Assessment task five

Legislation and policies

As a childminder I must ensure that my setting is safe and healthy. For this reason I will ensure that I am registered with the appropriate governing bodies and I adhere to the set guidelines. I will have up to date policies and review them on a regular basis. They will include procedures to deal with Accidents, Illness, allergies, and storage of and administration of medication. There are three key areas with regard to the safe care of children and they legal binding under ‘The Children Act 1989-2004’.

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To provide a safe and secure environment ensuring that every effort has been made to prevent accidents and reduce risk.


It is important to understand how to supervise children and take into consideration the different levels required dependent on age, ability, and type of activity taking place.

A child of 5 years old is cutting out some pictures in a magazine and I am sitting with them and helping them, I would be giving them constant supervision. A child of 8 years old is in the park playing on the slide, I am close but not on the slide with them, I would be giving them close supervision. One of my 11 year old after school children is doing their homework in the dinning room whilst I cook the tea. I am checking on him constantly and also talking to him from the kitchen, I would be giving him general supervision.


Any equipment and toys will meet the safety standards and carry the
appropriate symbol or logo. Examples are – The Kitemark, which indicates the item has been tested by the British Standards Institution. The CE mark meaning that a manufacturer has verified the item complies with all relevant and applicable legislation. The Lion Mark is used for toys and it indicates that the companies manufacturing the product are committed to the British Toy and Hobby Association who believe in making safe, and ethical toys. Daily checks on equipment will be carried out be me, to ensure the equipment is still safe and fit for purpose, making sure that I remove or replace anything that has been broken or damaged.

Toy safety

They will conform to one of the above standards

Be age appropriate
Check for damage on a daily basis
Ensure they are clean
If battery operated ensure they cannot be removed by the child Store toys in a secure box so younger children do not have access to them Supervise children at all times when playing with toys with small parts

Highchair and baby seat safety

They must have securely fastened harnesses and be adjustable for when the child grows. They should have sturdy level legs and not wobble.
I would never leave a child alone in a high chair
I would never place a baby seat on the table or high surfaces Both items are to be in good condition with no loose pieces of fabric or threads.

Bed and cot safety

Children are not allowed to play on beds or cots
Any drop down sides will be secure and not able to be undone by a child I will never put a young child in a top bunk
I do not use pillows for child under 18 months old
The mattress used on beds and cots must fit snugly into the cot or around the frame of the bed. It must also have the Kitemark or British Standard label attached Separate bedding will be used for each child

Toilet seat safety

I will use a toilet seat specifically designed for child it will sit securely over the adult toilet seat I will use a step us stool so children can safety sit on the toilet I will check regularly that the seat is not damaged or cracked

Safety gates and locks

Safety gates will be used to prevent children accessing areas of danger such as the stairs They will fit firmly and be child proof
I have window locks on all of my windows

Car seat, pram and buggy safety

I will ensure that they have secure adjustable harnesses
They are in good condition and not broken or unstable

Electrical equipment safety

I do not have leads trailing from any of the equipment
I keep remote control devises out of reach and ensure that that are in tack and cannot be opened

Assessing the risk

I will carry out and review on a regular basis an assessment of risk for areas in which I carry out my business; this will include outings and any transport used. I will assess each room in turn and ensure the environment is safe this will also be done at a low level as this will give me a child’s perspective. I will list any dangers I can see and either remove the risk or
reduce the risk for example putting a plant up higher out of reach. In relation to outings I will preplan and ensure that the places we visit will be suitable and free from risk as far as practicable.

There is lots of help and guidance on how to carry out a successful risk assessment on the Internet and help and guidance can also be obtained from

Health and Safety Executive

The Health and safety Executive offer an immense amount of information with regard to health and safety at work it includes stress, electricity, safe temperatures, safe noise levels. It also contains all the information with regard to RIDDOR including how to report an incident. Again it is a valuable tool when finding out how to complete a risk assessment giving templates and advise on how to complete one.

0845 3009923

Redgrove Court
Merton Road
L20 7HS

Health Protection Agency – covering Berks, Bucks and Oxon

This agency is set up to improve and protect public health, they can give advise on infectious diseases, chemical and poisons and radiation. They have a very good information sheet on child exclusion guidelines.

0845 2799879

Thames Valley PHEC
OX11 0RQ

Child Accident Prevention Trust

This trust again can provide a vast amount of information and advise on child safety, they advise parents, childcare professionals, senior professionals and policy makers they also advise the government and organizations. They have factsheets, activities and quizzes on all subjects including fire safety, bathroom safety, kitchen safety, garden safety and many many more. A fantastic resource when looking at our settings and how to make them safe.

[email protected]

020 7608 3828

Canterbury Court
1-3 Brixton Road


This is the Professional Association for Childcare and Early years, they promote best practice and support childcare professionals. They aim for their members to provide the highest standards of care and learning. PACEY provides training, support up to date information and resources for its members. They also offer advice to parents with regard to childcare providers and standards.

[email protected]

0845 8800044

Royal Tweedy Road


A high standard of hygiene will be maintained throughout my setting and personal hygiene will be priority and encouraged by example to prevent the spread of infection. I will clean my home surfaces and floors using anti-bacterial products, checking on the high-risk areas on a regular basis throughout the day for example the toilet. I will ensure the children and I carry out proper hand washing on a regular basis, especially when we have carried out an activity for example playing outside with the ball. I will provide a good supply of tissues and wet wipes.

I will use disposable gloves for changing nappies and clearing away any bodily fluids. Nappies will be disposed of into a type specific bag and placed in an outside waste bin. Changing mats and highchairs will be clean after use

I will keep covered and empty the inside bin on a regular basis Children are to provide their own face flannel and towel to use Animals will be kept out of the kitchen

Storage and preparation of food

I will take training to ensure I am up to date with the set guidelines in relation to food storage and preparation. My refrigerator will be kept at no more then 5 c and my freezer will be set at -18 c I will make sure the fridge is not overloaded and air can circulate around I will ensure that food is covered

I will look at and use food before the best before dates
I will make sure frozen food in completely thawed before using I will never refreeze a product that has been already frozen Any canned foods will be removed from the can
I will never use the same chopping board, knives for meats and veg I will follow the manufacturers instructions when heating or cooking food I will not defrost food on the kitchen surfaces

Animals within the environment

As the responsible owner of a dog I will never leave a child alone with her I shall ensure hygiene is maintained in the outside areas where she has access and clear away any waste in a suitable bag and place it in a screw lid bin. I also wash down the area with soap and water I will keep up to date with all vaccines, regularly worm and treat her for fleas Her feeding bowls and food will be kept out of reach

Children will always wash their hands after touching her
I will always bear in mind that she is an animal and cannot be predictable in any given situation.


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