Teacher shows flash card one by one and asks questions accordingly. Questions: I) Who help you to do your homework at home? ) Who teach you to use computer at home? Iii) Who take you to the playground? 2. Teacher shows a picture and a paragraph with blanks to the pupils. (sticks the manila cards on the board) 3. While pupils are reading the paragraph, teacher asks the pupils to choose the correct phrases and words to fill in the blank. (Teacher sticks the flash card on the manila card) 4. Teacher uses “Hand Signal” to ensure pupils’ understanding. Thumb’s up: I understand. Thumb’s side: I have a question. Thumb’s down: I do not understand at all. To ensure all the pupils understand the lesson taught.

To give pupils a guide to write a message. 1. Flashcards 2. Manila card Moral Value: Love my family Whole-class activity Practice I +15 minutes Individual Writing Task: Fill in the blank with the correct answer. Title: Message to my family. I have a message for you. Thanks for very much. . I love both of you . I love you very much. . I love you very much. 1. Teacher takes the manila card down. 2. Teacher gives out tasked A for the pupils. 3. Pupils need to look at the picture and fill in the phrases in the correct blanks given. 4. Teacher walks around and monitors the class. Pupils are asked to exchange their work with their peers and check their work according to the exemplar given on the board. (Feedback Strategies:Exemplar) 6. Teacher asked the pupils to show the hand signal regarding to their peers’ work. Thumb’s up: All correct Thumb’s side: One or two mistakes Thumb’s down: more than two mistakes To consolidate the learning of the phrases. To gauge pupils’ recognition skill and assess their memory. To guide the pupils in writing a short paragraph. To make sure pupils write the phrases correctly. Teaching Aids: 1. Tasked A 2. Exemplar

HOMO: Applying past knowledge to new situations E:Contextual Learning Moral value: Respect our friends’ works Individual work (Rationale, VA, CE, Moral values, HOMO) Practice II Activity: Write a message regarding the situation given. Tasked B: Situation: Last week, your cousin came to your house and taught you how to play badminton. Complete and write a message to thank him for teaching you. Hi I have Thanks for 1 . Teacher gives instruction about the activity. 2. Teacher distributes tasked B to the pupils. 3. Teacher makes sure all the pupils understand the task by using hand signal.

Thumb’s up: I understand. 4. Pupils are asked to do the task individually. 5. Teacher walks around and monitors the pupils. 6. After they have done, teacher sticks manila card (exemplar) on the board. 7. Pupils are asked to exchange their work with their peers and check their peers’ work according to the exemplar given on the board. 8. Teacher uses Hand Signal to check the pupils’ work. To apply and transfer knowledge learnt in the lesson To evaluate pupils’ understanding of what they have learnt Teaching aids: 1 . Tasked B Thinking Skill: Visualizing Exemplar:

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Hi cousin, I have a message for you. Thanks for teaching me on how to play badminton last week. I can play well now. I love you very much. Production Activity: Write short message Example by teacher: HI, my students from B class. Thanks for paying attention in my class. I love you all very much. 1. Teacher distributes a sticky note to all the pupils. 2. Pupils are asked to write a short message to any of their family members, peers or teachers. 3. Teacher shows an example of a short message. 4. After they have done, stick the notes on a “messaging board” (manila card)

To apply and transfer knowledge learnt in the lesson into the real context. 1 . Sticky notes Closure Follow-up activity (homework): Task: Make correction. Copy and write any two messages taught in neat legible print in exercise book. Summary of the lesson 1 . Teacher explains the homework and make sure the pupils understand it. 2. Teacher summarizes what has been taught by getting pupils to recall the messages and the moral of writing a message to their family. To reinforce the content knowledge learnt and practice writing legibly Moral Value: Love and respect


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