The theme Of sex is also portrayed greatly in the novel. Most Of the major male characters of this novel have a sexual desire for young girls, including Coolly, Overlooked, Mr.. Henry, and Saphead Church-The young girls of the book do not experience their youth as any other young girl would. Pectoral the protagonist of the story is portrayed as timid and reserved as she does not feel beautiful. Pectoral compares herself to dandelions, she does not understand why people call them weeds, but after Mr.. Yukon humiliates her, she changes her mind and agree of how society pursue her by saying” They are ugly they are weeds. pectoral then identifies with and loves the weeds because they are ugly. Pectoral also identifies beauty by loving big idols that she consider ” pretty/’ like Shirley Temple and Mary Jane. Pectoral Obsession went as far to eat as many Mary Jane as she can. ” She eats the candy, its sweetness is good. To eat the candy is somehow to eat the eyes, eat Mary Jane. Love Mary Jane. Be Mary Jane. ” In Piccolo’s mind, loving Maryanne seems to be associated with becoming her. On the other hand piccolo’s friend Claudia loathes Shirley temple, Mary Jane and anything that is associated with white beauty.

Claudia is not as psychologically developed as Shirley, she believes that beauty of white dolls come within them so she decapitates them to try a find what is inside. Claudia does not know that beauty is a matter of cultural norms and that the doll is beautiful not in and of itself but rather because the culture she lives in believes whiteness is superior. Claudia extends her hatred of white dolls to whites girls. The thing that scares Claudia most is her disinterest towards the girls, she does not hate them because of something personal but just because they are white and represent beauty.

When it comes to race there is a complex love and hate relationship between black and white, sometimes even between blacks. In chapter 5 Toni Morrison show this through the character Geraldine a women married to Louis whose son is named Junior. Geraldine doesn’t allow her son to play with the lower class. In this chapter Geraldine emphasis on cleanings represent the resentment of the middle class to the lower class. Sex is a repeating theme in the the bluest eyes-Toni Morrison portray sex as a very awkward, humiliating and violent thing. Al the male character in the book in a sort of way have sexually violated the young girls. Mr.. Henry and saphead church both desire young girls in a sexual way. Mr.. Henry went all the way to grope afraid and coolly rapes his daughter more than one time. Men in the book do not associate sex with love but a symbol of powerfulness because women do not enjoy the sex. Only the men do now. In the blues eyes Toni Morrison walked us through the theme of racism through characters such as Geraldine, the theme of beauty through pectoral and afraid. Toni Morrison also shows what and who clack families have gone through in the 1 ass’s.

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