Metaphor is for most people a device of the poetic imaginativeness and the rhetorical flourish—a affair of extraordinary instead than ordinary linguistic communication. Furthermore. metaphor is typieully viewed as feature of linguistic communication entirely. a affair of words instead than idea or action. For this ground. most people think they can acquire along absolutely good without metaphor. We have found. on the contrary. that metaphor is permeant in mundane life. non merely in linguistic communication but in idea and action. Our ordinary conceptual system. in footings of which we both think and act. is basically metaphorical in nature. The constructs that govern our idea are non merely affairs of the mind. They besides govern our mundane operation. down to the most everyday inside informations. Our constructs construction what we perceive. how we get about in the universe. and how we relate to other people.

Our conceptual system therefore plays a cardinal function in specifying our mundane worlds. If we are right in proposing that our conceptual system is mostly metaphorical. so the manner we think. what we experience. and what we do every twenty-four hours is really much a affair of metaphor. But our conceptual system is non something we are usually cognizant of. In most of the small things we do every twenty-four hours. we merely think and act more or less automatically along certain lines. Just what these lines are is by no agencies obvious. One manner to happen out is by looking at linguistic communication. Since communicating is based on the same conceptual system that we use in thought and moving. linguistic communication is an of import beginning of grounds for what that system is like.


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