Prostitution is a victimless crime in the sense that two consenting adults are in agreement as to what to do: there is no victim so to speak. It is just like in any form of service industry where goods are exchanged in anticipation of money or other rewards. When you go to the store because you want/need something, you pay for it. There is only one difference when it comes to prostitution. The difference is what is being sold; stores sell merchandise, prostitutes sell their bodies. Legalizing and regulating prostitution can also prevent diseases.

Once prostitution becomes legalized, then government regulations would be mandatory. This means that officials would be able to follow up the list of buyers and sellers. The women who were forced Into It would be given the option to continue working or to find a different Job. If they continue, then a check-up would be In dire need and a place to live would be given as well. Once that occurs, the WIDTHS would decrease. “The people per capita who live with HIVE/AIDS. In Israel, where prostitution is legal, they suffer from nearly an eighth of the U.

S. ‘s number. The U. K. Aside, legal prostitution does not appear to have a negative impact on the spread of WIDTHS. ” (Liberator, 2005) Prostitution is also a booming, profitable business. Studies show that a high end prostitute can make between $2000-$5000 a night, which means if a prostitute only works one night a week she can make as much as a year gross pay. The desire for sex has existed through history and continues to grow. If the government legalizes prostitution the government could tax it and generate more venue for the country.

In this troubled economy legalizing prostitution will create more Jobs for the woman involved and the workers at the brothels. Therefore, legalizing prostitution has many benefits to this plummeting economy. It also has many benefits to society. I know people only see the bad sides of prostitution but if you keep an open mind, good can come out of it. It may be morally wrong to some cultures but it’s as old as time itself. It’s existed throughout the ages and no one ever really tried to stop it.

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