Deacon and townspeople aren’t who they seem to be, they can see similar patterns in Rococo’s story with characters like Kevin Howard and Pen Gwen. Just like Goodman Brown realizing the Deacon is not who he thinks he is, the narrator in “Orientation” is pointing out all the people within the workplace like Mr.. Howard who may not seem to be whom they appear to be. When Goodman Brown discovers that all the people he knows in his community are not nearly who he thinks they are, we discover the allegory within the story.

The allegory within the story is that we never truly know who someone really is. An example of this would be with the traveler’ that Goodman Brown is with in the woods. The traveler’ is supposed to represent the devil or be a representative of the devil. Goodman on the other hand originally thought he was Just a regular guy who worked with Brown’s family over the years, but then he realizes the later it gets in the story that the traveler is not who he appears to be. Another example would be the Deacon of his community.

He thought the Deacon was a good holy man, but then he minds out that he is at a devil worshiping ceremony. Once Goodman Brown realizes that the Deacon is at the ceremony and is being actively involved within the ceremony, he really starts to wonder who these people of the community really are. He doesn’t understand how someone who appears to be so holy most of Brown’s life can Just so suddenly be a devil worshiper, so thus it shatters his reality of who the people he thought he knew actually are.

After seeing in mining Goodman Brown” that even the most well put together and outstanding people might not be who you think they are, we can then see more easily that when the narrator of “Orientation” is describing these amazing workers who seem well put together that they are probably not as ‘perfect’ as the narrator is originally portraying. “Orientation” is someone showing a new person around the office. While doing so the person doing the showing around points out who some people are and their stories.

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Their stories that are being told by the narrator are the ones that everyone knows, the ones that aren’t supposed to be known, and or the ones that are only supposed to be known by close friends and family. At first many people would Just think that it is a story showing how noose co-workers can be, but through remembering the allegory and message of mining Goodman Brown” we can then see that it is not Just about humans being noose. This story is all about never the message in this story can be shown through a co-worker named Kevin Howard.

He is a phenomenal typist and a good worker, but according to the narrator he is also a serial killer. He kills strangers only with an established routine, but the narrator informs us that we are not supposed to know that so do not let on that we do to Mr.. Howard. Another example would be Secondly Stitch aka Pen Gwen. Secondly is an excellent worker, will always listen to everyone else’s problems, and someone who will give everyone advice about their problems.

Although she is a good worker and always seems to be happy, she likes to hide her problems and cry alone so no one can see her; however, she still does not let it interfere with her work. I think that the narrator may also be portraying someone who appears to be one way but is actually meeting totally different if we were to get to know him really well. He may point out everyone else’s problems and life stories Just to keep people from being noose within his life.

At first, “Orientation” seems to be Just a story about someone showing a new employee around the office and giving him the ‘scoop’ on all the co-workers. But after remembering Hawthorn’s great allegory in mining Goodman Brown” about not knowing who someone really is in your community or life, we can see that quite possibly the story may be something more than Just an office tour and gossip, but actually showing us that we never truly know exactly who the people we work with really are or the obstacles they deal with in their lives.


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