Jamaica won a sum of 12 decorations in sprints-four end, four Ag, and four bronze decorations in the late concluded London Olympics. This no average effort highlighted the image and profile of the state in the international forum, and locally raised the old banal inquiry, “ How can Jamaica work and cash-in on the additions made in athleticss to a more utile and permanent degree in the economic system. ”

You have been called in by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, as a adviser, to develop a program which will be sold to a pool of concerns including makers Association of Jamaica ( MAJ ) , Private Sector Organization of Jamaica ( PSOJ ) , Jamaica Hotels and Tourist Association ( JHTA ) and others.

Undertaking 1

Economic Environment

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Any concern organisation has one end which is to maximise net income. The procedure of maximizing net income is simple. Analyze demand of consumers, and supply appropriate supply, in good quality and measure. There are nevertheless many factors that affect this simple operation. These factors are frequently classified as internal and external.

Income and Employment

A really of import facet of the economic system that affects the working of the concern, is the degree of employment and rate of income. The per capita income and concentration of employment dictates the rate of demand, denseness of demand and besides the buying power of the people.

Income has a direct impact on concern. The buying power of an single depends upon their disposable income ( income-taxes ) . When income is more they will buy more. High degree of disposable income is good for concern bring forthing luxury goods. A big disparity in income distribution will advance concerns covering in luxury goods every bit good as inferior goods.

National occupation growing, recessions and the ability to look for employment could impact your worker turnover and keeping. For illustration, if the overall economic system is good and occupations are blooming, it may be harder to retain employees if they have other, better occupation chances to see. On the other manus, if the economic system is depraved and national unemployment rates are high, it may be easier to retain your employees since other occupation chances may be limited.

Political Environment

Political environment can impact a concern either positively or negatively depending on the predominating state of affairs in a state. It chiefly forms the external factors which are portion of the macro-environment and whose control is beyond the ability of human existences.

Government policies

A A authorities that imposes more revenue enhancements and responsibilities on a peculiar sector than is justified by its net income border, it would travel down or the business communities in it can lose their involvement in the sector and can give up their concern. Similarly, revenue enhancement and responsibility freedom for a peculiar sector would promote business communities to put in it. As a consequence the sector will turn. If a state ‘s pecuniary policy ensures handiness of loans at sensible rates, investing will travel up.

Tax policy can impact concerns. High revenue enhancement rate on trade in merchandises would promote local enterprisers to bring forth goods at place. But high revenue enhancement rate on natural stuffs will depress national production and encourage imports.

Lending rates of the Bankss and the fiscal policy of a authorities can impact the economic system. If involvement rate rises, investing falls because enterprisers would non borrow at impracticable rates.A

Social Environment

are related to alterations in societal constructions. These factors provide penetrations into behaviour, gustatory sensations, and lifestyles forms of a population.

Social tendencies

Social tendencies create popular involvement in a merchandise or service and finally chances for a concern. Social tendencies can be either ephemeral crazes or lasting alterations in the market. Consumer purchasing forms are determined by tendencies. Merely as the demand for some popular apparels are determined by manner, demand for nutrient merchandises is determined by eating forms. An illustration of a societal tendency is the recent diminution in the figure of births in the U.S. This has been attributed to the economic system ; twosomes and persons are taking mensural stairss to guarantee that they do non go antenatal due to concerns of their abilities to financially care for extra kids at this clip.

One of the most popular societal tendencies isA location. Peoples are invariably “ look intoing in ” with applications such asA FoursquareA andA Gowalla. BothA TwitterA andA FacebookA support location information support every bit good.

Since these location services are go oning to turn, concerns have the chance to leverage them through publicity, advertisement, and more.

Legal environment

The legal environment serves to specify what organisations can and can non make at a peculiar point in clip. It has become progressively hard for concerns to take action without meeting a jurisprudence, ordinance, or legal job.

Degrees of authorities influence.

It is the federal authorities that passes and enforces statute law refering the full state. Actions by the federal authorities affect a big figure of houses and are consistent. Environmental analysis, nevertheless, should non overlook actions by their local authoritiess.

Regulations refering many concern patterns differ between states. Tax rates vary widely. Laws sing unionisation and intervention of homosexual workers differ among different states.

Local authoritiess have the possible to impact concern patterns significantly. Some local authoritiess may be willing to supply inducements to pull concern to the country. Some may construct industrial Parkss, service roads, and supply low-interest promises to promote a desirable concern to travel into the community.

Regulative steps such as edifice codifications and districting demands differ significantly between communities. Infrastructure such as electric and sewer services, educational installations, and sewerage intervention capablenesss may non be able to suit the increased demand related with certain concerns, doing that location unsuitable for set uping some companies.

Technological environment

Technology can be defined as the method or technique for change overing inputs to end products in carry throughing a specific undertaking. Technological invention refers to the addition in cognition, the betterment in accomplishments, or the find of a new or improved agencies that extends people ‘s ability to accomplish a given undertaking.

Changes in the technological environment have had some of the most studied effects on concern. A company may be exhaustively committed to a peculiar type of engineering, and may hold made investings in equipment and developing merely to see a new, more state-of-the-art and cost-efficient engineering develops.

Technology is a critical factor in economic development. Because of the betterments of international communicating, the increasing economic mutuality of states, and the deficit of critical natural resources, the transportation of engineering has become an of import concern of both commercial and unindustrialised countries.A

Technology helps concern to derive competitory advantage, and is a driver of globalisation. While be aftering the concern schemes houses must see if usage of engineering will let the house to bring forth goods and services at a lower rate.

Competitive Environment

Competition: the interaction between companies doing merchandises similar to, or can be substituted for a given concern ‘s merchandises in the same geographic country ( Dibb et al, 2001 ) .

An of import thing any new concern come ining the market should make is to place at odds houses and finding their strengths, failings, capablenesss, chances, menaces, aims, and schemes. Good competitory aptitude in concern remains to be one of the cardinal factors for success. Failings of rivals can mean external chances, while major economical strengths can intend external menaces. The more competitory information is collected, the more it is good for a company as it retains a good footing for attacks.

While aggregation of competitory information is a demanding undertaking, the Internet has been the taking educative beginning for such information. Many strategically-minded companies go to the extent of following an accessible competitory aptitude scheme, which is a organized and fitting procedure for assemblage, processing, and forming information about rival ‘s activities and general concern inclinations to back up the achievement of concern ends.

Competitive intelligence databases seek to supply a general apprehension of an industry and its viing participants, place the failings of rivals and measure the impact of strategic actions against them to their ain benefit, and know the possible competitory moves that can endanger a house ‘s place in the industry. The outstanding benefits of competitory intelligence include increased grosss, lower costs, and better decision-making.

Competitive factors

Major advantage inA monetary value, A selling, A invention, or other factors.

Number and comparative capablenesss ofA rivals

CompetitiveA differences byA state

Local revenue enhancements

Undertaking 2

Mission Statement

The additions made in athleticss can be shifted to a more profitable, enduring degree of the Jamaican economic system, doing usage of its additions, gaining from them positively and guaranting that both its citizens and concerns benefits at all degree bettering quality of life and life criterions and do Jamaica a better topographic point to work and make concern.


Guaranting that the additions made in athleticss can be transferred to a more advantageous, permanent degree of the Jamaican economic system.

An addition in the quality of life and life criterions.

Must be able to profit both citizens and concern organisations.

To assist develop the agricultural sector to assist increase exports and cut down imports and to assist better wellness attention and instruction.

Seven to eight old ages.


S.W.O.T. Analysis


A direction system that entertains the thoughts of its employees alternatively of smothering them so both the employees and direction can work together as a squad.

An experient direction system which helps to actuate employees and supply good leading accomplishments

A loyal work force that is willing to execute their undertakings to the best of their abilities and a labour force that is educated, skilled and healthy.


An nonreader, unskilled work force will non be able to work expeditiously and assist to run into aims.

A dictatorial direction that closely examine the work of the employees through personal supervising leting the employees to go uncomfortable.

Frequent alterations in the direction manner leting employees to go baffled.

Limited human resources for illustration limited figure of employees doing it hard to undertake all the activities on the “ to-do list ” .



Frequent alterations in authorities. Different authoritiess implement new programs so bing 1s are postponed.


Issue inducements to employees for occupation good done by giving awards and fillips.

Ensure that all employees are clear on the aims.

Ensure that employees have a combination of literacy, accomplishments, good wellness and working conditions.

Guaranting that both direction and employees are disciplined, employees must obey orders every bit good as direction playing their portion in supplying good leading.

Management must portray a combination of kindness and justness towards employees.

Ensure that there is equal sum of employees and administering the work burden equally.


At the beginning, a mission statement which sets out the mere intent of the program. The aims were developed utilizing the acronym SMART ( specific, mensurable, agreed, and realistic, clip specific ) as a usher. Long term programs that are needed to make the purposes and aims were set every bit good as the tactics which included the different ways in which the schemes would be fulfilled.

In order for the program to be completed, its coordinators held meetings on the undermentioned yearss:

Monday from 11am- 1pm

Tuesday from 9am-11am

Wednesday from 1pm -3pm

Duties and Duties

Management -ensure that a proposal for future activities are ready and in topographic point, guarantee that employees know what is expected of them and giving duties for specific countries. They guarantee that they are cognizant of the strengths, failings, menaces and chances, doing usage of its strengths and chances and measuring the failings and menaces.

Subordinates- guarantee that the work assigned to them is completed at a sensible clip given to them, that they are disciplined and respectful to both direction and fellow colleagues. They guarantee that they are working in a safe and healthy environment and they receive a just wage.

Monitoring and measuring techniques

A coverage chart and log with regular monthly meetings will let for monitoring and rating of the undertaking

Undertakings 3

Marketing aims

To demo a pool of concerns how the Jamaican economic system can profit from the additions made in athleticss.

Market share-how much of the market you wish to derive.

Promotion-how much consciousness of the point you wish to raise.

To develop sportsmanship

Selling Schemes

Promotion and consciousness will be achieved by the followers:

Developing internet plans on the assorted Ministries web site,

Keeping conferences,

Meetings with cardinal industry participants,

Prosecuting the services of a selling house

Communicating aims

Conducting meetings

Sending transcripts of the program

Communicating schemes

Sending out dockets and memos

Teleconferencing /telecommuting

With the usage of engineering ( a computing machine ) and email references.

Web sites

Annual studies


Financing and Budgeting

This program will be financed by

The program will be financed partially by authorities support, loans, international aid/funding, revenue enhancement inducements and releases. Assorted ministries will besides supply support through volunteering of their clip and expertness.

Income statement for a two twelvemonth period


For this undertaking to work cooperation and support of assorted authorities spouses, private sector industry and the national and international community is required. This is a good enterprise and has enormous economic potency for Jamaica.


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