Painting the Pages with Abstract Wordss: Creative authorship is a tool that can efficaciously arouse connexions with a reader and a piece of composing. Whether these connexions are personal. or merely thought arousing. I believe it better helps us go immersed in such Hagiographas as “Tabula Asiae” . by Michael Ondaatje. The usage of a sense of topographic point forces one to visualize themselves in the narrative being told.

Tabula Asiae uses metaphoric phrases that makes the essay much more interesting to read. the married woman of many matrimonies. courted by encroachers who stepped ashore and claimed everything with power of their blade or bible or language” ( Ondaatje 99 ) . The sentence used here by Ondaatje creatively elaborates on the historical narrative of Ceylon. which describes that “The island seduced all of Europe” ( 99 ) . This is where I believe a piece of history makes an visual aspect in the essay. Although Ondaatje’s essay seems a spot fanciful and moony. it decidedly does hold historical mentions and happenings mentioned within its organic structure.

When one compares an essay like “Tabula Asiae” with other nonfiction essays like “How I Learned to Read and Write” by Frederick Douglass. it becomes copiously clear that Douglass’ essay is a nonfiction piece focused more on personal experiences as the primary nonfiction signifier of composing. Once you start reading Douglass’ essay. you immediately become impressed with his inventiveness. bosom. and strives to go a fluid reader and author.

An illustration of the personal experience signifier is used in most of the organic structure of Douglass‘ essay. particularly this sentence- “I was now about twelve old ages old. and the idea of being ~a slave for life~ began to bear to a great extent upon my bosom. Merely about this clip. I got clasp of a book entitled The Columbian Orator. Every chance I got. I used to read this book. ” ( Douglass 89. ) For me. Douglass instantly establishes a nexus. which gives me an amazing demand to hearten him on to go the adult male he wants to go. The two essays mentioned above. proves that different manners of nonfiction composing creates a much different experience for the reader.

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