“Life’s a dance you learn as you go
Sometimes you lead. sometimes you follow
Don’t worry about what you don’t cognize
Life’s a dance you learn as you go. ”

These few lines were picked from one of the greatest hits of John Michael Montgomery. These best explains why some of us consider life a dance. Every dance has a alone individuality. Each of them has its ain history. series of stairss and music. Therefore. life is like a dance. Truly. We let ourselves larn and see easy but certainly. Every measure is complex to the extent that the whole modus operandi might be ruined when you did it thoughtless or unprepared. Discipline and forbearance are two major factors needed to dance with grace and manner.

Besides. dancing imparts to us the demand to take into consideration the history of the dance you’re interested to for us to be able to turn from clip to clip from our errors or committed mistakes. Dancing besides need the performing artist to be self-assured and independent – being weather plenty to derive his dream. his passion and his purpose to fame. Life is besides an art. like a dance. You have to be originative to bring forth brilliant public presentations and flexible plenty to accommodate from the ups and downs of dry runs and few bloopers about. A true performing artist dance non to compare himself to anyone but to dance better than one ego.

As you learn more as clip base on ballss by. one must bask each measure along the manner for him to be exulting on what he loves to make. Dancing besides teach us to interact more with people particularly those who you might be with and besides those who can help us to dance better. turn more and be the best as we can be in the acting phase. Life is like a dance – ever altering. Sometimes you find yourself entirely or with a spouse or within a group. Sometimes you’re the lead. sometimes you’re non. Sometimes stairss are fast and tough or soft and stress-free. But the consequence will depends non on the modus operandis. but on how you dance the piece. Interpretative dance will be my piece if I have to take. This peculiar dance defines my life every bit good. Motions are based on human looks and feelings. I’m used to demo what I feel towards the people who surround me.

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Besides. I have high respect about freedom and personal looks. Motions in this sort of dance are besides pass oning to the viewing audiences. “Actions speak louder than words. “ – This old small stating. I believe. is true. One can demo the earnestness and truthfulness more when it is communicated with actions. Often the manner includes expansive. eloquent motions which. in my sentiment. are the ground why it is associated with higher signifier of humanistic disciplines. Imagination is greater than cognition. Creativity is of much more value here than the other types of dance. We can dance for laughter. for cryings. for love. for hurting. for frights or even for lunacy. Dancers create their ain character by a dance full of passion and by dancing non merely with a pes but most of all. with a bosom even with music or without.


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