Leno is one of the fastest growing PC companies today. As per its sale records in the market, it is considered the world’s second-largest PC vendor serving customers in more than 160 countries. The claims of Leno products delivering high quality, reliability and durability uphold the customers’ expectations and demand. Their goal is to improve the overall customer confidence while keeping the prices down. Leno is also consistently contributing to the needs of local communities and is highly committed to environmental safety through their emphasis on reduced ICC emissions that occur on operation of products.

Leno has built its business on product innovation, efficient global supply chain and strong strategic execution. They do this by developing, manufacturing and marketing their products globally, with equally matched customer service. Excellent Customer service has helped Leno gain a competitive advantage to strengthen its business in a tough and increasingly uncertain business environment. Leno is achieving optimal balance on their future as they have a strong history of success that is selling very successfully today.

The success mantra of Leno is doing things that make them well focused on their true growth. Contribution of 1 percent of its pre-tax income to the less fortunate people reflects their social responsibility to the society. Leno excelled in their business since in the last year as they earned $8 billion in revenue and $141 million as net profit. This year company is progressing aggressively as Leno’s first quarter recorded highest market share of 15 percent and profits up by 30 percent.

Even in tough and highly competitive environment, the company is thriving well reaffirming that the company is executing its plans well and it continues to deliver excellent industrial growth. Consumers have a choice as they don’t buy the new products unless they think it’s a better value and it looks like Leno is gaining significantly against the competitors which set them apart from the competition. Their latest technology Thinking XSL carbon with durable carbon fiber- reinforced roll cage is considered the best Alternator constructed in 2012.

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They are taking appropriate risks by introducing new products to the target market. It looks like they have adopted the marketing concept very well. Anthropogenic factors (increased human activities) are the chief contributors of limited change and electronic equipments are considered the main culprits emitting green house gases like ICC, methane, nitrous oxide etc. By and large people are aware of it and UN organizations are seized of the matter imposing strict regulatory measures for industries to follow.

Nowadays, most companies are going green and this is considered as new innovation for getting ahead in competition. People trust the companies to deliver technology solutions that will eventually help them achieve more and beyond wherever they are in the world. Customers in the market are attracted to the latest thing. Leno is working towards green packaging to minimize environmental pollution and or global warming. They are also improving their technologies by using renewable energy by installing hot water solar system at their main branch.

Their laptops come with Energy Star and most to the laptops nave ambient light sensors that automatically adjust the screen brightness based on your surroundings. But highly competitive market in developing countries yet needed to be explored. Most people living in these areas do not have resources to buy a high profile $300 or more laptop. In my view if Leno aspires to be a next-generation genealogy company they would need to prioritize their innovative strategies to invent something that is affordable for people in these vast fast developing marketing sectors.

Although Leno came into light in 2004, their history goes a long way. It was founded in China and later exploded globally. Today it is a 21 billion personal technology company and employing more than 26,000 employees in more than 60 countries. They have headquarters in Beijing, China and Marseille, North Carolina, U. S. A. , and major research centers all over the world including in Yashmak, Japan, Beijing, Shanghai, Sheehan, China, and Marseille, U. S. A.

Additionally they have manufacturing around the world from Greensboro, North Carolina, Monterrey, Mexico to India, China and Brazil. According to Leno’s website, they manufacture the fastest booting notebook in the world – Thinking and in 18 years, according to them 60 million of them have been sold. And they have launched a family of tablets targeting both the consumer and commercial markets internationally. They have strategically deployed efficient expertise in every competing environment across different population sectors globally catering to their specific requirements.


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