When a pimp compels a prostitute to submit to sexual demands as a condition of employment, it is exploitation, sexual harassment, or rape acts that are based on the prostitute’s compliance rather than her consent. The tact that a pimp or customer gives money to a prostitute tort submitting to these acts goes not alter the fact that child sexual abuse, rape, and/or battery occurs; it merely redefines these crimes as prostitution. ” National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Female Juvenile Prostitution: Problem and Response 1992 2.

Prostitution & Free Choice PRO: “We chose sex work after we did a lot of things we couldn’t stand. Sex work is better. For me, sex work isn’t my first choice of paying work. It Just happens to be the best alternative available. It’s better than being president of someone else’s corporation. It’s better than being a secretary. It is the most honest prostitution. Procom. Org/view. Resource. PH? Sourced=000115&print=true CON: “The ILL [International Labor Organization] report admits that most women ‘choose’ prostitution for economic reasons.

Surely no one can argue that this is free choice any more than the cattle in the squeeze chute choose to go to their death. ” 1/4 Top 10 Pros and Cons – Prostitution – Procom. Org work I know of. ” Veronica Monet Prostitute and Author in Gauntlet Magazine 1994 Diane Post, JDK Attorney and Human Rights Activist “Legalizing Prostitution: A Systematic Rebuttal” in the Journal off our back s July 1999 3. Morality of Prostitution PRO: “Why is it illegal to charge for what can be freely CON: Prostitution as an institution is evil. It doesn’t dispensed?

Sex work is no more moral or immoral than matter if it is the ‘world’s oldest profession’, it is still the chocolate or distilling industries. ” wrong. ” Catherine La Crook Founder of Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics (COYOTE) chapter in Seattle “Love For Sale” in the magazine Internet Underground Cot. 1996 Odor Check lye Director of the Pittsburgh Coalition Against Pornography “Legalized Prostitution? ” on Wholehearted. Org Jan. 22, 2007 4. Human Trafficking PRO: “Crystallizing the sex industry creates ideal conditions for meant exploitation and abuse of sex workers… L]t is believed that trafficking in women, coercion and exploitation can only be stopped if the existence of prostitution is recognized and the legal and social rights of prostitutes are guaranteed. ” Merman Wiser Chair of the European Commission’s Expert Group on Traffic inning in Human Beings in her article in the book Global Sex Work errs 1998 5. Prostitution & Violence PRO: “Decentralization would better protect people in the sex industry from violence and abuse. … Police cannot and do not simultaneously seek to arrest prostitutes and rooter them from violence….

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Indeed, women describe being told, What did you expect? ‘ by police officers who refused to investigate acts of violence perpetrated against women whom they knew engaged in prostitution. The consequences of such attitudes are tragic: Gary Ridgeway said t killed prostitutes because en knew en would not be held accountable. The tragedy is that he was right – he confessed to the murders of 48 women, committed over nearly twenty years. That is truly criminal. ” Melissa Dimmer, PhD Coordinator of the Global Network of Sex Work Projects Washington Post’s Postaxial website Feb.. , 2007 prostitution. Procom. Org/ view. Resource. PH? Resourced=000115&print=true CON: “l believe that we will never succeed in combating trafficking in women if we do not simultaneously work to abolish prostitution and the sexual exploitation of women and children.

This is not the best approach for actually reducing harm. Instead, in order to slow the global Priscilla Alexander spread of HI AIDS we should focus our efforts on Co-founder of the National Task Force on Prostitution abolishing prostitution. ” ” Contextual Risk Versus Risk Behavior” in Research for Sex Work Jeffrey J. Barrows, D. O. 2001 Health Consultant on Human Traffic inning for the Christian Medical Association “HIVE and Prostitution: What’s the Answer? ” The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity website Seep. 9, 2005 7.

Prevalence of Rape PRO: “It is estimated that if prostitution were legalized in the United States, the rape rate would decrease by roughly 25% for a decrease of approximately 25,000 rapes per year…. ” Kirby R. Cunning, PhD Associate Professor of Finance at Northeastern State University “Prostitution and Sex Crimes” Par. 8, 2004 CON: “Prostitution cannot eliminate rape when it is itself bought rape. The connection between rape and prostitution is that women are turned into objects for men’s sexual use; they can be either bought or stolen.


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