The world has been turned in to a global village by the introduction of technology. In the modern world it is very obvious that the value of time is increasing day by day. This compels us to use technology to perform many tasks quickly and efficiently. Apart from all this some things were never possible without technology. As computer was invented a major break through was achieved when the Internet was established. Internet has led to many new forms of developments plus it has helped humans in many ways. The Internet brought with it many concepts that were never possible before. The present organizations find the Internet very helpful and innovative in terms of attaining a competitive edge over their rivals. The internet turned the World in to a global village by removing distance barriers. Another concept which later took shape from the Internet was of E-business. E-business affects the organization in many ways, we would first define the word E-business.

Effects on Business

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E-business is basically making your whole supply chain link or integrates through the Internet. The whole supply chain here also includes your customers. This impacts the business in a tremendously positive way if handled properly. There have been many cases where running E-business has failed due to a ill planned strategy or mismanagement. As the costs for integrating technology in to your business processes is very high a failure might lead you to a disastrous situation. As the stakes are high so is the reward, a organization can operate globally taking huge steps towards expanding and earning a high revenue with the help of E-business. If we talk about the reputation of the business, E-business helps in improving a organization’s reputation not only in the local market but also in the international market. Once people are aware of your functions and products globally then you have made a entry way to be a huge organization. Currently all the successful and known global entities are running a very smooth and extensive e-business around the globe, which integrates all the internal and external customers along with them.

Policies and Rules

Running an e-business also leads to many ethical dilemmas, which are very difficult to handle. As there are always two sides to every aspect the same is the case for e-business. It also has some flaws along with the advantages. This can be further explained by the term internet crime. As Internet was introduces to the world it had many advantages but there were people who found out ways to abuse it. It eventually became necessary to stop the internet crime hence rules and regulations were made and imposed. Any organization running e-business needs to follow the certain policies and regulations regarding internet crime imposed by the country where they are operating. Apart from that under the light of the policies and rules made by the government regarding Internet crime, the organization also makes its own rules and a policy regarding each and every aspect the business covers. The basic idea is to generalize a policy pertaining e-business and also making sure that the company is safe from all kind of threats that might arise due to the Internet. The policies are viewed as the major standards or rules to be followed when dealing with e-business. They need to be strictly followed under each and every situation and any one not following them will be punished according to the policy that has been devised. The policies are normally devised by the head of IT staff of the organization and is made keeping in mind the level of the organization in terms of technology and how much forward the organization is willing to go to rely on technology. In any case it is very important for any organization to work and improve in every field that might help them in expanding and earning greater revenues (Napier, Rivers and Wagner, 2005).

Internet use by the Employees

The Internet once integrated in to your organization’s system needs to be effectively and properly handled. This is not only important because the margin of error is very less but also important because for the organization to survive it is important that each and every part of the organization knows how to handle technological aspects regarding e-business. Basically the employees are compelled to use the Intranet to access data and other information that might be of use to them. The external customers are usually integrated with the help of enterprise information systems which might be online. These systems help in the smooth and quick transfer of information with your external customers. These include your suppliers, retailers, partners and customers. The different departments of the organization have different access rights and other policies. An organization might set the access level for different departments at different levels or to different data. A simple example can be of the marketing department, this department can access data related to monthly sales and regular customer attributes. This data can help the department in formulating new and better strategy to acquire new customers and retain old ones. In the same way sharing of order information through out your supply chain with the help of e-business would help you achieve a high level of inventory management. This would provide you with a competitive edge plus it would also save you the resources you have. E-business also helps you in maintaining efficient and effective business processes through out the organization. It helps you save cost on functions that are not necessary and irrelevant.

Awareness and Training for E-Business

After saying all this the most important factor that might come to every one’s mind is how to bring about the awareness of the benefits of e-business and to aware people of the need of training in E-business. This has been a topic of debate as people mostly accept that they have realized the importance of e-business and also the importance of training in e-business. There is a still a lot more to do in order to completely aware the people of the importance of e-business and its training. Many organizations in the past have made the mistake of heavily investing in the IT field without realizing the level of IT expertise they have. This major problem still exists and there are many organizations who despite having enormous investments in the field of IT have failed to achieve the expected results. It is necessary to train your staff in terms of your organization’s technology and e-business. There are many successful globally operating firms that have different methods of making sure that people know about e-business and are aware of the need to be trained in this field. Though all this is being done there are many people who have realized the need of training in the field of e-business and there are many who haven’t. The objective should be to improve these stats and make sure that the importance of e-business regarding international business is realized as this is the sole medium when it comes to working globally.


            To end this paper and conclude I would like to mention the fact that no matter how effective the power of e-business, but it still is in need of time to develop itself into a much more efficient and effective way of running and organization. The success rate of e-business is still not very high and many of the third world countries don’t even have proper internet facilities available to majority of the population.


Napier H.A., Rivers O.N. & Wagner S. (2005). Creating a Winning E-Business. 2nd edn. Course Technology.


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