March 12, 2013 Period 1 “Life is about detours, not dead ends” “Life is about detours not dead ends” meaner to me, if you mess up on something so many times, don’t give up because you think you can’t Just because something in your life went wrong doesn’t mean you have to drop everything and never pick it back up. All my life I wanted to make something of myself . My mother pushed me to do better of myself. My mother pushed me to do better of myself. In school I was good at almost everything (Reading, Writing, Listing and Following Directions). When I got to math, I couldn’t do it.

Math is really the only subject that I hated only because I didn’t get it. With math I have to have someone to sit down and explain it over and over and maybe the next day again. In elementary school even I didn’t know the work I wouldn’t raise my hand and I would Just sit there. But somehow I still made it to middle school. When I got to middle school I still wasn’t good at math but I gave up on it. All I did was copy and fail the test and quiz. Somehow I still passed. Algebra was so difficult. It made me feel so dumb. We had to take Pre-Algebra, Algebra l, Algebra II, Geometry and I think it was one more. All of them made me feel so stupid.

Still I wouldn’t ask for help. I always needed a calculator to do math no matter what is was. By the time I was in 10th grade I couldn’t take it so I asked my mother can I dropout. She told me no. So I stop trying. I didn’t care if I stayed by at all. All I wanted to do was give up on everything that had something to do with school. This year I’m in the 12th grade and passed math with a C. I am so proud of myself. I figured out if I would gave up I would have never forgave myself. I would have been like the rest of my family. My mother or my father wouldn’t be proud of me. I wouldn’t be proud of myself. So that why I never gave up.


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