Candidates 96% of us don’t think about being weightless. We go about our day and never really think about life without gravity. 4% of us are probably always wondering, how does It feel to be floating around without trying? What is It Like to be weightless? There are many pros to living without gravity but there are also a load of cons that come along with them. One pro to living with the lack of gravity is that we get to float! In addition, we also get too do acrobatics without any effort.

Heavy objects float around like feathers, nobody gets tired of moving around, and nothing is hard to move around. Further more, everything also relocates with no problem. The room you’re in seems so much bigger and you get 3-4 inches taller! You also can’t drop anything! How awesome does all that seem? Pretty awesome but there are also a few bad things about it too. Even though there are plenty of pros, there are also many cons. A con of life without gravity Is your body gets confused.

Your body doesn’t know which way Is up or which way Is down. Meanwhile, faces get puffed up and your nose gets stuffy. Constantly, you feel Like you have to throw up and your stomach hurts. However, your back hurts because your spine straightens out. Your blood gets rerouted. Everybody bones get thin and spongy and your muscles get feeble. Then, you will lose your tools if you don’t strap them down. Next, you have to learn new ways to eat and have to work out for 2 hours every day.

Last but certainly not least, you’re very uncomfortable when you get back to earth because your muscles and bones have to readopt to gravity. See, there are just as many cons as there are pros. There are many pros to living without gravity, but there are also a load of cons that come along with them. If you were to go to space, what would you do up there? Just think about how much fun It would be! Floating around all day, and not getting exhausted Is what you’re going to get In space!

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