Stereotypes are premises made about a group of people based on commonalties shared among that group. These premises usually have to make with faith. ethnicity. cultural values. and even outward visual aspects. One of the common grounds stereotypes exist is that it is easy to place persons without interacting with them. A individual can place a face and instantly categorise him or her based on information derived from upbringing. past experiences. and the media. Some labels have the capableness of harming persons who are judged based on visual aspects or nationality.

These stereotypes can take to the mistreatment and biass against a peculiar group of people. For illustration. after the terrorist onslaughts of 9/11. a spiritual group called the Sihks have been attacked on legion occasions because they were mislabeled as terrorists ( NPR ) . Pigeonholing can get down at a immature age when kids are taught to do premises. For illustration. a female parent will admonish her kid non to speak to any aliens. This can put a foundation for future stereotypes. The kid may turn up to be a individual who stereotypes and who is bias.

The kid may non cognize that the premises being made seldom use to each member of a group. Even though there are illustrations of dense blondes. many intelligent blondes do be. Diane Sawyer is a outstanding figure in the universe of intelligence. In 1984. she broke new land as the first adult female to work as a letter writer on the award-winning intelligence magazine 60 Minutes ( Bio. True Story ) . She besides has blonde hair. This proves that stereotypes do non use to everyone of a certain group. Some common illustrations of stereotypes are people who wear spectacless are swots or all Asians are really intelligent.

One of the most normally known stereotype is the dense blonde character. It has been presented in movie. music and even in literature. Not merely is the blonde stereotype being represented in the media. but besides in selling. There is a shampoo made by Bed Head called Dumb Blonde. The blonde’s label states that the deficiency of intelligence is based on hair colour. This leads the blonde to be depicted to trust on expressions instead than intelligence to be successful in life. Many gags are made based on the stereotype every bit good. An illustration is “What do you name a fly bombinating inside a blonde’s caput?

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A Space Invader. ” ( Cracked. com ) . In the situation comedy Three’s Company. a light-haired character named Chrissy is ditzy and gets a batch of attending from many groups of work forces. She is easy to confound and is speedy to fall for work forces. The media takes the blonde label and dramatizes it with the character of Chrissy. One of the most celebrated blondes that seems to suit the stereotype is Paris Hilton. She has been quoted as stating many hideous statements such as. “I don’t truly think. I merely walk. ” ( Brainy Quote ) . She is successful at working the dense blonde character.

Another statement said by Hilton is. “I get half a million merely to demo up at parties. My life is. like. truly. truly fun. ” ( Brainy Quote ) . Hilton uses her dense light-haired character in order to acquire further in life. With an in deepness expression into Paris Hilton it may be found that she possesses more intelligence than what she portrays. It is known that she is an American inheritress. socialite. telecasting personality. manner interior decorator. theoretical account. actress. manufacturer. writer. and vocalist. Paris Hilton is a good illustration of the dense blonde.

She gives people the thought that all blondes are like her. when in world. they are non. From the situation comedy Three’s Company in 1977. to the rich and celebrated Hollywood star Paris Hilton. the dense blonde can be found about anyplace. However. the media is taking little stairss to counter stand for the blonde. In the 2001 film Legally Blonde. the chief character Elle Woods evolves from the stereotyped blonde to a Harvard Law alumnus. In the beginning. she was the president of her sorority. had a favored Chihuahua and majored in manner selling.

She states. “Two hebdomads ago I saw Cameron Diaz at Fred Segal. and I talked her out of purchasing this genuinely flagitious Ankaras jumper. Whoever said orange was the new pink was earnestly disturbed! ” ( Legally Blonde ) . She so applied to Harvard Law School with an application picture that showed her in a Bikini with her and her friends. Surprisingly. she was instantly accepted and later graduated with high awards. In Legally Blonde. Elle displays her intelligence by work outing a slaying in an unconventional manner.

This film does demo the authoritative stereotypes of blondes in the beginning but so turns it around to do the blonde an intelligent awards pupil who goes on to be a successful lawyer. Stereotypes can be stopped by forestalling premises or acquiring to cognize person alternatively of pre-judging them. It should be understood that stereotypes seldom use to everyone of that group. The media can cut down stereotypes by disregarding them alternatively of marketing them. By doing characters who portray their stereotype. audiences come to believe that the label applies to everyone in a peculiar group.

If the stereotype is non represented at all. it can assist the general public forget that stereotypes of all time existed. Everyone has the capableness of seting stereotypes to rest. it is merely a affair of holding an unfastened head. An illustration can be set to others and shortly stereotypes will come to an terminal. Works Cited “Diane Sawyer. ” Bio. True Story. Web. 3 August 2013. Inskeep. Steve. “Sikhs Face More Attacks Since Sept. 11 Tragedies. ” NPR. Web. 3 August 2013 Legally Blonde. Dir. Robert Luketic. 2001. Film. “Paris Hilton Quotes. ” Brainy Quote. Web. 4 August 2013.


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