To: Mrs. Mary Silliman

Dear Madam,

To begin with, I admire your drive and ability to form political and social ideas that are highly in contrast with your husband’s point of view.

With regards to the two young men who were harshly prosecuted in your community, I believe that you have the right to express your own opinion about pending matters in your community. As a responsible member of the community where you belong, it is definitely your privilege and responsibility to form sound and reasonable opinions as a product of your own flow of thoughts. Definitely, your views oppose that of your husband’s primarily because you focus on different settings. Your views stem from the beliefs and perspectives of the local community of Fairfield, Connecticut. In contrast, your husband’s perspective comes from an external point of view.

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Also, I think your actions upon your husband’s abduction brought changes in the society’s notion of women. As we all know, women are often regarded as subordinate to men in this highly patriarchal society. Women are usually confined to nothing but mere household chores. For some time, women submitted to that notion and they even accepted the enforced idea that they had no place in the political and social arena. But, thanks to you, you have proven them wrong. You made the society realize that women do have a role outside the confines of their home. In your case, you have successfully proven that women are capable of forming political opinions and exercising actions that can highly affect the political arena. In one way or another, you have affected change among the woman in your society. Such can be observed in the character of Amelia as she somehow challenges your authority occasionally.

As for your response to the unceasing advises of your pastor regarding your faith in God’s will, I think that you also stressed a woman’s capability to question prevalent and otherwise unchallenged thoughts and themes in society, particularly that of the religious perspectives. Definitely, it will be hard for a woman to just live everything to fate or to God’s will. As a person who has free will, women should take an active role in effecting change in this society. Truly, you should not rest until you haven’t given all your best to fulfill your goals. In your case, that goal is to bring your husband back to you and your children.

I understand that abduction of your husband has made you a stronger woman. You have changed gradually- from a woman with local community views to a woman with revolutionary perspectives. You adapted more radical principles in exchange for the community-oriented beliefs that you had before. The changes in your perspectives might have been difficult for you. Nevertheless, you were brave enough to undertake such modifications in order to have a better understanding of your society and your husband’s point of views.

However, you should consider making decisions on your own. In the case of the African American Peter, you should consider his request to join the Continental Army not on the basis of your husband’s choice. Selleck was not present at that time. As such, the burden of making decisions solely rests upon your shoulders. Think about his proposal on the basis of how it will affect freedom as a whole, not on how your husband will react to the situation.

Technically, the act of doing a violent act in order to ensure your husband’s freedom is quite noble but tremendously dangerous. Apparently, you are putting your life and that of your family’s in a very precarious situation. However, such option seems to be justifiable because of the fact that you have prompted for that risky option only after you have exhausted all the other means to have your husband released. You have proposed various schemes to the governor but nothing seemed to work. Such revolutionary option may be fitting for an equally radical act of kidnapping your husband.

Contrary to what other people may think of you, I believe that you possess the real characteristics of a woman that fulfills not only the responsibilities posed by her family, but the duties associated with being a full pledged citizen of your country.



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