The “Letter from Birmingham Jail” written by Martin Luther King is endeavoring to warrant the demand for an action that is direct and nonviolent. It besides talks about the Black people and their possibility to fall back to perturb and civil noncompliance and King’s ain defeats with Church whom he thought as non making the responsibilities and duties that people of God should make. Martin Luther King does non desire force to result. He merely wants to implement or do amendments to the bing Torahs of the state and the opinion of the Supreme Court in 1954 to be observed.

Harmonizing to King. an person has the moral duty to non obey or detect Torahs that are unfair ( King 1963 ) . The mass action does non interrupt the jurisprudence because a jurisprudence that is non morally right is non truly a jurisprudence. The Torahs are made to protect the citizens of the land and non to be used for penalty and debasement of the people. The black people of America were willing to make what it takes to claim their legal and moral rights that are truly theirs. They will make this preferably without force and through peaceable agencies.

If they are non allowed to show their sentiments. so they would fall back to a much uglier scenario. If these demands of the black Americans will non be addressed shortly. there will be pandemonium and force since the people have so many emotions and defeats that are pent up indoors. A similar subject of civil noncompliance can be found in old readings. One such reading is Chief Seattle’s Oration wherein he talked about the relationship of the people and mother Earth. It talks about the Native Americans as a minority race and the force that has occurred between his race and that of the white people.

He elevates his people in that oration by stating that the Euro-Americans were besides to be blamed for the force because he recalled a clip when the “white man” drove their sires further into the West. The Native Americans want peace to reign in the land. The same with the Letter from Birmingham Jail. Oration negotiations about fall backing to violence if the rights of the people will non be respected and the jurisprudence wold choose to oppress them alternatively. They would instead hold peace but it is the persecution of the jurisprudence that forces them to fall back to force.

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The jurisprudence that is observed by the Whites is said to be morally unfair because it discriminates against minorities alternatively of protecting them. This justification of moral action that is apparent in the two old plants mentioned is besides apparent in Plato’s Crito. This is a duologue that will warrant the determination of Socrates to remain in prison despite the fact that he was wrongfully accused of making something that he did non make. Plato made a differentiation between the merely Torahs in which Socrates obeyed by remaining in prison and the morally incorrect behaviour of those who accused him.

As can be seen from the old readings. the Torahs that adult male has created can be morally unfair for those who are disadvantaged like the black Americans and the native Americans or Indians. Every adult male has the right to support himself when he no longer sees the regulations to be morally merely. Just like King said in his missive. regulations were made for the protection of all and non for the privileged few. If people can non contend for their rights as human existences and are being persecuted. so they have no pick but to support themselves through the usage of force.

The lone difference that can be seen from Birmingham Jail is that Socrates opted to remain in prison and non fight against the governments. He did non experience the demand to fall back to force because he was following the merely jurisprudence of non get awaying in prison. King’s concluding for the civil noncompliance is being written in missive through a type of concluding that is inductive. If the authorities will non esteem the rights of the black Americans and non listen to them even through protests of peaceable agencies. so force will be used against them. There are cosmopolitan rights that all people can appeal to.

These are the basic rights of adult male to populate. freedom of address and look and many others. There are certain rights that are dictated by the province and civilization to protect certain facets of society. But these Torahs should non go against the rights of the people. The Torahs will go morally unfair if the rights of the people will be stepped on or go endangered. It is true that rights and Torahs can be in struggle. That’s why there is a demand for the universe. particularly the authoritiess of states. to listen to the people sing alterations in the jurisprudence merely like the missive of Martin Luther King Jr.


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