Problem Statement

How can LIDL keep its place and market portion in the supermarket sector? What are the hazards of come ining in markets beyond Europe?

SWOT Analysis
Low monetary values good quality relationship
Good selling communications
Good staff-customer relationship
Wide mark section. people of all ages and backgrounds

Understanding of legal model in each state it operates
Existing states where Lidl can spread out
Due to the recession all clients look for one thing: low monetary value.
This is Lidl first value.
High competition like Tesco. Aldi and ASDA
Consumers are non loyal to bran but to monetary values so there is little cost of exchanging trade name Recession has affected drastically retail merchants in this sector

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Adaptation or Standardization
Standardization means when a trade name develops standardized merchandises marketed worldwide with a standardised selling mix. usually called mass selling. Whilst version means custom-making the merchandises in a manner that satisfies better the market and minimizes costs. Lidl’s precedence is to fulfill clients as the exchanging cost to rivals is low. therefore it has to see the different gustatory sensations state has. Boxing demands to be changed in every state as it has to be translated into the linguistic communication state Lidl operates in.

Besides gustatory sensations can change in different states. for illustration H2O with gas. Some states barely don’t drink H2O with gas whilst others 70 % of the population imbibe it. hence Lidl should be cognizant of customers’ demands in order to supply with each of their necessities. Merchandises usually are rather standard and you can happen similarities in supermarkets but it needs to see the civilizations and traditions that influence a state.

Strategic Options
Extension. Adaptation and Creation

In order for Lidl to go on its enlargement scheme and seek operate in foreign markets outside Europe it should foremost look into the market. Position all the houses in the same section and hunt if the place of Lidl has already been taken. It should after place customers’ demands and gustatory sensations in order to orientate and afford all merchandises they most consume. Furthermore. the company needs to interpret all the packaging into different linguistic communications. like Chinese if it decides to come in China and be alert of all significances in instance means something different in another linguistic communication.


Lidl have shown success in its work and has maintain a good place in the market. so the recommendation will be to go on as it has been making. Although. it should invariably maintain an oculus on its rivals as it is runing in a dynamic market. where monetary values can alter so fast as clients. Therefore it should be alert on what rivals are offering and how can they make it better. It should besides work on the cultural values in each state and if any kind of version is needed to fulfill clients. non all have same gustatory sensations. In order to go on turning Lidl demands to spread out and if it wishes to spread out to other markets beyond Europe it should closely analyze the market and see whether the place is already occupied by another company and if their merchandises are tailored for the clients in the states.


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