L. List tallest 3 people you truly admire and share the characteristics that you admire in them. Anita Limb Chining- She is my mother. She is the most kind and responsible mother for me because she never failed to make us feel that she is our “Mom”. She does all the household chores and even preparing our food from breakfast to dinner. She never get very angry on us even when sometimes we are so stubborn and disrespectful to her. Eduardo Para’s Chining- He is my father.

He provides all our needs for our family. He supports my studies as well as my ambition to be a future Chef. He is my playmate in basketball together with my Brother. He works hard and put a business in able to pay our tuition fees especially that we are now in College. Nicole Marie Gunman- She is my long-time crush/bestrides. I admire her because she is smart, simple, kind and beautiful in my eyes. I don’t know why I love her so much, like I don’t want any guy talking to her.

She is very motivated and focused on her studies to be able to become a successful Dentist. II. 3 Things that inspire you. 1. A dream of becoming a Chef. 2. To have my own house and car. 3. To travel the world with my family. Ill. What are you good at? I’m good at using my failures and wrong decisions in life and make it as my experience. And then I will use my experience to be a more good person and have a positive future in my life. IV. What you would gain about the 3 things that you want to do? I will be a successful person someday and much more with God’s plan, I will be a successful CHEF. * I will have my own family, A wealthy family. * I will have my own fast-earning restaurant. V. God’s dream for you. I think the God’s dream for me is to become what I really want to achieve in my life and to fulfill my duties and mission given by God here on Earth before surrendering my life to him. Lights and Sounds Museum By Cinderblock


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