Presently. I am a accredited Occupational Therapist in New York State. I work with developmentally disabled and autistic kids in both a private capacity and within the public school system. As an occupational healer for kids. I have to pull on the cognition of a figure of subjects such as cultural surveies. medical specialty. sociology. and even architecture to outdo function the demands of each person. Most of this cognition helps me to fix the kids for hereafters in the schoolroom and society in general.

Each subject country allows me to give the kids the physical and psychological tools they will necessitate. However. there is besides a really of import emotional readying that the kids need even more than their physical demands that goes into my work. Developmentally disabled and autistic kids frequently respond to touch in order to larn. Developmentally disabled kids need touch because frequently verbal communicating fails them. Physical contact through massage techniques can learn them how to utilize the procedures they don’t deficiency in to beef up the countries they fall behind.

Autistic kids on the other manus demand to larn to accept touch/physical contact as a agency of communicating. For both countries of my work. I hope to utilize the cognition I gain through Finger Lakes School of Massage to incorporate techniques that will profit kids as they navigate a universe that is frequently frustrating for them as they learn to accommodate. Professional massage preparation provides me with farther tools to use in assisting kids lead carry throughing lives.

The techniques that I learn will be applied in early intercession therapy. which provides these particular kids a head start on fixing for the schoolroom and other societal. academic. and medical state of affairss they may/will encounter in their lives. 2. The universe is going a smaller topographic point. or so the platitude indicates. Yet I have found within my ain community that though the universe may turn more affiliated technologically. people grow farther apart. Many persons go through whole yearss. hebdomads. even months without human physical contact.

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We are societal animate beings by nature ; we were non made to populate lone lives devoid of touch. Human touch is necessary to our well being physically and emotionally. so without this needed touch. we grow more stressed. distant. and cranky. In add-on to my work as an occupational healer in early intercession with developmentally disabled and autistic kids. I hope to utilize the expertness I gain at Finger Lakes School of Massage to function my community.

In both my occupational therapy work with really immature kids and as a message healer for grownups. I steadfastly believe that the combination of physical touch and massage provides my clients an chance to loosen up overused musculuss and do usage of long hibernating musculuss. Therefore. I would wish to be able to offer my services as a massage healer to the people around me. I have found that despite the huge demand for such services. most communities including my ain have really few massage healers or merely none at all.

Those few frequently find themselves extremely busy seeking to carry through the demand of their communities because so many people seek out message therapy to ease the demands on their organic structures and heads. The clip used to present a massage is clip persons can utilize to decelerate down and care for their personal wellness and good being. Massage is a turning subject that is trying to make full the indispensable demand of human socialisation that includes necessary touch. physical release of tenseness. and an chance to merely halt and loosen up.


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