It is common how in our society there are
few people who are against of what another believes on. The standard way of
thinking about the free speech has it that brings out an individual expression
into words. Malcolm X was able to develop the concept of race, politics after
spending time in prison because he was so frustrated that he could not express
his ideas. It is not wrong to express feelings of something but to an extent.
Free speech should be limited for some categories which includes religion, and
hate because these two major aspects brings up negative conflicts in our

Limitation on free speech is a good way to
spread peace in the world. Why is that? The limit on it is important because
just one little thought of someone can develop tension between one person to
the whole community. For example, when we indicate on something which they
believe it should not be done the it is happening so they try to convey others
by giving their opinion. Of course it is not wrong but it can still get the
other person offended. Those who express their thoughts on someone’s religion
and force others to obey them on them believes is definitely not acceptable. Free
speech is not about hurting others it is about the right which everyone
deserves. Speak up for what one feels about something.

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Now a day’s people have taken free speech
as a machine where they can say whatever they want and try to make others to
act on it. This acts bring hate in between because it is building up violence.
I believe on free speech being limited because without limitation it will make
people to hate each other. If this happens it will be a disaster for the whole
wide world. The author Jonathan Turley writes, “In British, for instance, a
15-years-old girls was arrested two years for burning a Koran.” (160). Not
knowing the religion of someone and trying to look intelligent and burning someone’s
religions holy book is illegal. There should be serious act on these kind of
situation because going this extreme is not acceptable.

When we look at the west side of the world
we see the freedom. But does that freedom is getting good care of? Freedom in
western world is now considered as anyone can do or say anything and not get
caught off. Free speech is dying in western world because still there are bunch
of stereotypes people who only care about them believes and if someone disagree
with them they mark them down as a racist. Turley states, “… hate speech is
presumably protected under the First Amendment.” (161). I disagree with this
idea of Turley because even when we have the first Amendment with us but some
people still get hurt by others harsh words and thoughts.

If anyone see a black man for example they
would see him as a gang member because of his skin color. Instead of greeting
him some stereotypes will try to stay away from the man. In the other hand if
someone sees a Muslim girl in hijab or a Muslim boy with the taqiyah1, they will instantly think
of them as a terrorist. Why? Because this is how everyone’s minds have been
washed. We have spread enough of the negativity in our society where we do not
think out of the box. Turley also states, “Many Western
countries have extended such laws to public statements deemed insulting or
derogatory to any group, race or gender.” (162). It is good how some countries
have made these disrespectful and hatred acts into action, because all these
little things cause problems. They should not be judging others by their race
or ethnicity because it represents their thinking the mind set they keep.

Therefore, there are always
two kinds of people in every society good and bad, but majority of goods are
always less because mostly people have negativity in their thoughts which ruins
the whole society. Author Thane Rosenbaum claims, “Many more countries have
outlawed Holocaust denial.” (173). This act brings the change in our society
because the discrimination in the past time was a lot bad then today. Now a
day, everyone has double standards; by saying double standards means that they
judge others, but when it comes when other person makes a negative comment
about them, it offense them. Free speech is just left with the word free speech
because it is hard to admit someone else’s thought. It is hard to see others
talking bad about something really means to us and we cannot react to it.

Limitation is important when
it comes to free speech because it can destroy relations between in few
seconds. No one has a right to offend anyone one by judging them from their
race or religion. However, restriction can bring peace in our society and it
will make everyone to have respect for one another. So not but least it is
better to be united rather than fighting for aspects which only develop hate.
Let’s start this new journey of love together and make the world be peaceful

1 Taqiyah
is the Arabic word for a Muslim cap used in Saudi Arabia.


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