Characteristic largely considered by work forces when taking a Woman as their Life Marriage is a sacred contract between a adult female and a adult male. It is where a twosome begins the long journey of life with shared love. harmoniousness. cooperation. tolerance and comfort with each other. The Committedness of matrimony is one of the most recommended Acts of the Apostless in Islam. The Qur’an has described this relationship between work forces and adult females. which brings love. harmoniousness. trust and compassion. in the most moving and facile footings: “ ( And among His Signs is this. that He created for you couples from among yourselves. that you may brood in repose with them. and He has put love and clemency between your Black Marias ) ” ( Qur’an 30:21 ) Therefore choosing a life spouse is one of the most important determinations that we have to do in our life-time. because matrimony is a womb-to-tomb committedness where you will confront troubles in life.

A twosome should be able to undertake the day-to-day job they will confront in raising a household. Both the hubby and married woman play their ain outstanding function in constructing a happy household. . One of the chief undertakings of a married woman is construct a respectable household to the society. Hence. a adult male should believe carefully when choosing a adult female to be his married woman. a female parent to his kids and the chief pillar in his household. This study consists on man’s position of choosing a life spouse. Further. the study will demo the features that he will look into earlier choosing his life spouse

One of the most of import features is happening a spiritual adult female. The righteous adult female is the foundation of a healthy household. Allah ( swt ) provinces. “Women of pureness are for work forces of pureness. and work forces of pureness are for adult females of purity” [ 24:26 ] . The Prophet ( pbuh ) said. “Do non take a married woman for her wealth or beauty. Her wealth will do her rebellion. and her beauty will do her corruptness. You must see her religion and devoutness for marriage” [ Mustadrak al-Vasa’il. On Marriage Ch. 13 ] . A righteous adult female is the greatest approval that a hubby can acquire. He can happen comfort and remainder after the wash uping battle of gaining a life. If the adult female is spiritual so merely the household will be brought up in the visible radiation of Islam.

Human being has a inclination of pulling to pleasant things. Most of the clip. the first thing a adult male tends to see in a adult female is her beauty. Sometimes the perfect figure. the soft tegument. the hypnotic eyes makes the adult male blind of what is beneath the outside visual aspect. The existent beauty of adult female is non her physical visual aspect. the true beauty lies within interior ego. A Man would instead acquire to cognize a adult female and discover that her bosom is pure and lovingness. For illustration. a beauty competition victor can be a barbarous individual. Therefore. her beauty is of no usage to others if she is ill-treating to others Obedient and respectable

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A adult female must be obedient and should esteem her hubby. She should be ever eager to delight him and do him happy. She should be happy to assist him in different phase of life. An ideal married woman should be person who is willing to make the family work despite poorness and adversity. For illustration ; if the hubby is really hapless. the married woman should non be complain about purchasing unneeded thing. The adult female must hold respectable character. which the society expects. She should pattern and follow civilizations and values accepted in the community such as a married adult female should demo modestness in vesture.

In every matrimony at that place comes times when there are differences in sentiments. jobs associating to fiscal. raising kids. illness. During these times. the twosome should undertake the job by esteeming each other’s feelings and through unfastened communicating. The adult female should be willing to listen to her hubby and understand the state of affairs alternatively of doing the job worse.

For illustration ; as in a celebrated parlance “making a mountain out of a mole” . A twosome might be reasoning about each other’s political position and that dissension may take to a divorce. In a healthy matrimony. the twosome should be able to understand each other’s behaviour and accept that cipher is perfect. The adult female should be able to comfortably talk and portion her wants and suggestions to her hubby. The bond between the hubby and married woman should be based on common trust. Therefore. the ideal married woman should be trust worthy.

As an old expression. “Behind every successful adult male there is a brave woman” . Hence. a adult male can take his life spouse sagely. The undertaking on a man’s manus in taking the ideal married woman is non an easy occupation. The determination should be taken with huge thought. The must -have features must be given great accent in order to do the matrimony life comfortable and fruitful. The determination a adult male takes today will impact his kids in the hereafter.

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