The purpose of this survey was to critically analyze the motives of visitants who attended the Synch Festival. The first aim of this survey was realized by the secondary research, which has been presented in the literature reappraisal. The 2nd and 3rd aims were covered by the primary research conducted, the methodological analysis and the analysis of the qualitative informations. While the 4th aim of this survey, was realized through the Results and Findings portion. In general, the findings of this survey were rather similar to Crompton and McKay ‘s ( 1997 ) and Nicholson and Pearce ‘s ( 2001 ) surveies. The Festival industry is turning quickly, therefore it is important for the event organisers to understand the underlying motivations of festival attending, in order to plan effectual promotional schemes, and provide improved services every bit good as higher satisfaction degrees to the festival visitants. A cardinal consideration is the relationship between the festival and the visitant with a position to detect consumer demands, program activities, and portion relevant festival benefits to specific mark markets. Analysis of visitant motive is a critical success factor in this procedure. The apprehension of the visitants ‘ motivations, every bit good as the degrees of satisfaction from the festival, play a critical function in the effectual organisation and the sustained development of the festival. Harmonizing to the particular survey, the festival organisers should take into consideration of import motivational factors that the visitants themselves expressed ; and widen their schemes for pulling more people to the event.

Through the consequences of this survey, the importance of utilizing assorted ways to analyze the information, was highlighted. By following Nicholson and Pearce ‘s ( 2001 ) attack in utilizing the open-ended inquiry “ Why did you go to the Synch Festival ” , the research was made more complete, than it would hold been with the usage of merely the list and evaluation inquiries. It is a cagey tool in order to research more in deepness the grounds why festival visitants attend this sort of events. Without the usage of the open-ended inquiry, influential factors to the determination to go to, such as “ locale ” and “ monetary value ” would non hold been identified. This research indicated as of the highest importance motivational factor for go toing the Synch Festival, a factor that is straight related to the character of the Festival. “ Artists playing ” was the most of import motive in order to go to the Synch Festival, by both the visitants and the organisers. It is clear, though, that the basic service provided to the festival visitants, the music in the specific instance, forms the most of import motivation in go toing the Synch Festival. However, even though “ the creative persons playing ” proved to be the cardinal motivation for the Synch Festival visitants, other important motivations were expressed every bit good. “ Event Freshness ” and “ Value/Intellectual enrichment ” , harmonizing both to the bulk of the respondents and the Festival organiser, drama besides a major function in make up one’s minding to go to the Synch festival. The fact that most of the respondents top rated the motivational factors “ Event Novelty ” and “ Value/Intellectual Enrichment ” clearly indicates that the Synch festival organisers, have succeeded in advancing Synch Festival as an sole event, that provides advanced music, and hosts creative persons from around the universe that perform for the Grecian audience for the first clip. Visitors come to see something typical and different from what they know and be intellectually enriched, by listening to open uping music from around the universe. “ Uniqueness ” was besides top rated by the Synch Festival visitants, bespeaking that a festival like the Synch Festival, does non be anyplace else in Athens and this is likely why Synch Festival is so popular amongst the Grecian populace. This determination, even though often mentioned in most festival motive surveies that are analyzed in the literature reappraisal, highlights the importance of the specific sort of festival. The motive point “ Uniqueness ” , every bit good as “ Event Novelty ” can non organize general motivations for go toing a music festival, as they evidently depend on the specific character of the event. Even if a festival takes topographic point merely one time a twelvemonth, it can non be characterised as unique, if the festival visitants have the chance to go to another festival like it in the same part. Therefore, the “ uniqueness ” of the Synch festival is non merely due to its rarity, but besides due to the “ alone ” nature and character of it.

The motivational factors “ Excitement ” and “ Entertainment ” were besides top rated from the Synch Festival visitants. This suggests that the bulk of the visitants go toing a music festival, evidently desire to be entertained and excited. This determination is consistent with most festival motive surveies ( Uysal et al. , 1993, Crompton and McKay, 1997 ) , a fact that shows that catholicity exists in the scope and alliance of the motivations of festival visitants. Therefore, it is evident that apart from the motive point “ Artists ” , all the dominant motivations for the Synch Festival visitants were chiefly of intangible nature, and besides highlighted more the seeking motivational force, instead than the flight of Iso Ahola ‘s duality. In the subdivision of the self-expressed motivations, other factors that influence the visitants in go toing the Synch festival, proved to be the “ ticket monetary value ” and the “ locale ” . Many of the respondents argued that the “ monetary value ” of the entryway to the Synch Festival was unreasonably high. Even though a festival, like the Synch festival offers a batch more than obviously unrecorded music public presentations, ticket monetary value plays a major function in make up one’s minding to go to it. Therefore, if the Synch Festival organisers aim at pulling big Numberss of people, either they have to take down the ticket monetary value, or at least design selling schemes that will look rather appealing to the visitants, in order to press them to go to. Equally far as the locale is concerned, factors like “ the atmosphere of the locale ‘ and “ the handiness to the locale ” proved to be besides of import in make up one’s minding to go to the Synch Festival, harmonizing to the respondents of this study. The easy handiness to the locale is a motivational factor that was often expressed in the self-expressed motivations, bespeaking that the location of the Synch Festival ‘s locale is a hearty component, that plays an of import function in actuating Synch festival visitants to go to. However, sing the atmosphere of the locale, most of the respondents who mentioned it as a motivation to go to the Synch Festival, argued that the old locale of the Synch Festival in Lavrio, was more suited for the Synch festival, non due to its location, but due to its thaumaturgy atmosphere. Therefore, the demand that Synch Festival visitants have to see a thaumaturgy atmosphere, proved to play a cardinal function in their determination to go to the festival. Therefore, the Synch Festival organisers have to do every attempt possible to better the ambiance of the Festival, and do it every bit dominant as possible.

On the other manus, the least of import motivations for go toing the Synch Festival, proved to be “ relaxation ” , “ wonder ” , and “ enhance prestige/status ” . The fact that relaxation was non considered an of import motivation for go toing the Synch Festival, even though it is identified as one in the literature reappraisal, highlights the importance of the type or subject of the festival, which is a strong predictor of motivations. This, harmonizing to Kim ( 2006 ) , calls for farther probe on other types of festivals, to better understand the relationship between the subject of the festival and the visitants ‘ motivations. Equally far as the motive points “ wonder ” and “ Enhance Prestige/status ” are concerned, it is interesting to research why the visitants of the Synch festival did non see them of high importance. As identified in the literature reappraisal, many of the motivations we have, are non obvious even to our ain egos. Therefore, motivations like “ wonder ” and “ sweetening of prestige/status ” may be in our unconsciousness, a fact that explains why the bulk of the visitants of the Synch festival low rated them.

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The survey highlighted besides some differences between the two groups of visitants, the first clip and the repetition visitants. It has been found that the first clip visitants are largely motivated by “ relaxation ” , “ socialisation ” , “ flight ” , “ exhilaration ” and “ event attractive forces ” while the repetition visitants were largely motivated by “ Uniqueness ” , “ Artists ” , and “ Value/Intellectual Enrichment ” . The most of import differences between the two groups were refering assorted motivational factors. First, “ event attractive forces ” was proved to be a really of import motivation for the bulk of the first-time visitants, while the repetition visitants did non look to care that much for the event attractive forces of the Festival, apart from the unrecorded public presentations. As a consequence, evidently first-time visitants participate in a wider assortment of activities than repeaters. Furthermore, refering the factor “ flight ” , first-time visitants considered “ flight ” as a cardinal motivation in go toing the Synch festival, while the repetition visitants seemed to non care that much about get awaying from mundane life. Therefore, Synch festival Organizers, should seek to make in the festival ‘s ambiance, a feeling of flight, in order to fulfill the flight demand of the first clip visitants. Additionally, the motivational factor “ relaxation ” was besides considered as an of import ground for go toing the Synch festival, but merely for the first clip visitants, since for the repeaters, it did non look to be of high importance. This indicates that first clip visitants do go to such events to loosen up and rest, whereas repetition visitants do non see relaxation, an of import motivation for go toing the Synch Festival. Consequently, for the repetition visitants push factors seem more dominant, harmonizing to the pull and push construct, whereas for the first clip visitants pull factors are more often stated. Therefore, for the first clip visitants motivations like: “ socialisation ” , “ exhilaration ” , and “ event attractive forces ” are proved to be more of import, while for the repetition visitants motivations like: “ Singularity ” , “ creative persons ” and “ Value/Intellectual Enrichment ” were proved important. Finally, it is deserving observing that repetition visitants proved to be more satisfied with the offerings of the Synch festival, since no 1 of the repeaters responded that it is improbable to go to once more the Synch festival in the hereafter. However, some of the first clip visitants were unsure about them revisiting the Synch festival, and some were positive that they will non go to the Synch festival in the hereafter. As a consequence, seemingly the bulk of the repetition visitants are loyal to the Synch Festival, as they feel that it meets up to their outlooks, and this is why they are chiefly per se motivated ; whilst first clip visitants expect more from the Synch Festival, since their motivations are chiefly extrinsic.

The consequences of this survey show that festivals should be considered as diversion instead than touristry offering. Consequently, farther consideration should be given to the nature of event motive, as a phenomenon instead than as a sphere of touristry ( Nicholson and Pearce, 2001 ) . The consequences indicate that trusting merely on the music or creative persons is a incorrect attack, as Bowen and Daniels ( 2005 ) argue. Equally of import function plays the ambiance which promotes the desire for “ socialization ” , and “ get awaying ‘ from mundane modus operandi. What event directors should better, is the service schemes they use in order to increase the feeling of “ flight ” to the Synch festival visitants. Furthermore, they should seek to make an aroused and entertaining environment, which will supply sole experiences to its visitants. Furthermore, the Synch Festival organisers should advance the “ alone ” character of the festival, which derives from the alone creative persons they host, in order to allow hte people know as many information, about the unique and innovator character of the Synch Festival, as possible. All the above mentioned motives have derived from the replies of the visitants of the Synch Festival, who participated in this survey. Due to the above findings, event organisers should see realining their schemes in service bringing to, foremost, making an ambiance advancing a sense of get awaying from day-to-day modus operandi and, 2nd, inculcating an ambient environment concentrating on Social/Leisure, Family Togetherness, and Excitement. ( Kyungmi, Uysal and Chen ( 2002, pp.133 ) Besides, they have to seek to run into the outlooks of the festival visitants, in order to fulfill their demands, and increase the chance of them revisiting the Synch Festival. Finally, it seems that the push factors instead than the pull factors play the dominant function in relation to festivals, as motivations like: “ Event Novelty ” , “ Entertainment ” , “ Artists ” , “ Value/Intellectual Enrichment ” and “ Uniqueness ” proved to be the most of import 1s, in go toing the Synch Festival.


The below mentioned recommendations have emerged from both the secondary and the primary research, and indicate the importance of future research on event motives. Since my 4th aim was to make full in the spread in the literature reappraisal every bit far as Festival motive is concerned and to do recommendations to the event organisers, I will divide the recommendations into recommendations for future research, and recommendations for Festival directors.


LOCATION OF RESEARCH AND SAMPLE SIZE: In order to research more in deepness and uncover more elaborate consequences of the festival motive, a much larger research sample should hold been chosen. Furthermore, this survey was carried out in a specific music Festival taking topographic point in Athens, Greece. In order to reassure the consequences of this survey, other surveies in more geographical countries should take topographic point, and for festivals of different sort.

DEEPER ANALYSIS OF DEMOGRAPHIC DATA: In this survey no important differences sing the demographics were found. In order to bespeak more differences between the demographic information of the festival visitants, much larger sample of participants, must be chosen, and more demographic informations should be analysed, like income, household position, instruction, etc.

ADOPTION OF OPEN-ENDED QUESTIONS: This was a practical progress which ensured that other factors, non mentioned in the literature reappraisal, have been identified in this survey. The self-expressed motivations formed a valuable mean to garner of import and indifferent information on festival motive.

Factor OR CLUSTER ANALYSIS: In this survey descriptive statistic was used to analyze the qualitative information. In order for more deepness and item in the findings of the research, factor or bunch analysis should be conducted. That manner more weight will be given at the truth of the consequences.


ALONE MUSIC IS NOT ENOUGH: Even though the chief motivation identified through this survey, was the motivational factor “ Artists playing ” , Bowen and Daniels ( 2005 ) , argue that an every bit of import function plays the “ Entertainment: , “ the ambiance ” and “ the “ socialisation ” . As, besides, Kyungmi et Al. ( 2002 ) argue event organisers should plan service schemes by heightening the intangible elements of a festival, in order to advance the sense of merriment, socialisation and exhilaration.

Monetary value AND VENUE: Consideration should be given at the factors “ monetary value ‘ and “ locale ” since they were motivations expressed by the Synch Festival visitants themselves. Therefore, Festival organisers should take the appropriate steps, for take downing the ticket monetary value and for bettering the ambiance of the locale, in order for the Synch Festival visitants both to see an juncture, they will retrieve everlastingly, and to revisit the Synch Festival.


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