Yes No Please Indicate any scheduling restrictions you may have on a reoccurring basis: n/a If we decided to move forward with you as a candidate, how quickly could you start? Two Week Notice Other: ASAP Please list all locations you would be interested in for employment. Aberdeen, NC Are there any interviews that you have recently completed or plan on completing outside of U. S. Cellular? Yes No Availability for a phone and/or personal interview? Anytime Compensation, Incentive & Commissions Current or Most Recent Salary History Base: 9. 00/her Incentive/Commission Amount: unlimited Target Compensation In new role? 500 Experience and Work History What are your motives/driving factors for changing jobs? Customers and as well gain their business. Being able to advance within a well known company. Describe your specific work experience where your primary responsibility was selling products and/or services. As a Direct Sat TV employees you are required to sell and set up new services for new customers, you are responsible for selling atelier TV as well as home phone and internet. Describe your specific experience with goal expectations and commission/bonus structures.

Jackson Hewitt requires all employees to process 30 or more tax returns in order to receive a bonus/commission check so you always had to go above and beyond. Please describe a specific occurrence where you had to deal with a difficult customer? As a sales rep you deal with difficult customer daily so I put my self in the customers position, listen carefully o figure out the best solution, recap to make sure I understood them correctly, and then solve the problem by giving them an answer or getting them to the correct person that can help them.

U. S. [email protected] is focused on continuous improvement. Think back to a specific time when your performance was very closely monitored by someone else and tell me about it. As a sales rep you are constantly being monitored to make sure that you are giving out accurate information as well as the best customer service and following company policies and procedures. Additional Skills and Relocation Overview Are you fluent in any other languages?

Yes No Specify Language(s): Are you willing to relocate? Yes No Conditionally If so, where? What are the top 3 skills that you bring to your current role OR that you will bring to this role? 1. Responsibility 2. Punctuality

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