Julienne James Suzanne would like to present you our Business Communication final examination report, Tourism Growth in Nowadays. In the report, we are going to separate into three parts and analysis it with our knowledge also based on research. The first part is about the factors that let tourism grow in the world generally. We will talk about it on natural environment, technological, economic, etc.

In the second part, we used Macaw as an example to talk bout what are currently limiting this country tourism growing with the information in first part. Lastly in the last part, we will talk about the recommendation base on the research that we had in the parts previously. This part is to provide some suggestions for Macaw tourism growing to be faster. We hope that we can give a reason for the audience to understand more about the factors to make the growth in tourism.

Yours Sincerely, ‘men Lee, Kevin Gao, Kitty Eng, Matthew Www, Year Savior Executive Summary Table of Contents List of Illustrations Abstract International What conditions are necessary for tourism to thrive within a country? As the topic of condition are necessary for tourism to thrive a country. Its has several factor to impact the growth of tourism within a country. Such as political, transportation, economy, nature environments, education, and culture.

Environments ; Cultural Factor Part of environment can be a man made building and it can be a landmark or sightseeing in a city, which can attract visitor to Join and do more shopping within visiting. Let more people knows the traditional cultural and nature environments, which can attract tourists of who would like to know the country’s history and ancient ultra. Those information also can increase the way to help a country to develop their tourism industry. For example of pyramids in Egypt, which brings around 4 million to 9. Million tourists visiting (In 1955-2005). Since visitor involved into the local culture, tourists may tend to share their experience on the internet and may cause more people curious to come. This situation will exposure a country over the world and will let more visitor interest to Join. For example evaluating of internet, this cause people get information rapidly and easily. More people shares on the Blob and overspent create website to introduce their country, which all are helping them to develop the tourism industry.

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Also going green is a reason to grow the tourism industry, because it can helping to maintain the nature environment and reduce the air pollution or any other contamination. For example of love river in Shunning Taiwan, the rapid growth of industry in 1960 to 1976 causing the deep damage of water pollution. Therefore, Shunning government decide to build more sewage treatment plant to decrease the pollution in Love River in 1977 till now. This plan sakes a success attraction for tourists, because it makes Love River become in the city and let more visitor tend to visit.

Political Factor Generally, political can be a way to affect tourism growth, because politically more stable can bring more safety to attract more tourists to visit. All the things do have the push and pull side even we had those natural environmental culture factors to attract tourist, but we still need some good strategies to put them in a right way even promote to the others. So political become one of the most important issues to develop the tourism industry. Visa is one of the examples. For example of relation between Taiwan and Japan, both are democracy countries and have a stable polity.

Also Taiwan was a colony during Second World War, which meaner they both have a similar regime and background. Therefore both countries does not have limit of visa and can stay both countries 90 days. Also it is allow for Taiwanese/ Japanese use their own driver’s license during visiting, which brings more flexible and convenience from both counties. As we see, policy Is Imp or policy convenient are Technological Factor rattan to extend ten tourism Industry . No matter Tort nee estate Technology is something that affects our life so much, it can make our life better and more convenient.

Convenience can be a part of condition to help tourism growth within a country. More option of transport can brings more efficiency and cause more people visiting around. For example of Taiwan metro rapid train(MR.), this transport have a well extending around whole Taipei city and its still improve to build more rails to extend to other city. In this year, company will finish a straight route to reach the international airport. Which will brings more convenience to more people. Also it ill brings more extra value to help a country to develop their growth of tourism industry.

It can stimulate the part of district’s economic growth, because more people visiting this region will brings more value and income. Also it can help to low the unemployment rate, because more people visiting can extend the business then they will have money to hire employees. There are more employees to maintain the cleanness of street or marketing sales in a shop. For example, since the new station has been build, the MR. Company will need more employees to help them to serve customer and also may need more worker to maintain machines and security.

Helping the country economic can help the growing in tourism industry as a circle like we told in the following paragraph. Economy Factor Economy can be defined in internal and external factor. Internal factor is mean the economic situation in the country to attract tourist, likes the cost of the tour, the exchange rate of the money and etc. A good economic situation can let the government of the country have more budgets to develop more and more for different industry, especially to tourism industry for tourism focusing country.

For example, External factor can mean the global economy situation, because if it is a good economic time people are always willing to spend more in their leisure time. For Education Factor Multilingual become an important knowledge into human society; because more language for people knows to speak will helping a country to extent their tourism industry. For example of an Asia country Taiwan, nowadays the government actively develop to English skill, because it is a world language, which most of people knows to speak in the world. I nerve Is nothing perfect In ten world, Just need to get netter Ana netter .

For tourism industry growing is so much important, if not it will lose the competitiveness to others. On the way we are improving, there will be some barriers and limited. Macaw is located in Gudgeon province, on the western bank of the Pearl River Delta, at latitude 220 140 North, longitude 1130 350 East and connected to Gonging District by the Border Gate (Ports do Cero) isthmus. Which mean it have a really good connection with China; a quick developing country that have a huge potential in financial. Also, it mean to be another “Less Vegas” in Asia that is why they have their own hotel industry training school.

Even it is a country with very high growth potential in tourism industry, it has its own limited. In the following paragraph, we are going to talk about Macaw’s limited in tourism industry into different parts. Transportations Base on what we talked in the last session about the factors that affect the growth in tourism industry, standard of transportation is one of them. As a fast growing country like Macaw, the transportation must be up to a high efficiency level. Before 2000, the transportation in Macaw was not in a high quality standard.

But due to the increase of tourism, they developed different kinds of transportation such as air and water transportation. By air, Macaw has a decent size of airport called Macaw International Airport, which can connect people from all around the world to this small country. And there are no more then 1 flights per weeks. Moreover, hey also provide Helicopter service. But the most famous way travel to Macaw is though ferries. In the Macaw local transports, they basically are the same as other countries like taxi, bus. Base on the information, we can see that Macaw dose not have a completed transportation system for tourist.

For the flights they have only the flight connect in Asia. So it mean tourist from rest of the countries need to change flight in China or Hong Kong to travel to Macaw, which cost a lot of inconvenient. In addition, the local transportations are not convenient to tourist too. They have only taxi, bus or mini bus in Macaw base on they have not much space. Even there are different shuttle bus connecting with the pier and airport, it is not enough for tourist go for shopping or sightseeing there. Political In the political side, Macaw government runs their own system and it’s different to Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Hong Kong tends to follow the British Law and China as a big country, they run their own system. In Macaw, a small country which doesn’t follow a lot of western culture but also does not follow the Mainland China. They are really independently follow their own system. Tourist from all around the world, they are multicultural. It’s hard to attract tourists to visit Macaw due to their independent political system. Macaw government is part of the People’s Republic of China, but due to the history of Macaw which makes them different politics system than Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Macaw was used to own by Portugal which later on makes them follow a bit of Portugal Laws. People’s Republic of China is running “One Country Two Systems” which meaner that the system in Mainland China is different to the system n Hong Kong and Macaw, the differences between Hong Kong system and Macaw system Is Hong Kong tenant to use a Lot AT Brattles Laws Owe to teen uses to own Dye Britain and that’s why they are slightly different but most of the basic systems and laws are the same.

Although geographically part of Gudgeon Province, the Macaw Special Administrative Region is directly under the authority of the central government of the People’s Republic of China in Beijing, which controls the foreign affairs and defense of Macaw but otherwise grants the region “a high degree of authority. ” The Basic Law took force upon handover of sovereignty from Portugal on 0 December 1999, and is to remain in effect for fifty years. Economic As a tourism spot of Asia, the global economy could be a big factor which drives the country to a international recognition.

The economy level for Macaw is up to a good standard, unemployment rate was getting lower each year. As the graph below shows the unemployment rate from 2010 to 2013: Q. 2 The population of Macaw is not as huge as Hong Kong, the unemployment would not be the problem for the country. Macaw is a country that focuses on gambling and these edifices but not everyone around the world enjoy gambling or historical edifices. They need to balance their focus on more than Just two factors of the country.

They should balance their focus on all different industries in Macaw. As a place which can attract tourists, one of the major focus must be Food and beverage. Macaw is also famous in certain traditional food or snacks but compare to gambling, they still need to earn more and better reputation for it. Culture Macaw is a mute- cultural country like Hong Kong too. Because they are part of China but at the same time they still kept the old Portugal culture in the country like same of the old Western buildings.

Through time past, Macaw is developing to become more than Just Portugal culture, Macaw aim to become another “Lass Vegas” in Asia by bring the gambling culture in the country and to develop this gambling reputation as famous as Lass Vegas. Another culture which also is an attraction point for tourist is their historical edifices. These edifices left from world war 2 until now. These 2 points are the major points which attract their tourist but also is the major point which limit their other tourists too.

Language Language in Macaw, most of the people tend to speak Cantonese and Mandarin but u to Macaw used to be part of Portuguese district during World War 2. But as an international tourism spot, English is one of the most major language which can also connect people from all around the world together. In general, the English level for the citizens in Macaw are not high. These also relate to their educational level in the country, their English quality of their schools are only up to a fair quality standard but definitely not a high quality of either writing or speaking.

For the citizens which have a good English level are mostly studied in oversea as an international students. In tons Klan AT Engel’s level, teen are unmade to stressfully communicate Walt guests from around the world because communication is the most important factor in hotel or hospitality industry. Natural environment For most of the countries, there are modern side and natural environment side for tourism to do sightseeing. But for Macaw, there is no natural environmental side for tourism to do sightseeing.

Because everything in Macaw are all manmade. A small country like Macaw, they used all of their land to build a lot of buildings, apartments, shops, roads for their own citizens. There are no spare land for natural environment or tourism. Plus Macaw is a fast rapid growing country, they need to be modernize like Hong Kong. Natural environment is not important for them But for tourism in certain age, they enjoy natural environment more than big city with a lot of shopping areas.

In this case, Macaw could really limit their tourism growth conclusion; So, in conclusion we can state that tourism nowadays is growing very rapidly Just because of cultural, social, geographic conditions but also because of hotels and industries coming up with amazing packages and services which is letting to attraction of a lot of guest or tourists. Tourism nowadays has became an international symbol all over the world and because of that, it is one of the most highest revenue generating sector in the world.

Countries worldwide are now trying to renovate their infrastructure and setting the high quality standards in their products in order to attract more and more people towards their side. Currently there have been many studies going on to build up the tourism all across the world AND survey data’s were also gathered from tourism industry practitioners, hence the results provide strong empirical support for the inclusion of both industry-level and estimation attributes in studies of tourism competitiveness.

Hence by ending the conclusion we can say that Travelers chooses many factors for traveling such as climate, culture, environment and other factors. Moreover, the major trend that will have an increasing impact is the Internet and Technology considered as highly important in selecting tourism destinations as well as the warmth of experiences of the destination that is being offered. Recommendation Macaw is a really potential country in tourism, as it has a good location which next to a big market, China.

Also Macaw is such a unique and international country compare o the others within Chinese and Portugal culture. But since there are some limited to barrier the tourism growing in Macaw, we still need to improve those limited to make a fast growing in tourism. In the following paragraph we are going to talk about the recommendation base on the limit that they have now. Transportation The transportation of Macaw limited the most of tourism growing. If the government AT Macaw expect ten tourism Keep developing inclemently Ana inanely, teen need expand various vehicle.

For example, extend the airport and set up more direct flights from all over the world to Macaw, build highway between Macaw and Chinese mainland to closely connect the biggest market in Asia, rely on the large ports in Hong Kong and Gudgeon to extend the waterway transportation to link the Southeast Asia. These measures can bring more tourists to Macaw. Education Macaw lack of their own schools, according the condition at the present, Macaw needs more and more professional talents to promote tourism industry.

So, what we suggest is the Macaw government can built advanced high-level vocational school like Tourism trade school, hotel management school. These schools can content the local students and attract Chinese students to come to Macaw, also bring Macaw new rower for hospitality industry. Policy Macaw is a country where retains a lot of historical edifices and keep old habits and customs, but it also full of modern atmosphere.

How to develop the country base on that condition, we think it should consider from government political support and future programming. The government needs come up new policy to influence tourism industry, like offer convenience for VISA, reduce the tax for hospitality industry. And use the money from tourism to regurgitation-feeding the old city, help the country integrated development to attract new tourists. Conclusion Glossary Reference List Appendix


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