer Random Flash memory Very small and very portable, many formats available, carry biometric features for safety Easy to brake, loose, get, need of a us Smart card Credit card piece of plastic that has built in computer components: errors, memory and storage.

Used for payments of identification purposes, security random magnetic Even if it is so small data can be restored, added or deleted – perform computations Store very small amounts of data Flash memory card A small card containing one or more flash memory chips, one if the most common types of flash memory media Storage media for digital cameras, portable digital cameras, mobile phones, portable devices, store data from a personal computer and to transfer data.

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Random Flash memory Available in a variety of formats and sizes even mobile sizes : can be used with any kind of vice with the adapters they come with ; Wi-If-enabled Easy to loose Magnetic tape A plastic tape coated with a unimaginable substance that represents the bits and bytes of digital data, similar to a magnetic hard disk.

Business data archiving and backup Sequential magnetic Low cost per terabyte It has sequential access CD-ROOM Compact disc read only memory – Read only optical discs that come prerecorded Record commercial products : software, music , movies, software programs tessellating optical Can travel easily with them, easy to transport The data cannot be erased, changed or added DVD-R Single-layer recordable beds that can be written to, but cannot erase or rewritten.


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